Tea and Sympathy for Baby

I will admit I am one of those moms who doesn’t give juice to their toddlers.  I know and I know what your thinking.  I established Charlie’s introduction to tea when I could see he actually drank water and that he enjoyed water.  He loves tea. I love tea and my husband appreciates it when I brew tea.  Have I said tea enough times?
I made Rooibos tea recently as Charlie has never had Rooibos and I thought it would be lovely for him to try and in that blend was Lemongrass and Calendula. I chose that blend for him in particular because we do a lot of play dates with others and as you know, germs spread and our kids can get sick easily since they are new little souls on this planet and Lemongrass and Calendula both help in defending the immune system. I like to put a little honey for my honey and he drank all of it in a matter of seconds, thirsty indeed but he loved the flavour of this new blend.  Sweet success, a new tea to have for Master Charles. *honey is not recommended for babies under the age of 1 year.
Rooibos is caffeine free and loaded with antioxidants and traditional medicinal uses of rooibos in South Africa where this lovely tea comes from include alleviating infantile colic.  Lemongrass boosts the immune system, helps reduce colic as well & flatulence amongst many other health benefits and beautiful Calendula is soothing and gentle on baby’s digestive system.

Another favourite of mine for baby/toddler is Chamomile.
Like a chamomile bed- The more it is trodden, the more it will spread
Chamomile or Camomile is the first type of herbal tea I ever gave Charles.  It helps him sleep after a rough night of teething and it can soothe a baby’s fiery bum during a bout of teething(made in a herbal compress), I also use Weleda Baby Calendula oil to wipe his behind during this time as it is cooling and soothing.  Chamomile aids in digestion and keeps baby regular, this to me equals one happy & healthy little guy.  Here’s a little blurb on camomile……
There are different qualities when it comes to buying tea.  I use Egyptian Chamomile as it is the best quality to buy and I but them loosely so I know I am getting the flowers and not just the stems.  A favourite place of mine to buy is The Tea Emporium 

As well if you have concerns or questions about herbs and the medicinal benefits contact your local herbalist as I am not one.  I just have a passion for herbs and it’s remarkable healing and preventative abilities.
My favourite place to visit and to speak with when I’m down in Roncesvalles is Celina Ainsworth, Clinical Master Herbalist of The Herbal Clinic and Dispensary.
She has beautiful herbal products that are made by the Dispensary that offers soothing balms for mom/baby, a special blend of herbs that make a delicious Nursing tea and even a perineum tonic.
So give the tea a try.  It’s a nice alternative to juice.
For more info on Weleda Baby Calendula products please visit:
*A special note on tea and iron absorption, as long as your child isn’t iron deficient and has a good balanced diet, tea should be okay. It’s up to your own judgment you know your child better than anyone. Apparently Vit.C added to tea makes the body absorb iron better so add a squeeze of lemon if you are concerned, you don’t need that much unless you want to see a cute puckered face 🙂
In regards to iron there are two kinds. Haem(heme) and non haem.  Haem is found in meats and meat products. Our iron absorption is derived from this type and this factor is usually unaffected by other influences of our diet.
Non-haem(non-heme) is in cereal, dried fruit etc and isn’t really easily absorbed.
  Tea drinking mainly affects the absorption of non-haem iron as haem iron is relatively unaffected by tea. You’d only be giving your child 1 cup anyways and brewed lightly,  it’s just a nice alternative to juice.

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