Summer Must Haves from Everything Mom and Baby

Wet Bag

Use a dispsoable water diaper on your little one?  It just fills up with water so nothing is absorbed.
It’s true, your babe walks into the wading pool and water soaks up and then baby pees and well, it’s not absorbed into the diaper.  Would you want to want to wear soggy wet diaper with god know’s what kind of chemicals? 

Swim Diapers!

Why not try a reusable AMP swim diaper, $16?  It’s cheaper to reuse, it’s probably more comfortable your child and it keeps the solid waste in.

I’ve tried Bummis, I’ve tried Apple Cheeks and Charlie Banana( I wish they made a snap swim diaper!) but over all AMP diaper makes my favorite swim diaper.


The fit and quality, they are made in my home town Winnipeg, and they come in a beautiful cherry red and a gorgeous royal blue.  2 sizes, Small (6-18pds), Large (15-38pds)  my son is close to 40pds and there is still another row for snaps to fit larger. There’s 2 rows with 4 snaps to get the right the fit, Apple Cheeks has 2 rows with 3 snaps and Bummis is velcro but with no elastic for a stretch.

Get your AMP Swim Diaper here

Sun Block!

How do you find the right sun block?  It’s either too thick or too greasy, loaded with chemicals and sometimes they don’t even have descent UVA/UVB protection!!!

Did I mention I am their only retailer in Ontario?  I’m sure that’ll change as I set the trend in finding the best for you all. Just watch!

I researched to find the best sunscreen to bring to my e-store.  I picked Purple Prairie Botanicals based on the ingredients, the reviews from EWG and the UVA/UVB rating of coverage.
From EWG:
Offers Good UVB Protection, Excellent UVA Protection, UVB/UVA Balance: Good, Sunscreen Stability is Excellent, Low Health Concern.

It has a low rating of 1 for toxicity, organic butters and it’s not heavily scented, it’s not greasy, it’s not thick, it blends in easily so your not white as Casper.
I love, love, love the stick and lip balm which is water resistant ($14.99) and my hands don’t need to get messy, it glides on easily so it’s perfect for a wiggly child and it’s safe for infants too!

It has NO health concerns for developmental or reporductive toxicity, it has NO allergies or immunotoxicities .  Learn more and buy here

Wet Bags!

Store wet swim suits and water toys in a wetbag, perfect to reuse and reuse and reuse!
We have a couple of cute ones from Charlie Banana and Glup Bebe on Sale for $10.


Protect baby’s head from the sun with Glup Bebe, European inspired flare for style and design!
We have their drool bibs than can also be converted to a bandanna or for older babes and kids get out regular bandanna. $6.95-$8.00 on SALE

What I love about the bandanna?  Keeps the nape of neck covered, looks great on, nice designs, made of Cotton and in Canada! On SALE here!
Read a recent review of the bandanna I sponsored on Emily’s Latest here

After Sun Care!

Didn’t use the right sun care? Spent too much time out there and not reapply? What?! You didn’t use Purple Prairie? Some sun blocks don’t offer the great protection they tout about and you end up getting a burn!

Get Healing Skin Ointment to soothe your skin $8.99 with Olive oil, Lavender, Chickweed and Calendula your skin will be healed effectively with these beautiful ingredients. Made in Canada with organic ingredients.

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Giveaway:  We’re giving away an AMP swim diaper!

Tell us how you keep cool in the heat for a chance to win! 
Like AMP on Facebook too for bonus points
Comes in Red, Blue and Grape!
Draw will be done Friday, June.10th at 11am!


  1. Librarianess | 1st Jun 11

    I keep cool by staying in the shade and drinking lots of fluids. I keep my son cool by making sure he’s wearing a hat (which will be his funky Glup BeBe bandana this year!) and also well hydrated. He still gets most of his hydration from breastfeeding, which makes us both a little sticky sometimes, but now that he’s a toddler, he’s good at nursing in strange positions, thereby keeping his body away from mine while still latched on! Sometimes nursing acrobatics are a good thing!

    ldmarshall08 at gmail dot com

  2. Librarianess | 1st Jun 11

    Already a fan of AMP on FB as Lisa Marshall!

    ldmarshall08 at gmail dot com

  3. cduncanphoto | 1st Jun 11

    We just bought a sand/water table for our little guy’s first birthday, which I’m hoping he’ll enjoy as far as staying cool. We might even get a sprinkler he can run through once he gets a little more sturdy on his feet.

