Summer Fun! What are you doing this Summer?

SummerOrangeNaturalsTORONTO PARKS!
This is what Summer looks like to us!  Thankfully we live in such a fabulous neighbourhood I can easily walk to 4 amazing parks that have splash pads and wading pools and it’s going to be a hot one today in Toronto so we’re heading to the shaded park we love and splash about in the pool.
This is the Summer of going to parks.  I don’t drive so I walk everywhere.  Community pools are the best.  Mind you if we had a home and a big back yard you can bet we’d have a wading pool and an open door of friends coming over but with local parks my kids are making new friends every day.  Toronto has great parks!
Last Summer was the best Summer ever as we drove back to Winnipeg.  We were hoping to go this Summer but timing, car and etc.. etc.. it didn’t happen so we’re going to explore Ontario some more.  I am pining to move back Winnipeg but perhaps if I see the beauty in Ontario I’ll want to stay? We’re going to Muskoka to review Great Blue Resorts which should be glorious.  I cannot wait.  There’s also a Kids Klub there so it’ll be nice to drop the kids off so I can actually have a moment to relax.  I also want to hit the Niagara region and go to some wineries and a Lavender Farm.  I also want to take the kids to Sheldon Creek Farm so they can meet the cows that make their delicious milk.  This has been a great Summer so far. 
Summer snacks and Summer food always makes me happy.  Before we head out I make Orange Naturals Smoothie, keep everyone nutritionally topped-up with the ND Shake – available for the whole family!  Watermelon salad(watermelon, mint, feta and a dash of high quality balsamic) is the best, I’ve enjoyed Shrimp quesadilla’s (get high quality shrimp, the taste is so clean and different). It’s a nice light dish of tortilla, lime, marinate the shrimp in oil and chili pepper seasoning, salt, pepper and fry it on the skillet or bake in the oven.  When we go to the park I always stop at Sobeys and grab fruit, veggies, make P & J sandwiches, salads, cookies and maybe a bag of veggie chips.  There’s a great Finnish bakery near the park we frequent so Herring Salad, Potato Salad is always picked up.  One of my twins loves herring and they make great Chocolate Chip cookies.  Orange Naturals has this great read on how to take your nutrition up a notch!

Do you get attacked by crazy critters? Bugs love me.  They also love my baby.  She has gotten stung twice.  Orange Naturals has come out with homeopathic creams. Hurrah! Since we frequent the great outdoors so much I am checking in at my local Rexall to get the Bites + Stings Cream, there is also a tincture you can take.
When you play outdoors my kids are bumping, running and everything in between to each other.  When that happens and a kiss won’t soothe that boo boo I like the Bumps + Bruises tincture.


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SO….what’s your Summer looking like?

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  1. Pam | 3rd Aug 15

    Summer in the city looks like it can be awesome. Enjoy the rest of the season – hope the weather holds right through to Labour Day.

    • Erica | 3rd Aug 15

      I hope so too! We had a great storm yesterday but today it’s beautiful.

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