The Sustainable Living Project with IKEA Canada: Part One- Sustainable grocery shopping

I very excited to tell you about the Sustainable Living Project with IKEA Canada.  Furthermore, I am honoured and thrilled to be one of their first blog ambassadors for the campaign.  I am very excited and I can’t wait to share my top product picks and what I am learning along the way.

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When I think of sustainable living I think of ways to sustain energy, recycle, live a simpler life, purchase products made sustainably, getting more green into our apartment to help with air quality, growing my own veg and herbs etc and zero waste.  IKEA wants to make living sustainable accessible and affordable to everyone.  It’s simple to start but I found it a little overwhelming as to where to start.  So I decided to break down for you in steps as I am starting to follow them too as we start to live a healthier lifestyle and lead by example so my children learn as well.   Here’s how you can start living a more sustainable life at home.  

My top IKEA products to make shopping easier and sustainable.   Ditch the plastic.

KNALLA: A sturdy and fantastic shopping bag with wheels.   I can fit a lot for the long haul and I wonder why I hadn’t gotten this sooner as I’d struggle to carry heavy and multiple shopping bags.  You can see it action {here}
As a family of 5, I shop daily and to be honest, most of the time I forget my reusable bags for groceries because they are the store brand and they are those big plastic types that are sturdy but take up too much space in my bag.  Thus added up to lots plastic bags.  Since switching to KNALLA I never forget to leave home without it.  I’m tempted to get three more so each child can have one and help out with carrying groceries home.  They do love pulling it and are eager to help.  It’s a great way to get kids involved to learn about food and shopping locally too.knalla-shopping-bag-with-wheels-white__0441606_pe599605_s4AVÄNDBAR:  I finally found these as I think they sell out fast!  Skip those little, flimsy, plastic fruit and veggie baggies and pick up a couple of the AVÄNDBAR reusable cotton produce bags.  I love that the strings are in different colours so you can track easily as to what’s inside.
anvandbar-bag-beige__0447907_pe597678_s4AVÄNDBAR BAG:  For smaller trips to the grocery and/or Farmers Market I have gotten used to the idea of keeping this handy bag in my diaper bag.  It’s cotton and it folds up nice and small.  There are two prints to choose from too and I tuck my 5 pack of produce bags into the bag.

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I also want to talk to you about cotton from IKEA.  Something that I learned about when I had a meeting with the team at IKEA Canada that made me feel better about their products.  Cotton is mass produced and also toxic due to all the fertilisers and pesticides.  Whether you are getting bed linens, shopping bags, IKEA fabric I want YOU to know this.  IKEA is very transparent on the topic as I encourage you to read this {pdf file}.

IKEA and WWF have worked successfully together on cotton farming issues for over a decade. As a result, an estimated 110,000 farmers in India, Pakistan, China and Turkey have started growing cotton in a more sustainable way. By using less chemical fertilisers and more natural alternatives to chemical pesticides, small-hold farmers can cut their costs while crops remain as good as before

Now that you have all your groceries and less mess to clean up with all those junkie plastic bags, you can sit back and decide on what you are going to make!
The STABIL- OUR FOOD from IKEA is a phenomenal read with great recipes.  The book includes 101 recipes – each main recipe also has three sub-recipes with great ideas for making the most of the leftovers.   Speaking of leftovers.  Reduce waste, organise and store your food in clear containers discover KORKEN for work lunches and for leftovers get IKEA’s FÖRTROLIG  glass container can go from oven to refrigerator for easy heating, serving and storing.  
Don’t forget to wipe up your messy hands and face with the KRAMA washcloth.  It is soft and fantastic on little ones too.  Can we all shout “NO MORE WASTE!”stabil-our-food-naturally-book__0207729_pe361739_s4

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I’d love to hear from you and I hope you like my first part to a series of posts that I’ll be sharing.  I am so happy that I no longer have to deal with grocery bags thanks to KNALLA and AVÄNDBAR and we’re enjoying delicious recipes from OUR FOOD.  I’ll be posting my creations on Instagram and Pinterest so be sure to follow me along and the hashtags #SustainableLiving and #LifeatHome with #IKEA.  

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Next Sunday I’ll talk about air quality in the home and products to make your home greener.

Disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with IKEA Canada.  All opinions are always my own.


  1. Victoria Ess | 31st Oct 16

    Those shopping bags are really cute!

    • Erica | 31st Oct 16

      I think I want to go and get more!

  2. Debbie Bashford | 1st Nov 16

    I like that Ikea has always seemed to be ecco conscious and love those produce bags

  3. kristen visser | 1st Nov 16

    First of all a huge congrats on becoming one of IKEAs first blog ambassadors for this campaign. So exciting. and I am LOVING their produce printed bags. Adorable

    • Erica | 1st Nov 16

      Thank you so much 🙂 It means a lot to me. I was very excited when they contacted me, xx

  4. Carol M | 1st Nov 16

    Congrats to you. Looks like a trip to IKEA is on order!

    • Erica | 1st Nov 16

      Thank you too! A trip indeed and I think I need to go back too. I want to pick up some of the shopping bags and produce bags as hostess gifts with a bottle of wine tucked in 😉

  5. NJ Nowoselski | 1st Nov 16

    Congratulations on being a Ikea blogger. This is so important subject matter but I wish people would take it more seriously That said, I am guilty too. I cringe that I always forget to bring my reusable groceries bags etc. Although I am trying to learn & do as much as I can. Your help is appreciated. I will be doing a Ikea trip soon.

  6. Janet M | 28th May 17

    I do like the simplicity of Ikea products.

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