Back2School style with Sears Canada #GotitatSEARS

I recently when into Sears Canada a couple of weeks ago and was impressed with their new private label also “The Cut” where you get designer brands at a serious fraction of the price.  I saw on social media that parents and bloggers were getting some seriously awesome back to school fashions and thought, I need to go.  I came home with a big bag of great quality clothing for them from the Sears Private line.  I’d say the biggest notice was that the quality was very good and very comparable to the other guys.  The cotton is super soft.  My twins were all over that and were the first ones to mention how soft it was and when they put it on, they said it was “soooooo, comfy, Mama!”.  If you have a child with sensory issues, you might want to check out the $3.97 t-shirts.  No tags around the neck and I think they’d like the super soft shirts.  You know the tag at the bottom.  It’s soft and not those annoying white scratchy tags that you rip off.

So, come have a look at what I bought.  Did you see me on Instagram yesterday? You’ll know we got some great outfits at a great price.  There are so many great stylish graphic tees.  So get your last minute essentials and all my looks are under $100!




Get the Look!


Skinny Boys Jeans $14.97
Boys Aviator Jacket $34.97
T-Shirts $3.97



Get the twins look. Visit
Heart Jeans SEARS Private Label $12.97
Boston Terrier with gold accents t-shirt $3.97
Are You Kitten Me? $7.97
We’re ready for back to school and I’m thrilled I found so many great styles for back to school thanks to the team at SEARS.  Check them out online as well.

Disclosure: We were compensated for our shopping trip to Sears.

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