  4. Tara | 1st Jun 11

    my tip for staying cool is getting a small wading pool so the kids (and you) can cool off!
    taraz9 at excite dot com

  5. Tara | 1st Jun 11

    already an AMP fan! tara elias
    taraz9 at excite dot com

  6. Kari | 1st Jun 11

    We stay cool with hats, shade, cool cloths, and drinking lots of fluids!
    kstark9 at hotmail dot com

  7. swedenesefamily | 1st Jun 11

    We dress very casually (hardly anything at all) and drink lots of water and lemonade. When we’re out we wear hats and try to stay in the shade. icy_pricess at msn dot com

  8. swedenesefamily | 1st Jun 11

    Liked and thanked AMP on Facebook. Christine L. icy_princess at msn dot com

  9. Shelley Galea | 1st Jun 11

    Fan of AMP on FB 🙂

  10. Shelley Galea | 1st Jun 11

    We stay cool by staying in the shade and keeping hydrated! Breastmilk for the babe and water, water, water for my 5 yr old. We also hang out at our local splash pad or head to Nana and Grandpa’s pool. My wee one could definitely use an AMP swim diaper this summer 🙂

  11. Mama Lisa | 1st Jun 11

    We like to stay cool by running through the sprinkler or filling up the kids little pool and splashing around with them!

    lcgauci at rogers dot com

  12. Mama Lisa | 1st Jun 11

    I’m already a fan of AMP on Facebook as Lisa G.

    lcgauci at rogers dot com

  13. caedmen | 1st Jun 11

    We are a fan of splash parks and shady trees:)

    richardrachel at hotmail dot com

  14. caedmen | 1st Jun 11

    FB fan of AMP (Rachel Neufeld)

    richardrachel at hotmail dot com

  15. Shannon Gordon | 2nd Jun 11

    i like to keep cool by staying hydrated. also a fan of amp on fb 😉

  16. Kristi Kocherkewych | 2nd Jun 11

    I keep cool by drinking lots of water with freshly squeezed lemons in it. My son is 18 months old and he also loves lemons in his water and that is what he primarily drinks (besides milk); I’m very fair skinned so watching that I don’t burn was always important but now having a child, I’m more aware of it and ensure that he has a hat on (even if he takes it off then puts it back on then off..), sunscreen on, a kiddie pool for us both to cool off in and I think I will make homemade fruity popsicles too this summer!!

  17. jdeemarie | 2nd Jun 11

    We make juice popsicles and run around in the sprinklers. If it’s really hot, we cheat and close up the house and turn on the AC.

    jdeemarie @

  18. jdeemarie | 2nd Jun 11

    I’m a Facebook fan of AMP (Jodi J)

    jdeemarie @

  19. Kristen | 2nd Jun 11

    I keep cool by hanging out in my friend’s pool as much as humanly possible. Plus this summer I won’t be 7-9 months preggo! Much cooler already.

    newmummylove at yahoo dot ca

  20. Kristen | 2nd Jun 11

    I like AMP on FB.
    (Kristen Bobbitt)

    newmummylove at yahoo dot ca

  21. I wanna go where the mountains are high enough to: | 3rd Jun 11

    I’m a new follower! Love the blog! I keep cool by bringing icecubes to hot events and dripping the water on baby! She loves it and it keeps her cool! Also – keep the babe in the shade! 🙂

  22. Amanda | 3rd Jun 11

    I’m already a fan of AMP on Facebook as Amanda Sunderland. So excited that they have the Grape swim diaper now! I’m a HUGE AMP fan now, thanks to you Erica!

    We tend to go to splash pads, and I’ve been known to soak my feet in my kiddies Mr. Turtle pool while they are splashing around in it!

  23. Izzy's mom | 4th Jun 11

    We keep cool by swimming in our pool in the backyard! We make popsicles and drink LOTS of water too! I would love to win an AMP swim diaper for my 5 month old son!


  24. Izzy's mom | 4th Jun 11

    I’m a fan of AMP on FB!

  25. thight | 6th Jun 11

    we turn on the sprinkler and run around the yard!
    telithahight at yahoo dot com

  26. Lindsey | 9th Jun 11

    I’m a fan of AMP on facebook!
    lindsey ernst

  27. Lindsey | 9th Jun 11

    We keep cool by jumping in the wading pool out back, playing in the sprinkler, or walking to the local splash pad to hang out with others kiddies and Mommies!
    Lindsey Ernst
    Love the summer!

  28. The Fuzzy Fluff Addicted Momma | 9th Jun 11

    We keep cool by staying in the shade, drinking LOTS of fluids, opening windows, and running fans. When the mercury really rises though, we have to use the air conditioner, it is way too hot! I plan to set up a kiddie pool for cooling off on the back patio when it is finished later this month.
    onebatchick at hotmail dot com

  29. The Fuzzy Fluff Addicted Momma | 9th Jun 11

    I’m a fan of AMP diapers on FB
    J. Boardman
    onebatchick at hotmail dot com

  30. Jodi L. | 9th Jun 11

    We keep cool by putting cold packs on our heads. It’s amazing how quickly that will cool you down. My girls love to have cold packs on hot days!

  31. t4shaw | 13th Jun 11

    We set up our inflatable pool in the back yard and put our Little Tykes slide in it.

    Still waiting for the heat here in Winnipeg

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