The Sustainable Living Project with IKEA Canada- Part 2: Improving Air Quality in the home.

Let’s talk about Healthy Living for the home.  What does it mean to you? To me, I interpret this as adding plants to my apartment to create better air quality, cleaning, composting and using low immitting off-gassing products and opening the windows even in cooler weather. I know I can get cranky and tired and then major brain fog rolls in when the air quality is poor in my home.  I do have a monitoring system that actually measures air quality and I can access the details through my phone telling me the temperature, air quality, humidity and even noise levels.  But since incorporating some much-needed changes I have noticed we are happier, I have fewer headaches and mental fogginess and the kids love nurturing their plants and I love the green in our home.

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IKEA Canada has hundreds of products in the range that can help you save energy and water, reduce and sort waste, and live a healthier life.  Considering Canadians spend more time indoors as the cooler weather approaches I’ve read that indoor air quality is worse than the pollution outside!?!   Poor air quality can trigger asthma, headaches and allergies just to name a few.  Possible contributors can be pets, furniture, moisture and even dryness in the air. 


Here are some tips to improve the air quality in your home:

~ Choose indoor plants that are actually efficient in cleaning the air in your home.  I love the Crispy Waves plant.
~ Open windows that allow fresh air.  Don’t trap those indoor pollutants. CO2 climbs when the AC is on opening the windows for even a few minutes can drop C02 ppm’s.  Ideally, ppm’s should be in the low 400 ppms. 
~ Good ‘ol water and vinegar.  Don’t use toxic cleaners that emit chemicals into the air and that may also have endocrine disruptors.
~ Low-emitting furniture. Look for products that have certification for low chemical emissions.

From IKEA Canada, thanks to them helping my home get better and better, I fell in love with the BITTERGURKA products.  The crisp white, light woods it just speaks to me as I love its modern design.  
bittergurka_plantstand_ikea_embMy favourite, the hanging BITTERGURKA planter as I use it for plants and I have one in the kitchen for storing my AVÄNDBAR bags, and for displaying my fruits, vegetables and herbs.

bittergurka_hanging_planter_ikea_embIf you want to save on heat I highly recommend the GUNNI curtains from IKEA.  They are amazing at blocking light out and effective at keeping out both drafts in the winter and heat in the summer.  

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Here is some amazing information about IKEA products:
I mentioned above about low emitting furniture.  Something to think about when it comes to shopping at IKEA are these fantastic products.  All drinking glasses sold at IKEA are lead-free and in 1992 IKEA banned the use of Freon (CFCs) and HCFCs in the production of our products.  IKEA is very, very low on emitting VOC’s on most if not all products. For example, their quartz countertops are manufactured using a chemical process but done in a way where there is no off-gassing or VOC’s.

The SAGOSTEN inflatable children’s floor cushions are made from polyolefin, a smooth and durable plastic without the chlorine and other harmful additives found in the more commonly used PVC. Use of PVC is banned from IKEA products since the early nineties except in the electrical cords.

The IKEA 365+ bed linen is made from 50% cotton and 50% Lyocell. Lyocell is a renewable cellulose-based material derived from wood fibres from tree farms (which use less water than cotton farms). Also, the necessary chemicals in IKEA 365+ RISP bed linen production process are recycled in a closed system to minimise environmental impact and waste.

BESTÅ is made from board-on-styles (BoS), another strong and light material that minimizes the use of resources and  LACK side table is one of the first IKEA product made from strong and rigid wood-based frames filled with recycled, honeycombed paper.
IKEA never uses optical brighteners in the textiles used in IKEA quilts and pillows. Quilts and pillows must not contain hazardous substances and they always try to minimize the use of chemicals.   You can check out the full details on this right {here}.

I’d love to hear from you.  These are simple steps you can start to create better air quality in the home. Start with plants, move on to better materials such as improving your bed linens and open the windows.  It doesn’t have to cost much at all!   What would YOU add? 

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Disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with IKEA Canada.  All opinions are always my own.


  1. michelle tremblett | 15th Nov 16

    Wow, very informative article ! I will have to look into the gunni curtains, I am all about saving where I can.

    • Erica | 15th Nov 16

      They are worth every penny! They really do a great job.

  2. Carole Dube | 15th Nov 16

    I need a pair of GUNNI curtains from IKEA in my kitchen. Great information in this article. My son heard that they are opening an Ikea in my city I hope it’s true.

    • Erica | 15th Nov 16

      I hope so too!

  3. Judy Cowan | 15th Nov 16

    Some great tips, I could probably do a bit more to improve our air quality.

    • Erica | 15th Nov 16

      Open those windows!

  4. nicolthepickle | 15th Nov 16

    I really like that hanging planter. I’ve been shopping online at Ikea this week. Hoping for some kitchen stuff.

