Sustainable, eco friendly clothing for kids from SoRad

SoRad has been Canada’s forerunner when it comes to Made in Canada, sustainable, organic clothing.  Founded in 2009, Jasmine Bashaj has created one of my favourite lines.  We both believe in quality over quantity and So Rad delivers fresh, fun and unique designs.  
                    “We create healthy apparel for little ones to wear by using bamboo and organic fabrics, created locally.”

Why Bamboo?
I love bamboo clothing for the softness.  But what I appreciate about So Rad is their bamboo.  Their bamboo is USDA certified organic. The bamboo is grown in accordance with the international organic standard of OCIA/IFOAM and the USDA National Organic Program, so as to ensure each bamboo stalk is of 100% natural growth and without any chemical pesticides.  This certifies that the finished fibre has been tested for any chemicals that may be harmful to a person’s health and has been found to contain no trace chemicals that pose any health threat whatsoever. This means that every company working with bamboo starts with the same raw material and that this material is not contaminated.    Doesn’t that sound rad for your kids clothing?

What about the Inks used in So Rad clothing?
Their clothing is screen printed using inks that are eco-friendly. They meet all environmental regulations and standards. They are CPSIA and Oeko-Tek Standard. They are lead, phthalates, rubber, latex, heavy metal and flame retardant free.

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What else does Everything Mom and Baby like about So Rad? Their features!
– Their rompers come with a little bigger bum area if you use cloth diapers.  Don’t worry if you don’t.   So Rad rompers will fit just fine!
– Made in Canada by Canadians!
– No flame retardant chemicals ( I love this as I don’t want those chemicals being absorbed in my kids skin)
– High-quality fabric sourced in Canada
– The design.  Baby can’t strip!  Something I’ve only experienced with my girls. 

My favourite piece for newborns, Swing Cardigan, $24.99 Perfect Spring jacket will keep baby warm but not overheated thanks to bamboo! Bamboo is breathable and prevents overheating.


The Magic Kimono, $26.99.  I love, love, love that even with explosions(you know the kind) you can easily clean.  No annoying snaps or buttons.
Magic Kimono

My favourite pieces for Toddlers is the Ninja collection.  They come in a variety of colours and prints and are on sale for $24.99, from $44.99. Thick flat waist for no elastic squeeze marks and comfort.


The Summer Shorty Outfit. $42.99. A shirt and pant set your kids will be comfy when running out in the back or chilling out at the cottage on the deck.

With so much to offer from knickers to jammies to tutu dresses, there is great design for everyone.  So Rad is generously offering one lucky EMB subscriber a Summer Shorty outfit for their little one!  It’s simple to enter. Comment, social shares and tell us your favourite item from SoRad.  Giveaway is Canadian and USA only and ends March.4, 2016.  I am pleased to be a SoRad Ambassador. Stay tuned for more posts and giveaways.  SoRad has created an amazing skincare line for your kids.  I can’t wait to tell you about their Apothecary. 
Here is the {Mobile Link} to enter.

SoRad Giveaway


  1. Victoria Ess | 19th Feb 16

    I love the bootie socks and the beanie hats! So cute!

  2. nicolthepickle (Nicole Graham) | 19th Feb 16

    I like the Cozy pants in natural and pink. So cute.

  3. Erin W | 19th Feb 16

    I love the black kangaroo hoody!

  4. Jeannie | 19th Feb 16

    I like their Eco Squeak Baby Wash and also their sun hat!

  5. Tannis W | 19th Feb 16

    The kangaroo hoodie and cozy pants look so comfy!

  6. Anne Taylor | 19th Feb 16

    I love the Tutu Dress (Purple) and the Bandana Bibs

  7. kathy downey | 19th Feb 16

    I love the Bandana Bibs & kangaroo hoodie and cozy pants

  8. nicky | 19th Feb 16

    i love the dino briefs, the avocado green bib, and the city grey cozy pants!

  9. Caroline M. | 19th Feb 16

    I love the avocado green bandana bib , Cozy Pants (Natural with Pink) and Kangaroo Hoodie (Dinos) plus I like pretty much everything else I see.

  10. Anne perry | 20th Feb 16

    I like the Boxer Briefs (Green Dinos)

  11. Sarah | 20th Feb 16

    My daughter would love the pink tutu dress. She loves almost anything with ruffles.

  12. Gillian Morgan | 20th Feb 16

    I love the Kangaroo Hoodie in black.

  13. Jamie hall | 20th Feb 16

    I love the cozy pants in pink

  14. Lisa bolduc | 20th Feb 16

    The magic rompers are too cute. The teal one is my fave

  15. Tainan Lu | 21st Feb 16

    I like the Bandana Bib

  16. Brandee H | 21st Feb 16

    My sonwould love the Cozy Pants inGray withtheblue detailon the knees.

  17. Bailey Dexter | 22nd Feb 16

    My soon to arrive granddaughter will be arrive in March. I would love to share the Ninja Outfit (Pink). So many great choose on the site to pick!

  18. Carrie Barron | 22nd Feb 16

    This ninja outfit is super cute. Thanks!

  19. Angela Mitchell | 23rd Feb 16

    I loved the Kangaroo Hoodie (Dinos) and the Tutu Dress (Pink).

  20. Sarah at Journeys of The Zoo | 23rd Feb 16

    Love these boxer briefs ->

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  21. Wendy Jensen | 23rd Feb 16

    My favorite items on SoRad are: Magic Rompers X Toos (Girl Set), Olive Outfit in a Box, Summer Shorty Outfit – Coolots and Tee Pack (Blue), Bootie Socks (I Love You Blue) and Cozy Pants (City Grey) for a start.

  22. Melinda | 27th Feb 16

    The Kangaroo hoody (Dinos) is wonderful!

  23. Robyn Bellefleur | 28th Feb 16

    I really like the black kangaroo hoodie.

  24. Carey Hurst | 2nd Mar 16

    I am loving these clothes. The Cozy pants look so cute. Love the mission behind everything. The sets are a great way to gift .

  25. Amber y | 3rd Mar 16

    I think the bandana bibs are adorable. The cherry red one is my favourite.

  26. Tara Gauthier | 4th Mar 16

    The Ninja outfits are so super cute but I like the Shorties for summer! They sure look comfy!

  27. Toby | 4th Mar 16

    I like the Cozy Pant in Natural with Pink and the Kangaroo Hoodie in natural.

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