Spring ‘KLIINing”with a first-of-its-kind eco-friendly dishwashing paste!

We’re experiencing a crazy time right now and to be honest,  I want to use the best products that will last and be reusable so I don’t have to go out as much. Paper towels and toilet paper are running low and even out at so many stores, I go to. I’m sure you see it too and reusable is a great answer and alternative.  I was very pleased to get an email from a great company based out of Quebec that I’ve worked with before called KLIIN and they have created a new product that I’ve been enjoying and I think you might like it too! It’s a first of its kind eco-friendly dishwashing paste. 


The KLIIN dish cleansing paste is my new go-to and favourite for a few reasons.  

1) The ingredients.  It has just 5. Find them here.

2) It’s leaving my hands NOT dried out.  Since moving to Winnipeg, the water is different and I found my hands drying out with traditional dish soap.

3)  It doesn’t leave a residue on my dishes

4) It’s concentrated and a little goes a long way.

5) It can also be used as an all-purpose cleaner too.  Clean the sink, stovetop, countertop and much more.  Even ceramic.

6) It lasts 3X longer than liquid dish soap.

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20200409140405688_COVERI love the gentle scent of lemon and they have a lime one too that smells a-m-a-z-i-n-g and it cleans my dishes amazingly well! Just dip your damp sponge or washcloth in and start washing.  It retails for $7.99 and the above pic is about a month in of using and I have so much left in the container.  Along with their re-usable paper towel’s you are set as we’re all quarantined. Their sponges are pretty cool too!  They are like cupboard thin and swell up in the water.  It’s a great sponge for cleaning and I love the fresh designs of their KLIIN paper towels.

” The cleansing paste only uses the necessary amount of water thanks to its innovative KLIIN&GO technology !”

To help get you started I have a fun little giveaway with KLIIN!  Let’s get cleaning without all the worry and save you money and the environment.
Enter to win!  Contest is Canadian only, excluding Quebec.  Giveaway ends, April.24, 2020 at 12am CT.


The giveaway is worth $74 and includes the following items:

 –   2 Dish Cleansing Pastes (citrus and lime) $7.99 value each

– Package of 2 compressed sponges ( $8.99)

– KLIIN towels in three sizes – 6.75” X 8” ($4.99), 9.5” X 10” ($9.99) and 12” X 20” which can be used as a drying mat ($18.99)

– 5-sheet rolls of KLIIN reusable towels ($14.99)


For more information, to order online or to find a list of retailers: www.kliin.co

Instagram: @kliinco

Facebook: @KLIINco




  1. Michelle W | 13th Apr 20

    I haven’t tried any Kliin products, but I’d love to try the reusable towels.

  2. Tannis W | 13th Apr 20

    I would like to try the cleaning cloths. Their tea towels look nice too!

  3. Diana Z | 13th Apr 20

    I would love to try the cleaning paste. I’ve not used any of these products.

  4. jan | 13th Apr 20

    I have been eyeing KLIIN towels for too long. Love the patterns with ERDENE Collab being one of my faves.

  5. Pamela Koop | 13th Apr 20

    I haven’t tried these products but if I would, I would love to try the reusable towels!

  6. Calvin | 13th Apr 20

    Seen these around for a month or so now. I like the medium- large towels.
    Collab : Alissa Kloet design is nice.

  7. Elaine G | 14th Apr 20

    I’d like to try their cleaning cloths and tea towels.

  8. Juliee Fitze | 14th Apr 20

    I have never tried any off their products but would like too.

  9. kathy downey | 14th Apr 20

    I really like the tea towels and I love the home compost pot

  10. Rosanne Robinson | 14th Apr 20

    My favourite KLIN products are the dish cleansing paste, rolls, & dryer mats.

  11. Twingle Mommy | 15th Apr 20

    I like the wave drying mat. We need to get one. I usually just use a dish towel.

  12. ivy pluchinsky | 15th Apr 20

    I like the Spring KLIINing Combo

  13. Linda | 17th Apr 20

    I like the Compost Beginner Kit. It’s just what I need to gift to a friend.

  14. Stephen Gordon | 20th Apr 20

    Cleaning cloths and tea towels. Wonderful

  15. Kim Tanti | 20th Apr 20

    I have never heard of KLIIN before now. So needless to say I fo not have a favorite.

  16. joanne darrell | 20th Apr 20

    Seems like I have extra time for cleaning/

  17. Suzie B | 23rd Apr 20

    I would love to try the dish cleaning paste and love the cooking pattern towel!

  18. Patsy | 23rd Apr 20

    I’d like to try the Dish Cleansing Paste!Thanks 🙂

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