Souris Mini Fall and Winter Preview- for our Guardians of the Earth

You will instantly feel the earthy tones and connection to the planet  with this years 2021-2022 collection with one of my favourite Quebec female owned companies, Souris Mini. Their friendly characters from the mountains, seas, fields and forests and then dive into the textures with the colours of the Earth.  I absolutely love this years inspiration as we’ve moved back to the prairies and live in a neighbourhood filled with Souris Mini’s inspiration an we love getting out and exploring the outdoors!  Souris Mini varies starting at 3/6 months for boys and girls and goes up to size 12.
Come with me as we explore their snow suit collection for this years must haves.


Kids need the outdoors and explore their surroundings.  Doing them in well made clothes made for the rough and tumble as you run through the forest playing hide and seek which is a weekly occurrence for my kids and their friends.  They run through the fields at school at recess, weekends are for sleigh rides and walks in the forest collecting wood for the fireplace and seeing deer. We go for walks all the time, more so than in Toronto and keeping them warm in Souris Mini makes it more enjoyable as there in never complaining of feeling a chill and the smell of bon fires and nature is what gets us inspired for even more outdoor activities and wanting to be outside.  The weather in Winnipeg for the last two years have simply been amazing.


Souris Mini Quality

Annie Bellavance’s powerful imagination and natural wonder for children give her a boundless source of inspiration. Each season, she designs bold, creative and playful children’s clothing collections.

They know kids, they know how dirty it can get.  They have designed snowsuits so that they are machine washable. Their colours and weatherproof properties will never change! At Souris Mini, they  do everything they can to offer you the very best quality and irreproachable customer service. That is why their snowsuits are covered by a warranty against material and manufacturing defects for the current season. And they have got a great exchange and return policy and an amazing payment option plan through PayBright!


Souris Mini snow suits are made for Canadian winters. They are made with high quality, soft insulation to withstand the harsh temperatures.  Also a feature that I like is the fitted cuffs and adjustable snow shield at the waist and bottoms to protect children from the snow, water and wind. The extra cozy lining in the hood, collar and upper back help to retain their body heat.  Another feature is the 5000mm laminate. This my friends means the inner fabric adapts to humid conditions so your kids will have fun playing for hours outside. Naturally the material is waterproof and breathable, they are adjustable so they grow with your child, they have practical back pack style straps so they can carry their coat like a back pack(easy for shopping in the mall!), extremely durable and with strong YYZ zippers and with Cordura 500 denier  yokes, with areas that are subject to rubbing (knees!) they will enable your kids to climb, sit and move freely and comfortably.  Also, they are machine washable, no colour fading of course and they come with a warranty for the current season as I’ve mentioned above.


We were gifted their beautiful fleece wear.  Made with comfortable and warm fleece these have been the twins favourite outfits to wear at home and for extra warmth outside.  Easy comfort for moving freely outside to building forts inside. Their fleece washes ever so nicely and is soft and comfortable. I  wish I had one in my size.
And… must visit their Holiday Store collection. I am telling you, it will be the nicest clothing from Souris Mini quality and style you’ll see for your kids plus the holiday pyjamas, holiday clothing for the whole family and lovely gift ideas.  Comment below and let me know which ones are your favourite!

Disclosure: This post was written collaboration with Souris Mini. As always opinions are always my own and never influenced.  I have been a customer of Souris Mini for a few years and love their clothing.  I hope you will too.  Happy Shopping!

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