The summer of ’18 at Fern Resort

Well, let me tell you. Fern Resort is consistent. Fern Resort is the kid’s favourite place to visit and this summer our stay there was just as good if not better than last time.  It was a planned surprise for the kids, when they saw the Fern Resort sign and those beautiful Willow Tree’s, my ears were ringing from the screams and enthusiasm.   We checked in and off they went.  Fern has everything.  From golfing to a beach and pool, fishing, games(pin pong, arcades, pool table) night time entertainment to daytime activities for families and full day camp to renting kayaks and canoes(it’s part of your package).  I could go on and on to all that can be done here and the staff here are superb.  There’s also beautiful sunsets. 

Nestled on the picturesque shores of Lake Couchiching, @FernResort is just a short drive north of Toronto. It's a place to kick back, relax & reconnect with your loved ones. #OntariosAllInclusive #Resort #Orillia #Family Click To Tweet


By flook, we were there the exact same time as last year and I saw a lot of the same families from last year.  Fern Resort has a lot of repeat guests and that’s what makes them so successful. They are after all one of our favourite ALL INCLUSIVE RESORTS to visit.  I was looking forward to visiting the newly renovated dining room patio where we had all of our meals and chatting with our lovely servers.



I would say what I noticed the most was that the food was actually better.  On our first night, look what I had for dinner. It was like eating at The Keg.   The meals change daily. In the afternoon, they still do a great BBQ lunch.   So, go ahead and scroll below to see what kind of food you can expect at this all-inclusive.  The kids get a buffet ranging from fruit, veggies, hot dogs, steak, fresh grilled chicken breast, chicken fingers, fries just to name a few!  Feed them first so you can drop them off at camp as it’s all included in your stay and come back for a nice dinner with your significant other or may it be just you.

The hallmark of any stay at @FernResort is the dining experience — fabulous food served in a comfortable and family-friendly atmosphere #OntariosAllInclusive #Family #Dining #Ontario #Resort Click To Tweet


I love a good Wedge Salad!


A very nice appetizer with our four-course meal, the mushroom toasts

Steak&BernaiseatFernResortSteak with Bernaise and fried onion

breakfastatFernMy favourite breakfast at Fern Resort was the Lox & Bagel

SundaeatFernResortThe ultimate sundae and their fabulous Honey Rolls!  


Fern Resort is such a safe and fun family environment.  We knew the routine from last year.  Get the kids fed and drop them off at their planned activities where they can make new friends at camp.  Papa Ash and I lounged by the pool, had cocktails and chatted with staff that we had befriended from last year. We picked the kids up for the BBQ lunch, swam in the pool and dropped them off for lunch.  My son came back and got me so he could show me the animals at the resort that were part of the resort activity called “Speaking with Wild Life“.  Just one of the many planned activities at Fern.


“Family-focused fun for everyone. From the Play Village to kids’ Extreme Sports, we give children extra attention with special activities geared just for them. We have supervised programs for 5 different age levels, so your kids are never bored and short of fun things to do. They’ll have a blast and make lots of new friends.” ~ Fern Resort

IMG_20180720_132222_067This is one of their three pools.  It’s heated. The toddler wading pool is adorable, shallow and safe.

IMG_20180719_143830If you’re done with swimming your laps or working out in their gym, detox it all out in their quaint sauna.


My son joined us for the rest of the afternoon so we treated him to tubing…twice.  It was an extra cost for us at just $15 each time for about 10 minutes on the Banana Boat.

By night time we were exhausted!   We had our dinner, went on a nature walk because if you know me, I always try to find nature and take pics of the beautiful grounds that often get missed.


Summer Weekend Getaway packages that are the perfect last minute vacation at @FernResort. Two or three night all-inclusive packages available for families or couples looking for a mini vacation #OntariosAllinclusive #Vacation #Resort Click To Tweet


Fern Resort just does it right and they got it down.   This will always be our most recommended all-inclusive resort in Ontario, there are a couple more but this place is big and they’ve been welcoming families for over a hundred years, so I am going to sign off. Do check out my first post at Fern from last year to learn more.  I hope you enjoyed my pics and sharing our family vacation with you.  You can check out more on my Instagram.  Next up is cottage country!  Now, go book your end of summer vacation at Fern, you’re going to love it.   Our room this year was in the main lodge, which was great.  It’s quiet, it had a fridge, tv, 1 bathroom, 2 comfy queen beds and pull out couch in a renovated room for our family of 5 facing the lake.    It was perfect. 


