Spark a little love & joy with Melitta Coffee

With Valentine’s Day coming this Friday I know it’ll be day of extra love, lots of coffee and chocolate. I’ll bake my husband brownies and make a good cup of coffee a la the pour method with our special little coffee bar featuring Melitta products then we’re going to go to Thermea Spa.  I’ll have Melitta Coffee Rubbed Slow Cooker Pork Sliders ready for him when we get back.


Melitta had sent me some really amazing new brews(and affordable!) just before Christmas that I never knew existed and I love Buzzworthy, I love a good dark roast and the Espresso makes for an excellent tasting espresso as I use that one the most for homemade cappuccinos and lattes.  I served it after Christmas dinner and guests were asking what kind of coffee I use, I kid you not my fellow coffee lovers.  I’ve even started making pour-overs which I’ve never done before.  It’s a new morning ritual that I love doing.  The house is warming up, it’s still dark outside and everyone is still asleep as I get the day started.  I absolutely love this “me-time”.  I rotate between coffee and tea and I enjoy both because it’s my quiet time.  I’m no hater. (hahaha)

The Signature Series Pour-Over™ brews handcrafted coffee in three simple steps:

  1. Place Pour-Over cone on top of the mug, insert Melitta cone coffee filter
  2. Scoop in your favourite fresh ground coffee to taste
  3. Pour hot water (just off the boil) into the cone, fully saturating all grounds

The Signature Series Pour-Over™ Coffeemaker is an elegant interpretation of the ORIGINAL Pour-Over™ Coffeemaker that their founder, Melitta Bentz, invented over 100 years ago.

And as I mentioned brownies before, I made these with Melitta coffee and they were super!

  1. 1/2 cup coconut oil
  2. 3/4 cups semi sweet chocolate chips 
  3. 1/2 cup cocoa powder 
  4. 3/4 cup granulated sugar
  5. 1/2 cup milk ( I used whole milk )
  6. 2 tablespoons Melitta brewed coffee (or hot water if you need to skip coffee)
  7. 1 cup all-purpose organic flour
  8. 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips 
  9. 1/4 tsp icing sugar to sprinkle for decoration (optional)
  1. Preheat oven to 350F
  2. On the stove, gently heat the coconut oil, vanilla and chocolate chips until melted. 
  3. If making on the stove, turn the element off and stir in cocoa powder and sugar. Add milk and coffee (or water) and stir until well combined. Stir in flour and walnuts. Pour into a greased 8″ square pan and sprinkle with mini chips. Bake 30-35 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center and it comes out nice and smooth.

So, my friends, we’ll be kicking the weekend off with coffee and chocolate made with love.  What are your plans for V-Day? In the meantime, we’ve put a great giveaway together.  Giveaway is Canadian Only, excl. Quebec. 18+ yrs to enter, see Rules & Regulations.  Contest ends, Feb.21.2020


The prize pack will include the following:

  • Signature Series Pour-Over™ Coffeemaker – Matte Red Porcelain
    • The Signature Series Pour-Over Coffeemaker features a high-quality matte body that allows for the perfect cup of coffee, every time. The Signature Series Pour-Over offers a medium-size drip opening that provides a consistent brew and eliminates the risk of bitterness, a ring underneath the drip opening that prevents runoff and full height ridges within the cone that provide optimal flavour extraction. The Signature Series Pour-Over is top-rack dishwasher safe and uses #4 cone filters.
  • M- Euro Ground Coffee
    • M-Euro is a fine European ground coffee with the perfect medium-dark roast. The best notes of medium and dark roasts come together in for a rich, balanced and flavourful cup of coffee. 
  • M- Xpress
    • With a rich, bold and velvety flavour, Melitta X – Press is your perfect espresso blend. Containing 100% super-premium Arabica beans that are roasted with solar energy, use with your favourite expresso machine or Pour-Over coffeemaker for a fantastic cup of coffee.
  • Melitta Traditional Blend
    • Melitta Traditional Blend is a rich and Full Bodied. This well – balanced blend combines Colombian and other coffee varieties to create a flavourful brew. 
  • Melitta Bamboo #4 Cone Filters
    • Melitta Bamboo Cone Coffee Filters provide an Earth-Friendly way to filter your coffee. A naturally renewing resource, all-natural Bamboo doesn’t impact the flavour of the coffee. They are also the only filters that have patented flavour enhancing micro-perforations that provide the perfect extraction for a richer more flavorful coffee.


