My Fall Fashion Picks from Amazon

Fall fashion is my favourite season to dress.  I love the cooler temperatures, the colours of dark reds, browns and greens and I love layering.  Below are some of my favourite items that I’ve found on Amazon.  Check out those lovely Frye boots, the Michael Kors bag comes in a few different colours as does the lovely tartan scarf/shawl.  Pair it all with a great pair of Levis slimming jeans or your favourite leggings and a cosy cashmere sweater as pictured below.   Love plaids? Feel free to check out Burberry on Amazon!


Tartan Scarf

Frye Boots

Michael Kors Bag

Cashmere Turtleneck

What are your Fall fashion essentials?

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  1. Amy D | 30th Oct 17

    That tartan scarf is so cute! I just recently bought some clothes from Amazon. I was nervous about buying them online, but everything fit perfectly!

    • Mama Ash | 30th Oct 17

      That’s so great! I just bought my twins an outfit. I think I might grab the tartan scarf above.

  2. Jeanette | 30th Oct 17

    I want those boots! They look awesome. I think boots are probably the biggest reason why I like fall. They look so cute over top of your jeans and a nice long sweater.

    • Mama Ash | 30th Oct 17

      Me too! I love these boots!

  3. Sarah Bailey | 30th Oct 17

    I never think to look on Amazon that much for fashion, but this had made me want to head on over and get looking through as I am loving those boots!

  4. Stephanie Parrell | 30th Oct 17

    I love your style! These are all items I would wear myself. Love the boots especially!

  5. Michelle W | 31st Oct 17

    The scarf and boots are perfect. They are highly fashionable and easy to wear and pair with those earth colors.

  6. Ruth I. | 31st Oct 17

    The MK bag is really gorgeous. I love how spacious it is for my daily essentials and its simple design makes it easy to pair with anything.

  7. Kathy | 31st Oct 17

    These are all great picks. I really like the boots. I love wearing all kinds of boots this time of year.

  8. HilLesha O'Nan | 31st Oct 17

    Scarves are always a must have for me in the autumnal season. I also love wearing boots during this time of year!

  9. Tim B | 1st Nov 17

    I like to wear ear covers that wrap around the back of your head along with a nice baseball cap when I’m outside in the fall weather. A good pair of leather hiking boots are always nice in autumn as well especially if you are taking a trek through the woods to enjoy the fall colors.

  10. Bradley C Finnearty | 1st Nov 17

    To me it is easier to dress nicely in fall and winter. It is hard to dress nice in the summer. It is just to hot.

  11. Lynndee | 1st Nov 17

    I love the scarf. I have always loved plaid and that one is so pretty. Scarves are fall essential to me too as well as boots.

  12. Terri Beavers | 1st Nov 17

    I love boots and scarfs for fall. I love your picks and especially that hand bag. The color is gorgeous.

  13. Anjanette Young | 2nd Nov 17

    It is definitly time for scarfs and turtlenecks. I am on the lookout for the perfect pair of boots right now.

  14. Cherri Megasko | 2nd Nov 17

    I love the Burberry bag in the featured image. I like the flat, sturdy bottom and the extra styling of the fold-over top. And I buy almost everything on Amazon!

  15. Wildish Jess | 3rd Nov 17

    I’m not big on name brand bags but that Burberry bag is so cute. I totally want it!

  16. Janet Meisner | 7th Dec 17

    Thanks for the very stylish selection of fashion finds.

  17. Victoria Ess | 12th Dec 17

    I love the handbag!!

  18. Darren Scrubb | 23rd Feb 18

    Great looking picks many people would like to hear for sure.

  19. Wanda Tracey | 28th Apr 18

    I love these picks of yours for fall and that Michael Kors bag is gorgeous.It’s nice to be able to get these things on Amazon. I love that idea.

  20. Shirley OFlynn | 13th Feb 19

    Nice Fall picks! I love the Michael Kors Bag.

  21. Emily John | 21st May 19

    Great fashion pics for the fall season. I really like the scarf, colors are bold.

  22. kathy downey | 24th May 19

    Love the boots and that scarf is just perfect!

  23. loucheryl | 29th May 19

    I LOVE Amazon for shopping. That Burberry bag is beautiful!

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