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Ah, it’s that season again.  It’s time to switch over those winter tires and plan this summer’s road trip. With warmer weather and the potential for reduced COVID-19 restrictions on the horizon, many Canadian drivers will be looking to hit the open road and safely explore their regions. For many drivers, that means getting back into a vehicle that’s been sitting idle save for short trips for essentials. To help ensure drivers enjoy safe travels this spring, Kal Tire is sharing simple but important maintenance tips not to be missed.

Road trips are a big thing for us.  It’s our summer vacation as back in Ontario we’d have such pretty towns to visit from Bobcaygeon to Muskoka to Wine country in Niagara on the Lake to Prince Edward County.  Ontario has such wonderful towns and cities to visit, I wish we were able to get out to Perth, Ontario but now that we are in Manitoba, it’ll be so nice to see what my Province has.

A handful of simple preventative maintenance steps help improve the performance, lifespan, and safety of a vehicle’s most important parts. To help drivers keep their tires and vehicle performing at their best, Kal Tire is sharing some spring maintenance steps and ‘How to’ resources:  At spring changeover, winter tires coming off or all-weather tires staying on, should be inspected for tread depth, inflation, cracking, sidewall bruising and unusual wear, which can be an indication of suspension problems caused by a pothole.

 Some things to think about are what is the “Tire Wear and Tire Pressure?”, “Are your summer tires worn out?
Check out this  5-step guide:

1) How to check tread depth
2) How to check tire pressure
3) How often to rotate tires
4) Are your summer tires worn out?
5) Tips to make your battery last longer

Alignment problems caused by potholes can lead to unpleasant and potentially unsafe complications such as vibrations, poor steering and premature or irregular tread wear.  Something that my city of Winnipeg has is a lot of potholes!
If you notice that your vehicle is ‘pulling’ to one side while driving, it’s usually an indication that your vehicle is misaligned. This can increase the cost of operating your vehicle because you will have to replace your tires more frequently and can also affect safety.

Does your vehicle’s steering suddenly have a mind of its own? Is it pulling or shimmying? Your car could be telling you something happened and it needs a wheel alignment & @KalTire is here to share some tips! #KalTire #TalktoKal… Click To Tweet

Do you need a wheel alignment?



When a vehicle drives over a pothole, the initial force on the tire is transferred to the components of the suspension system (springs, shock absorbers, linkages, etc.). Repeated jolts caused by potholes accelerate the wear and tear of your suspension while decreasing its performance.

1)How can potholes damage your vehicle and tires?
2) Why does my front end shimmy after hitting a bump?

Pothole season takes the hardest toll on your tires. This can lead directly to uneven wear and tire damage and in Winnipeg, we have a lot of them! @KalTire shares some great tips on the blog. #KalTire #TalktoKal #KalMaintenace Click To Tweet

Battery Testing_02
For a vehicle battery to retain a sufficient charge, it needs to operate regularly. If a vehicle sits unused for extended periods, it may not be able to retain a sufficient charge to dependably power vehicle systems. It’s a good idea to get a vehicle’s battery tested if it seems sluggish when starting, or if other electrical issues are evident.
Did you know car batteries have an expected lifespan of about three to five years? From @KalTire there are things you can do to ensure they reach those benchmarks Head to my blog to get your car summer ready! #KalTire #KalMaintenance… Click To Tweet

6 tips to help your battery last longer

Wiper Blades
Wiper blades work hard in the winter, and the rubber is often worn by spring, just in time for frequent rain. More than 90 percent of your driving decisions are based on what you see, so visibility is critical. If you notice streaking, splitting, skipping, scraping or squeaking, it’s time to replace your wiper

When should you replace your wiper blades?

Do you know the 5 S's of windshield wiper blades? Head to my blog to learn about vehicle maintenance from @KalTire for this summer's road trip! #KalTire #TalktoKal #KalMaintenance Click To Tweet

So are you ready to get your vehicle ready for this year’s road trip? Where will you be heading? I sure wish we could drive back to Toronto but Manitoba is an amazing province with much history and it’s been well over 30 years that I’ve had the pleasure to visit cottage country in Manitoba and the towns around Winnipeg.  We’re switching our tires out this week and I think…..I THINK it’s safe to say that snow will not be around until next November!  Make sure you check your owner’s manual to learn how often the manufacturer recommends alignments and also checking to see if an alignment is needed during your winter tire changes or every fall/spring if you run one set of all-weather tires year-round.

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Kal Tire.  As always, opinions are always my own and never influenced. 


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    Unfortunately my sister drove into a large one, it was a very dark area, and it caused $2000 in damage to her car!!

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