Melitta Valentine’s Giveaway


  1. wendy hutton | 13th Feb 20

    thanks I love my coffee and this would be nice to have

  2. Shirley O | 13th Feb 20

    Love Melitta Coffee! Thank you for the giveaway.

  3. Rosanne Robinson | 13th Feb 20

    I would love to try this Melitta Pour-Over Coffee System, it sounds really amazing!
    My hubby & I both love to start our day off with an aromatic cup of coffee. y
    Your recipe for the Coconut Oil Fudgy Brownies looks & sounds super yummy, thx very much for sharing it!

  4. ivy pluchinsky | 13th Feb 20

    I would love to try these products. I am a huge coffee lover

  5. Joni | 13th Feb 20

    I have not yet discovered the use of pour over coffee

  6. Tannis W | 13th Feb 20

    I would love to try this coffee and your brownie recipe looks amazing.

  7. Calvin | 13th Feb 20

    Perfect gift for that coffee lover !

  8. kathy downey | 13th Feb 20

    Thanks for the post. Coffee is the best way to start the day ! Thanks for the giveaway .

  9. nicky | 13th Feb 20

    Awesome! We love Melitta products.

  10. Toby | 13th Feb 20

    What a great giveaway! And those brownies look and sound amazing!

  11. Heather Swanson | 14th Feb 20

    I would love this

  12. janine a | 14th Feb 20

    i have heard great things about pour over coffee from my coffee finatic friends, I have the keurig but I would LOVE to try this! would be great for camping too. thanks for the chance.

  13. Tracy Taylor | 14th Feb 20

    I love coffee so much, my day just does not start until that first cup.

  14. Cheryl Germain | 14th Feb 20

    I buy Melitta Dark Roast beans often; I haven’t seen the Euro or Xpress varieties, yet.

  15. Sarah tennyson | 14th Feb 20

    The pour over coffee system would be great in our house. Less waste then the popular machines and the coffee grounds would be really easy to access to add to my gardens.

  16. Jody Tulloch | 14th Feb 20

    Your brownie recipe is a definite save and bake one! I will absolutely be trying it. We drink coffee daily and would love to try this!

  17. Marlene V | 14th Feb 20

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  18. leana | 14th Feb 20

    I would love this to make my morning cuppa easier!

  19. Naomi Deren | 14th Feb 20

    Mm m can’t wait to try the brownies!

  20. Johanna Moc | 14th Feb 20

    I love the fresh aroma of coffee first thing in the morning. Thank you for the opportunity to win this giveaway

  21. Diana Z | 14th Feb 20

    I would love this! Coffee everyday!

  22. Lori Padgett | 14th Feb 20

    I would love to try this coffee!

  23. Jennifer Wong | 14th Feb 20

    I love Melitta coffee and would love to try their pour-over coffee system! And your brownie recipe infused with the coffee sounds absolutely delicious!!

  24. Alex S. | 14th Feb 20

    Terrific prize! Thanks for the giveaway.

  25. Catherine Robichaud | 14th Feb 20

    Those brownies sounds so delicious. Thanks so much for the chance to win this awesome prize!

  26. Edith Rennes | 14th Feb 20

    Great giveaway…I do love my coffee

  27. paula ritchie | 14th Feb 20

    My husband drinks coffee all day long and would love this

  28. Joy D | 14th Feb 20

    Delectable! Alway a great way to start my morning.

  29. Monica A | 14th Feb 20

    I am going to make a coffee rub the next time I make slow cooker pork. It would be very tasty!

  30. Dianne G. | 14th Feb 20

    Chocolate and coffee are two of my favourite obsessions! I keep seeing the Melitta pour over coffee method and would love to try it myself. Thanks for the chance to win and give it a try.

  31. Kim M | 14th Feb 20

    Melitta coffee is great and so is this contest

  32. Elizabeth Vlug | 14th Feb 20

    A brownie and a coffee….a perfect combination. Your recipe is a keeper. Thanks for the giveaway too.

