Do the Switch Witch this Halloween with Crate Creatures Surprise!

It’s that time of year!  One of my favourite holidays is Halloween because before you know it, it will be Christmas and to be honest, I love decorating for both.  New this Halloween is a super fun and funny toy from MGA Entertainment called Crate Creatures Surprise.  My kids have been waiting to open theirs and I gotta say, it was pretty cool seeing what these little cozy creatures are all about.  Another thing I’d like to point out or suggest is that some families have taken part in a new tradition when it comes to all the candy.  Have you heard of Switch Witch?


What is the Switch Witch?  With kids suffering from so many allergies,  your little one may be diabetic and you may not even want your child eating all that Halloween candy but you don’t want them to miss out on the fun of Trick or Treating. Parents take the candy and tell the kids that the Switch Witch will come and take the candy to donate(unless you keep the stash for yourself, hahaha) but they will receive a gift instead and this is where I think Crate Creatures Surprise makes for such a great gift!

My kids are having a lot of fun with them. Each Crate Creature Surprise has its own unique personality. Pull their tongue for monstrously fun and gross noises and watch as the creature vibrates and its eyes start glowing. You can also turn them upside down to see what they are capable of.  Each creature also comes with a favourite food, which unlocks chomping sounds when placed in its mouth. When you press your Crate Creatures stomach, you can record a phrase for your monster to say back to you in their “monster voice”! So let your little one break their creature free and have a little fun.  They are also super soft, my kids have truly taken to their little monsters and not only is it great for Switch Witch but for birthdays and other holidays as well.  They are pretty fun!

Crate Creautures_1

I want you to win one!  These little Crate Creatures retail for over $50 and I think you’re little will have a hoot with one!  Ours also farts which always causes a crazy amount of giggles.   It’s simple to enter too and hurry because the contest ends, Oct.25/18.  Canadian Only, excl. Quebec.  Please note you will be sent whichever Crate Creature Surprise is available. 
Crate Creatures Giveaway!


  1. jan | 17th Oct 18

    These would be awesome as birthday gifts too.

  2. jan | 17th Oct 18

    I would have to say the colours of Surprise Pudge wins

  3. Stephanie LaPlante | 17th Oct 18

    My first favorite is Sizzle. My second favorite is Blowout Croak.

  4. Sarah | 17th Oct 18

    My daughter would love any of these but I would pick Sizzle. Thanks!

  5. Lynda Cook | 17th Oct 18

    The one my granddaughter likes is Sizzle

  6. Jonnie | 18th Oct 18

    Blizz is my favorite

  7. ivy pluchinsky | 18th Oct 18

    My niece would probably pick Sizzle.

  8. elaing8 | 18th Oct 18

    My favorite is Blizz.

  9. kristen visser | 18th Oct 18

    I absolutely LOVE Blizz ! too cute <3

  10. Jennifer P. | 18th Oct 18

    My favourite Crate Creatures Surprise is Blizz – he’s actually really cute!

  11. Debbie Bashford | 18th Oct 18

    We like Char

  12. Becky Best | 18th Oct 18

    I love the Blowout Croak!!! (gotta love that he farts! lol)

  13. Amery Der | 18th Oct 18

    Very Cute

  14. Anne Taylor | 18th Oct 18

    Love them all; especially Blizz

  15. Florence Cochrane | 18th Oct 18

    I would pick Sizzle. Hard choice.

  16. Marlene J | 18th Oct 18

    These would be awesome as birthday gifts

  17. Marlene J | 18th Oct 18

    Crate Creatures = char

  18. Kam | 19th Oct 18

    I like Blizz!!!

  19. wendy hutton | 19th Oct 18

    my niece would love Blizz

  20. Linda | 19th Oct 18

    I like the Crate Creatures Surprise Bliss.

  21. kathy | 20th Oct 18

    I have to say we LOVE Blizz!

  22. Betty S | 21st Oct 18

    I think we love Blizz the best. maybe because we are heading into snow weather

  23. Amanda | 22nd Oct 18

    Blizz gets our vote

  24. Kaitlyn Hogan | 24th Oct 18

    Sizzle is my favorite and my son’s as well!

  25. Nicole Jubleew | 24th Oct 18

    Blizz is our fave!

  26. Jennifer Wilson | 25th Oct 18

    Blizz is my absolute favorite!

  27. Sapana V | 7th Nov 18

    Oh I wish I could take part in the contest 🙁 Well, I love Sizzle <3

  28. Jennifer Wilson | 16th Nov 18

    My grandson loves Sizzle!

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