Spring Fashion Favourites from Modern Rascals

Leave it to Modern Rascals to add a pop of colour to your children’s wardrobe! You can find brands such as Raspberry Republic, Boys and Girls Shop, Maxomorra and Moramini just to name a few. Modern Rascals, however, carries more than just amazing fashions from Europe.  They carry must have items for the kitchen as well. 

I picked two dresses for the twins to review from Raspberry Republic which is a brand that produces lovely clothing with interesting patterns. They use the highest quality GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. All clothes are designed, printed, and manufactured in Poland. Ideas come from their imagination. Inspiration comes from different places: mainly Polish fauna and flora, and trends in Scandinavia. They are an explosive mix of Polish-Swedish Rodzinki, the result of this relationship is the original Polish brand with the remarkable patterns.  The clothing is fantastic and such a refreshing pop of colours and prints.

With clean seams, snaps by the neckline, no annoying tags, your kids are going to love Modern Rascals and you will love finding something new for them.



ModernRascalsReview_3We love, love, love the softness of the organic material.  We love honey bee’s so the twins love their Hi Honey! from Modern Rascals.  It’s so soft! 
We have something fun for you too!   You can enter to win a $50 gift certificate and get your own Hi Honey dress or pick whatever else you like!  It’s simple to enter.  Just tell us what items you love from Modern Rascals and if you get inspired and see that must have item, here’s a code to save 15%: EVERYTHING15

Giveaway is Canadian only, excl. Quebec.  Ends May.31/17, 12 pm EST.
Modern Rascals $50 Gift Certificate


  1. Laurie P | 16th May 17

    LOVE the Red Apples Short Sleeve Tunic, and the Berry Corduroy Dungarees have caught my eye!

  2. Lisa Rose Venetas | 16th May 17

    Love the Hi Honey and the red apples short sleeve for my apple lovin gal!
    So inspired I need to match my girls too!

  3. Carole D | 16th May 17

    I would love the Hi Honey! Dress. My granddaughter would love it and it’s so pretty!

  4. Lynda Cook | 16th May 17

    My grandson would love the Bear Face Plate and the Dino Double Layer Hat

  5. nicky | 16th May 17

    Perhaps the Mystery Box! I also really love the Kawaii Panda Baseball Hat with Ears – so cute!

  6. Jennifer P. | 16th May 17

    I would choose a dress or tunic for my daughter – maybe the Turquoise Stars Short Sleeve Tunic, Sky Long Sleeve Balloon Dress, Pineapple Short Sleeve Tunic, or Oranges Red Short Sleeve Dress.

  7. jan | 16th May 17

    I am in love with their Dino Double Layer Hat

  8. Janet M | 16th May 17

    I like the Apple Hoodie. It is so adorable.

  9. Lisa bolduc | 16th May 17

    I would love the black dino hoodie for my son

  10. Shannon | 16th May 17

    Love the Secret Raglan Baseball Shirt and Unicorn Headbands!

  11. caroline m. | 16th May 17

    There are so many things to pick from but I think cat ankle socks, tree romper suit, and a tied shirt would be a good start

  12. kathy downey | 16th May 17

    They have such a nice collection,my grandson would love the Brave Black Rainbow Striped Tube Socks

  13. nicolthepickle | 16th May 17

    I really like the Beach Hut Seersucker dress and the Flowers for a friend one. And they have dishes. I could spend a long time there.

  14. Gillian Morgan | 16th May 17

    I’d get the Beach Hut Seesucker Frill Dress.

  15. Piroska | 16th May 17

    I love the Storytime Sundress.

  16. Athena | 16th May 17

    Over the Rainbow Slub Jersey Tee

  17. Elizabeth Matthiesen | 16th May 17

    I have a brand new granddaughter and I thought that the Bug Dungarees would be a good choice for her and perhaps some of the wonderful colourful socks. 🙂

  18. Tina L. | 16th May 17

    I like the Wood Anemone Yellow Sleeveless Dress with Gather Skirt

  19. Victoria Ess | 17th May 17

    I’d get the Umbrella and Blue Dot Short Sleeve Dresses!

  20. Charity Banman | 17th May 17

    I would get the Carrot Short Sleeve Shirt.

  21. Heidi C. | 17th May 17

    I love the idea of the mystery box. I also like the Diver World Short Sleeve Dress.

  22. Juliee Fitze | 18th May 17

    I like the Double Trouble Dress.

  23. Stephanie LaPlante | 18th May 17

    I would probably get the Lilac Swimsuit with Fish

  24. Shirley p | 19th May 17

    Bugs short sleeve dress

  25. Emily B. | 19th May 17

    SO much cuteness… but my fave is the Divers World Dress. Adorbs!

  26. Kristina | 19th May 17

    Love the Purple Swimsuit with Apples

  27. Brenda Lacourciere | 20th May 17

    I would get the Dark Blue Umbrellas Short Sleeve Dress

  28. Maryanne | 21st May 17

    I love the surfer swimsuit!

  29. Linda | 21st May 17

    I would get the very cute Beach Hut Seesucker Trousers for my son.

  30. chelsea van tol | 21st May 17

    unicorn headbands

  31. Wendy Jensen | 22nd May 17

    If I won, the items that I would choose are the Rain Pants – Bibbed & Elastic Waist – Yellow and the Waterproof Mittens – Yellow.

  32. Robyn Bellefleur | 23rd May 17

    I would chose the Black and White Waves Short Sleeve Tunic, so cute!

  33. Laila I | 24th May 17

    Id get the Storytime Sundress, lovely! 🙂

  34. Lisa D | 27th May 17

    I like the moon and stars gathered dress.

  35. JP | 27th May 17

    Their basic leggings look great for our kids.

  36. Julie bolduc | 28th May 17

    I like the Winter Stars Crew for my niece

  37. Caryn Coates | 30th May 17

    I love the Red Dot Short Sleeve Dress

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