Stroller Lunacy

photo courtesy of The National Post, read the full article here

3 days ago news broke out that the TTC(Toronto Transit Commission) was going to tackle the growing concerns and complaints about strollers on buses, street cars and subways.

Should the TTC charge more? Make the limit 2 strollers for buses and streetcars? Enforce strict rules for stroller traffic during rush hour times? If you don’t live in Toronto and don’t know what I’m talking about here it is on Global News.
A Toronto resident asked City Hall  to limit the amount of strollers on the TTC.

What has been mentioned to be done in the media:
Maybe a redesign of the streetcars and buses should be evaluated in the new designs they are working on? This is a huge city, a lot of people rely on getting from A to B via public transit. People react to strollers in a negative way which is always so easy to do and what a waste of energy.  Charging $2 more has been suggested as well…We know that will not go over well at all nor be implemented and limiting the amount of strollers on public transport.

Here’s an idea!
I am flabbergasted that with all this kerfuffle no one has even mentioned an easy and cost effective alternative.  BABYWEAR!! Why not get a baby carrier?  It doesn’t take up any room. It leaves your hands free. You ALWAYS know where your kid is. And best of all, you have direct contact at all times which is very reassuring for a young one, especially in unfamiliar places. Got two kids?  I know it gets harder when you’re traveling with two or more children but babywearing one of them or in tandem is a more than feasible option.
Or if you are going on the subway/bus/streetcar you can collapse the stroller and babywear as you get on and off.  We should always be courteous to our fellow travelers as they should for us when we board with strollers.

A little while ago I did a Wordless Wednesday post about traveling through the city because I know the TTC has had some issues with the public at large recently.  I have received nasty looks myself on several occasions from TTC workers when I’d ask for help up the streetcar stairs in my Maclaren umbrella stroller.  Unfortunately you can’t always count on strangers to help either in this great city. 

 Not every station has an elevator and when you’re a new mom taking the escalator can be intimidating and dangerous.
So why not invest in a good carrier? Add one to your Baby Registry or ask for one for your birthday? If cost is an issue, you can find them online on Kijijii  They are cheaper than strollers after all and the good ones (which I endorse) will last a very long time.   Once Upon a Child also has a good selection sometimes.

From our friends of JPMBB in Paris, here’s a great pic as well from this babycarrier company  JPMBB!

The last time I checked, the growth and health of a city is based on the family and the new people, ie babies, that come into it everyday. Streetcars have always been very difficult to navigate with a child in a stroller, and if you’re like me,  you’ve often felt that city hall is against the idea of families in the downtown core.  Now ONE impatient person, who obviously has no kids, makes a complaint and the whole city is abuzz with ‘banning the stroller’ talk. What’s next? No children allowed on the TTC?
Families are moving back downtown people! These little ones are our future so let’s not make it ever more difficult for them or their parents to thrive.
Thank goodness cooler heads have prevailed for now. But the simple fact that this made the news in such a big way suggests that it may not be gone for good.
This is also why wearing your baby makes so much sense in this town. Take my word for it. People love seeing my son on my back. It gets so many smiles. People will happily make room for you.  There is a connection there between parent and child that is very obvious to everyone.
This is a post from a mom of a singelton’s point of view.  I’ll let you know how using the TTC and what it’s like with twins, babywearing and a preschooler in the Spring 😉

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  1. Christine McN | 25th Jan 13

    WOW! Great post, Erica! I had no idea! Excellent idea about babywearing instead of having strollers on busy busses, streetcars and subways during rush hour. Wow. That whole thing is mind boggling though.

  2. Mommy_Jennof3 | 25th Jan 13

    GREAT solution to a big problem! So simple!

  3. Country Mouse, City Mouse | 25th Jan 13

    I watch Toronto news, so I was aware of this whole issue.

    Now, I don’t live in the city and have never used a bus to get young children from place to place. And, I think baby-wearing is a great alternative for those who can.

    I wouldn’t be able to baby-wear though as I have a back injury. If I was going on the bus with my baby or young child I would have no choice but push a stroller.

