Take your kids to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra!

Did you see what we were up to over the weekend on my instragram? My son and I went to Roy Thomson Hall to see Peter and the Wolf.  It was everything I’d hope it would be.  It was highly entertaining and my son loved it.  He wishes it was longer and I am so happy that my son has a love for classical music.  He wants to learn the violin now.
The conductor takes you through the play through music, your imagination follows along with the music of the classic tale of Peter and the Wolf.  It was funny, it was riveting it was perfect for children.   This was my first experience as well to go to a children’s themed symphony and the hall was filled.  It was so nice to see families there, all ages and children dressed up.  We had a little restless boy next to my son but he wasn’t too bothered.  He is used to his sisters. 

At the beginning we are introduced to Maggie.  She is to play Peter when the Maestro asks for someone to play brave Peter.  Maggie is a little goofy and entertaining for the kids but she and three other musicians (the duck, the cat and bird) outwit the Wolf along with the hunters.  To help kids follow along they are introduced to the characters and their instruments.  The cat was played by clarinet, the bird was played by the flute and the duck was played by the oboe. A big shout out the the conductor, Dina Gilbert as she told the story.  She was amazing.

The Magic Circle Mime Company is regarded as one of today’s premier family attractions. Their highly acclaimed performances, which unite the concert orchestra with visual theater, are consistently praised for imaginative and innovative content. Magic Circle Mime Company performs with virtually every major orchestra in North America and what a treat it was to experience it.

The kids symphony starts up again in October and I can’t wait for the line up.  See what else you can see as a family here.
TSO-shows-for-kidsSo my friends, if you are looking for something fun to do this Fall and have never thought of going to the symphony, you must!  The show was an hour long and it was beautiful to listen and to add a little culture.   It was an experience my son will never forget. Sure you can go to the movies, but check out the symphony for the Spooktacular this Fall.  I’ll be there for sure!

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  1. Victoria Ess | 25th May 17

    What a great idea for a family outing!

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