Be sure to visit the Magic Gift Shop at CF Fairview Mall & meet the Tufties!

Have you heard about the Tufties at CF Fairview Mall?!  Quick, go online and RSVP as it ends this weekend on the 24th and get your gifts gift wrapped for free and walk into an animated cave where you can watch the Tufties get your present(s) gift wrapped as you watch a series of funny animations and then you walk into a magical blue room of lights and viola your gift is ready.  You are then gifted colouring books and a fun little video you can email to friends and family at the end.  It is great! 
Here’s how it happens.  Once you RSVP you are whisked to the front.  You give them your present, choose your wrapping and bow, name & email and message for the gift receiver.  Then you are welcomed into the cave where you watch it all happen and the kids will love it!  No more pouting, whining and “how much longer, Mom/Dad?”  Here are some of my favourite snap shots from our experience yesterday.  I don’t want to give it all away as I want you to experience the magic of Tufties.


Be sure to visit the Magic Gift Workshop this week at @cffairviewmall and meet the Tufties! Click To Tweet


The Tufties have arrived at @cffairviewmall! See them at the Magic Gift Workshop or on the Tufties Magic Gift App! #CFHoliday Magic Click To Tweet


@cffairviewmall is bringing the magic of the North Pole to North Toronto! Meet the Tufties and have your gifts wrapped for free. Click To Tweet


Have a gift wrapped for free while the kids are entertained by the adorable Tufties! #CFHolidayMagic Click To Tweet


It’s truly a fun, family experience and unique.  My kids loved it and it’s free?! At CF Fairview Mall!  They really give you the gift of magic, it’s so nicely done. Kids are even able to get lost in the Tufties’ world of gift wrapping fun through the Tufties Magic Gift App. While the kids are entertained, and your gifts are getting wrapped, you’re able to find more time to shop for that special gift.

It’s a busy time but you can skip the line by pre-registering here so you can spend more time experiencing the spirit of the season and less time waiting.  Come out to CF Fairview Mall to get that last minute holiday shopping done and if you want to relive the magic at home, the kids can play with Tufties {here}.  We had so much fun experiencing this that I hope you can too with your family.

Happy Holidays!  Merry Christmas!  Happy Winter Solstice!



  1. Victoria Ess | 23rd Dec 16

    I’ll definitely stop by to check this out!

  2. Victoria Ess | 5th Feb 17

    Wow what a great display!

  3. kathy downey | 25th May 17

    I would love to check this out !

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