    • Erica | 15th Nov 16

      I love it! I can’t wait to go back to IKEA tomorrow for my Christmas decor shopping.

  5. Florence Cochrane | 15th Nov 16

    I have shopped Ikea with my daughter and she found a few curtains there, dishes and a whole lot of other stuff.

  6. Alison Braidwood | 15th Nov 16

    I’m a big fan of plants and opening windows, too. I’ve just discovered that Ikea will deliver to my area for a reasonable fee (my nearest store is a 7 hour drive away), so I’m currently obsessing over a variety of Ikea products.

  7. Rosanne Robinson | 15th Nov 16

    I have allergies and asthma, so definitely going to find some plants to aid in the air quality in our home, thanks very much for this helpful information!

    • Erica | 15th Nov 16

      Your so welcome. I got the WaveCrisp plants at Sobeys 🙂

  8. Nancy T | 15th Nov 16

    We have quite a few air cleaning plants in the house are are green in our cleaning regime. We try to purchase products without or as little packaging as possible to reduce our footprint.

    • Erica | 15th Nov 16

      That’s fabulous Nancy!

  9. kathy downey | 15th Nov 16

    Thanks for the great tips we really should be more aware of our air quality,all great information.

  10. Alayne Langford | 15th Nov 16

    Thank you for your post! I am prone to headaches and have to be careful with air quality.

  11. Becky Best | 15th Nov 16

    Loving the Gunni curtains, beautiful and energy saving!!! 🙂

  12. kristen visser | 15th Nov 16

    Oh I love this! We can definitely improve our air quality at home. And doing it with plants is such a great idea, it never even occurred to me. We have never had plants because my girls would pull the leaves off and my cat would eat it BUT the one photo of you showing the hanging plant…of course!!! I can still have plants in here I just have to have a better way of getting them out of the way of paws and tiny hands!

  13. loriag | 15th Nov 16

    I love that IKEA has products that help save energy and money.

  14. Nicole M | 15th Nov 16

    I like your list of things to help freshen the air. I love when we get to open our windows and get fresh air. I also like cleaning with vinegar. It does a great job.

  15. Bailey Dexter | 15th Nov 16

    I never heard of the gunni curtains, thanks for the review!

  16. Carol M | 16th Nov 16

    Lots of great tips, I’m interested in those curtains.

  17. angela m | 16th Nov 16

    My sister could benefit from those curtains. She has really bad drafty windows.

  18. Erin W | 16th Nov 16

    I love all the ideas in your post, I really need to add some indoor plants to my space!

  19. nicky | 17th Nov 16

    I love IKEA! Thanks your profiling some items I hadn’t seen before.

  20. Heidi C. | 17th Nov 16

    I would have never thought of issues like furniture emissions and othrr concerns that you raised. I am definitely a plant person so I am happy that I am on board with that at leasy.

  21. Denise M | 18th Nov 16

    Thanks for the blog about Ikea. It is always interesting to see what Ikea is doing next!

  22. Ira | 18th Nov 16

    We always find something interesting in Ikea!

  23. Rebecca H | 19th Nov 16

    This was really informative! Nice ideas! I didn’t know about the Gunni curtains keeping in heat! Thanks!

  24. Tina F | 19th Nov 16

    wow really informative article. You did a great job on it.

  25. Silvia D | 21st Nov 16

    Such great information! thank you!

  26. Krista M | 22nd Nov 16

    The GUNNI curtains would really come in handy at our house. It’s an older place & not very well insulated for the winter I find. Plus I love it super dark when I go to sleep so these are awesome from Ikea!

  27. Victoria Ess | 24th Nov 16

    Those curtains look great! I’ll have to check it out in person!

  28. Toby | 24th Nov 16

    I also try to keep the air in my home as pure as possible. Lotsa plants, chemical free products and waiting on a wifi air purifier that should arrive any day now. These IKEA products are great and thank you for bringing awareness.

  29. Maryanne | 25th Nov 16

    The hanging planter looks awesome!

  30. June Donnelly | 26th Nov 16

    I have to look into the gunni curtains. They are great

  31. Anne Taylor | 26th Nov 16

    Lots of great info here! Thanks!

  32. Laurie P | 26th Nov 16

    it’s been a while since I’ve been to Ikea, I should change that! Great post! very informative!

  33. ivy pluchinsky | 26th Nov 16

    I have never been to Ikea before, have always wanted to go.

  34. Jeannie | 28th Nov 16

    I really love IKEA stuff and I love the direction they are moving in. It’s really awesome.

  35. Betty Spry | 28th Nov 16

    Next time I am at Ikea I will check out the bedlinens. sounds like ones I would like.

  36. Caryn Coates | 28th Nov 16

    Wow, great tips. I absolutely love IKEA

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