Repiel masks for the skincare lover

Whether you need antiaging, hydrating, brightening or minimizing your pores, masks from Repiel are a serious must have as I’ve been enjoying the benefits of their sheet masks.   So much so because I saw immediate results.  I also like that it is a safe, healthy skin treatment without harmful ingredients such as paraben, benzophenone, or artificial colouring and it achieves an ideal balance for your skin by providing the most effective and systematic treatment for different skin problems and concerns.


What makes the Repiel Mask so unique?
They use a patented special fermented bio-cellulose mask that covers the whole face as it’s also made with coconut water.  It is cold at first but stays on perfectly as it adheres to your skin pumping it with its moisturizing, cooling and calming effects. The diameter of the bio-cellulose sheet is about 1000 times thinner than an ordinary pulp sheet. This advanced structural of bio-cellulose sheet makes it ideal for containing moisture and essence and delivering it to the skin.

There is something for every skin type

“REPIEL is a premium cosmeceutical brand that helps your skin regain its ideal balance and a healthy glow from the inside instead of making skin look temporarily beautiful from the outside. REPIEL will renew your skin every day with a beautiful glow by providing ideal solutions for the fundamental causes of skin problems with the latest bio-technologies.” 

Priced from $5-$8 this makes for a beautiful gift from tweens, to young adults to ladies with mature skin.  I am wearing my mask right now as I write too!  
Where to buy?  visit

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  1. kathy downey | 4th Dec 18

    Interesting I’m always on the lookout for something new to try for my terrible dry skin !

    • Mama Ash | 5th Dec 18

      For only $5 & $8, get one!

  2. wendy hutton | 2nd Feb 19

    this product sounds great, with my oily skin its hard to find products that work well without irritating my skin

  3. Kayte CookWatts | 5th Feb 19

    Thanks for the post, I love hearing what other people are using. I find that a sheet mask works for any situation- if I am going bare faced, it makes my skin look great and if I am wearing makeup it makes everything more hydrated and natural looking.

  4. Krista M | 9th Feb 19

    Masks are really such a hit with teens right now! So yes this would make a great gift for my daughter. She would love doing this with her friends on sleepovers!

  5. Elizabeth Matthiesen | 11th Feb 19

    Hmm, I think that I may have had a face mask a few years back when my daughter took me to a spa – my one and only 🙂

  6. Victoria Ess | 12th Feb 19

    These sound like a nice home spa treat!

  7. kathy downey | 27th Apr 19

    This sounds like a nice home spa treatment for Mother’s day

  8. loucheryl | 26th May 19

    I haven’t used a face mask in such a long time. I would love to try a new one that makes my skin feel silky soft.

  9. Nate | 28th May 19

    This products would be very good for my skin

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