Spring into shape with strollers? But which one? BOB Strollers.

I have been homeward bound since Friday fighting a nasty cold of sorts and the weather in Toronto has been beautiful but we’ve been cooped up.

Today was sunny, I didn’t get much sleep but I had to take my son out.  He wanted to play soccer and to be honest with winter finally over, my ever expanding butt needed to be out, plus with my son being 2 1/2 yrs old we can run around and have fun and I can burn calories.  He’s at the serious age of fun in the sun and he loves playing tag and hide and seek.

The park by my place has a track and as I was kicking the ball with Charlie it got me thinking….I need a jogging stroller or something that can be fun for the both of us as I want…I NEED to drop 40 pds or so.



I thought of just jogging around the track with my son with no stroller but it could get a little difficult as he would go in a different direction and he loves it when we go fast in a stroller…but my Maxi Cosi broke down and there’s no way to repair it.  I still have to let them know.  Looking at sites like the ones I have linked are fabulous and it’s great for stroller research as there are so many to choose from.  Help!

So we are in the market for a new stroller but which one to go with that can handle bumps and hills as I plan on taking Charlie through the ravine this summer and to well jog. The Ravines in Toronto by my place is gorgeous, it’s like a forest in the middle of city.

BOB Gear 2011 Utility Stroller
photo from Cymax

I have my eye on this BOB:
I love the look, the price(free shipping!) and the features seem spot on.

I’ve heard good things about BOB strollers but I am looking to you guys for advice for activity strollers that can handle the abuse.

I want to get out and run, it’s something I used to do in my junior high days and I can’t get out to Fit Chicks as we don’t have a reliable sitter so instead of investing in a gym member ship with day care I think a new stroller is the way to go so I can enjoy my work out with my son.

Any thoughts? I’d love to hear your advice and thoughts on the strollers.


  1. Janet Wong | 10th May 11

    Go with BOB, we love ours.

  2. Cicily | 10th May 11

    Good Luck! You should do a pitch and see if a stroller brand will help you out in your mission to drop 40pds via jogging stroller!

    It would make for a great weekly post!

  3. Mama Ash | 10th May 11

    Well I’ve reviewed Maclaren and Hauck so a jogging stroller would be cool!

    Great idea 🙂 When I was doing Fit Chicks for the blog that was a great work out feature.

    I wonder if they’d(BOB) be up to the challenge?

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