  33. Michelle W | 14th Feb 20

    Gotta make these brownies, they sound delicious! Thanks for the chance to win this coffee prize pack!

  34. Julie Bolduc | 14th Feb 20

    Great giveaway a coffee a day keeps the doctor away lol

  35. Sunshine H | 14th Feb 20

    Those brownies look amazing, and thank you for the chance to win a great prize!

  36. Alanna | 14th Feb 20

    These brownies look delicious, especially paired with some freshly brewed coffee!

  37. Robyn Bellefleur | 14th Feb 20

    I am a big time coffee drinker and really enjoy Melitta coffee.

  38. Cathy Mault | 15th Feb 20

    Would love to try a new coffee because I am tired of the one that I have been drinking for years.
    Also, those brownies look amazing!

  39. Victoria Ess | 15th Feb 20

    The brownies sound amazing!

  40. ducky | 15th Feb 20

    I love coffee and sometimes need an extra cup. This pour over system looks so useful.

  41. Piroska | 15th Feb 20

    What can be better than a delactable brownie and a great cup of coffee!!

  42. Judy hunting | 15th Feb 20

    We love our coffee in our house. This would be wonderful

  43. Juliee Fitze | 16th Feb 20

    I like that you can do the one cup , a lot cheaper then the. Pod machines and fully recyclable.

  44. Anu Chopra | 16th Feb 20

    Love Melitta coffee … it’s so good!

  45. Sarah | 16th Feb 20

    This would be such a treat! Coffee is definitely a pick me up.

  46. Maria Leandres | 16th Feb 20

    Would love to try the pour over sounds interesting

  47. Olivia Clow | 17th Feb 20

    Wow this would be so wonderful to get I need coffee in the morning to get my eyes open and this looks wonderful thanks for this awesome chance

  48. Alisa Petrisch | 17th Feb 20

    Love Melitta Coffee! Thanks for the delicious brownie recipe.

  49. Silvia D | 17th Feb 20

    Brings back memories of the way my mom always made her coffee! Melitta is a great coffee!

  50. David Smith | 17th Feb 20

    I love my morning coffee and one or two throughout the ay. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  51. Amber Y | 17th Feb 20

    Melitta’s traditional coffee is one of my favourites. The flavour is quite good.

  52. Lesley Miller | 17th Feb 20

    I love coffee. Coffee is my world. This would be a great gift!

  53. Linda | 18th Feb 20

    This would make a great gift for my coffee-loving mother-in-law.

  54. Wanda B | 18th Feb 20

    That cake looks delicious! I love Melitta coffee!

  55. Patsy | 19th Feb 20

    A great idea if you only want to make one cup!

  56. Viv Sluys | 19th Feb 20

    My husband and I love Melitta coffee. We buy beans most of the time but their ground coffee is good too!

  57. Melanie Borhi | 19th Feb 20

    Great giveaway i just bought a new latte machine and would love to try the espresso out in it.

  58. Jennifer (@JusticeSadie) Conlin | 19th Feb 20

    This would be a wonderful treat! Coffee is life here! Thanks for the chance!Entered on all forums We love Melitta. It was the only coffee my Grams made back in the day! It is a fave here. Thanks for the chance! (@Justicesadie1 on IG)

  59. Taylor Smith | 20th Feb 20

    Would love to try Thanks for the chance

  60. Nolan S | 20th Feb 20

    I love my morning coffee so this would be an awesome treat.

  61. Florence Cochrane | 20th Feb 20

    Love this prize. Love the brand. Thank you for the chance.

  62. Barbara Hall | 20th Feb 20

    I always wanted to try to pour-over method.

  63. HEIDI C. | 21st Feb 20

    I would love to try the pour-over method! Thanks for the chance to win!

  64. Kristy Elizabeth | 21st Feb 20

    I’d love to win this for camping! I need my coffee in the morning and this would be a great way to brew a delicious cup of hot coffee!

  65. Bryan Price | 21st Feb 20

    Lovely Post! I normally make the coffee in the house, though I don’t drink it. My wife gets to benefit from the brew. I really think I’d like to try the pour-over method to see if it makes a difference for her.

    I know I will be trying the brownies out for sure though.

  66. Jonnie | 21st Feb 20

    Those brownies look so good and I bet the coffee really adds to the flavour!

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