Check out @FernResort! Fern Resort is Ontario’s all-inclusive resort, welcoming families and friends for more than 123 years. #OntariosAllInclusive #FamilyResort #Ontario #FernResort Click To Tweet


Disclosure:   This sponsored post was written in collaboration with Fern Resorts.  All opinions are always my own.



  1. Marlene J | 31st Aug 18

    Food looks amazing

  2. Silvia D | 26th Nov 18

    wow, so pretty and relaxing! looks like delicious food also!

    • Mama Ash | 27th Nov 18

      This is the best place for families.

  3. Janet Meisner | 27th Nov 18

    It looks like such a lovely resort.

  4. Tannis W | 27th Nov 18

    Wow, that place looks amazing and the food looks delicious!

  5. Courtney I | 27th Nov 18

    Food looks amazing!

  6. Lynda Cook | 27th Nov 18

    Sounds like a great place to go and just get away!

  7. Suzanne Giroux | 27th Nov 18

    What a beautiful looking resort with a lot of activities to keep everyone busy.

    • Mama Ash | 3rd Apr 19

      And yet there is always something new to do every year.

  8. Karla Sceviour | 27th Nov 18

    omg,that food all looks amazingggg!! My mouth is watering!

  9. Debbie White-Beattie | 27th Nov 18

    This looks like an amazing place and the food all looks so good

  10. Kim Tanti | 28th Nov 18

    Oh my body and head need to be there.

  11. Suzie B | 28th Nov 18

    Oooh this looks amazing! I am totally missing summer already 🙁

  12. Kimberley | 28th Nov 18

    The food looks really good…especially that wedge salad.

  13. Karen Masterson | 3rd Apr 19

    I just saw your tweet! I didn’t know Ontario had an all inclusive! Thanks for sharing this, I’ll have to discuss with my husband.

    • Mama Ash | 3rd Apr 19

      I hope you’ll go. It’s becoming a family tradition for us to go every year.

  14. Josh | 3rd Apr 19

    Food is important and a kids camp. It’s not far from Toronto….maybe we should do this in the summer? Did you really like it?

    • Mama Ash | 3rd Apr 19

      Hi Josh! Yes, I do totally recommend it. My kids LOVE Fern Resort. I do too. I get to reconnect with my husband and my kids are off exploring in a safe environment. It really is a great place to visit for a family vacation, any time of the year.

  15. Elizabeth Matthiesen | 17th May 19

    This is not only a beautiful place to stay but the food looks marvellous.

  16. nicky | 17th May 19

    Mmm, I would enjoy a sundae like that one! ;-p

  17. Victoria Ess | 18th May 19

    This resort looks beautiful! It’s so close to Toronto too!

  18. Kimberley | 18th May 19

    The food looks amazing!

  19. kathy downey | 18th May 19

    Wow,the food all looks so delicious !!

  20. Treen Goodwin | 19th May 19

    Looks like a great place , so awesome and looks of great food !

  21. Elizabeth Vlug | 19th May 19

    We loved our stay at Fern Resort. Might be time for a revisit. The food was amazing!!!

  22. Heidi c | 20th May 19

    We have never actually visited a resort as a family. This looks like a great one to visit!

  23. Emily John | 20th May 19

    This place looks so calm and fun, and oh la la the food is very enticing.

  24. Shirley | 20th May 19

    This would be a nice relaxing vacation

  25. Elizabeth Matthiesen | 20th May 19

    I used to love going on a swing when I was a kid – that is until I was on a swing in a friend’s backyard and ended up having a nail in the fence gouge a big hole in my knee and I still have the scar today.

  26. kathy downey | 20th May 19

    This resort looks beautiful and the food looks amazing!

  27. Lynda Cook | 20th May 19

    This place reminds me of the resort from the movie Dirty Dancing

  28. Jonnie | 20th May 19

    That mushroom toast looks so good…not to mention the sundae! Can you tell I’m hungry?

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