    I think the whole thing is pretty crazy!

  4. savysuburbanmom | 25th Jan 13

    This is an amazing post.

    I heard about this in the news as I am a fellow Torontonian. I think your idea is great. I started using a baby carrier when my second child was born and it solved so many issues in travelling with 2 babies in tote!

    This whole situation is crazy!


  5. Multi-Testing Mommy | 25th Jan 13

    I loved carrying my babies on me! So much easier. Strollers are big and cumbersome!

  6. Mama Ash | 25th Jan 13

    Thanks Country Mouse, City Mouse!

    This post is for people who haven’t thought about babywearing.
    Common sense would be not to wear when you have a serious back injury and I’m not saying all should babywear, it’s an idea worth exploring if you’re healthy and have no serious back issues/injuries.
    I’m not anti stroller at all and know babywearing is not for everyone.

    On a side note, depending on the condition you may be able to babywear given you use a proper carrier that distributes the weight evenly and that it’s supporting your core and can actually help strengthen your core. It also helps strengthen your pelvic floor.
    A good waist band in a carrier for support is important as well.

    Tula, Onya Baby, Manduca are just some of the SSC’s(Soft Structured Carriers) I recommend for good babywearing support. Even a hybrid stretch like JPMBB is super comfy as it distributes the weight evenly.

    I agree the whole thing is pretty crazy!

  7. Cheryl L | 25th Jan 13

    I have been following this story for a while (I’m a Torontonian as well) and think it’s pretty crazy!

    I agree that using a SSC is the way to go if you want to avoid waiting for elevators etc. It’s something that I travel with as well (being hands free at the airport is great!).

    Like you said though, it may be tough if you have more than one child to carry.

  8. Mama Ash | 25th Jan 13

    Especially if they are the same age.
    I guess wear one and use the stroller on the older child unless the child can walk? Even then their little legs tired too and a stroller is handy. Not everyone can tandem wear nor want to as well.

    I think it’s a sad society when someone complains about strollers. The design of our buses need improving too and for city living the TTC is a big part for how we travel. But hopefully parents who can babywear will leave the stroller at home and get used to wearing their carrier more often and see how easy it really is.

    It’ll be fun for me when the twins come 😉

  9. Kevin L | 25th Jan 13

    Great post and idea. I was quite angry when I read this in the news about charging mothers with strollers, shocking to say the least. Sure it might take up a bit of room, but where is our sense of morals and understanding?

    I might not be a woman and I don’t have the experience of pushing around a stroller but I sure have compassion for my fellow human beings.

    Great idea again.

  10. Shayna Murray | 25th Jan 13

    Thank you!! I have been reading about this in the media recently and the very first thing that popped into my head was “where’s your wrap or baby carrier?” Surely they sell such a thing in Toronto. Obviously there are always exceptions and there will be reasons that doesn’t work for everyone but it sure should work for a lot!

  11. Mama Ash | 26th Jan 13

    You took the words right out of my mouth Shayna!

  12. Melissa Aroni | 22nd Feb 13

    I wish I could baby wear but with the pain I have on my shoulders, and back pain, I also have an injury on my tail bone. Also I have to carry my backpack and an extra bag for my preschooler, its not possible for me, trying to find a better way.

  13. Shauna_B | 4th Mar 13

    it’s sad to see our society becoming so selfish and ungracious. I agree that stroller can pose some inconvenience especially on buses or train. But i don’t think it’s a big issue though. Baby slinging is not a bad idea, but try wearing your baby for 2 hours.

  14. Everything Mom and Baby | 4th Mar 13

    Oh gosh, wearing for your baby for 2 hrs is nothing if you have a good carrier!
    I’ve worn my infant for well over 2 hours with no aches or pains.
    Brands I suggest are Tula, Boba, Manduca, Onya Baby,Emeibaby just to name a few and wraps can be just as great. Notice no Bbay Bjorn, Infantino, Snugli is mentioned as a recommended carrier. That’s because it’s not the comfiest.

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