Tea time with Viva Scandinavia

Calling all tea lovers!  Calling all tea lovers! I’ve recently discovered a fabulous company called Viva Scandinavia.  I love their Danish quality, the designs and the simplicity of a modern look to their teapots, cups and accessories.  

I was recently gifted their Nina teapot set and it’s the perfect size of a pot for one’s self.  I love tea as I take a break from coffee to calm my adrenals and I love the herbal benefits of good tea.  Not only do they offer kettles, pots and teacups but Viva Scandinavia also offers tea!  Look at their Elmwood Reiki Blend

Designed by our resident Reiki Master, the colors in this delicious blend represent the seven Chakras found in Indian holistic medicine. The enchanting aroma alone will invigorate you to good health. You’ll be on your way to nirvana with this low-caffeine Ayurvedic tea specially designed to aid you on your journey to well being. Dosha: Kapha

The delicious flavours of cardamom, ginger root, orange peel, cinnamon and licorice root stand out the most to be.  It’s such a calming and soothing tasting cup of tea that I absolutely adore. It’s very low in caffeine. Here is the complete list of herbs used: healthy sencha green tea, ginger root, saffron, orange peel, fennel, clove, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, safflower, tulsi (holy basil) and licorice root.

My Nina tea set is absolutely adorable and perfect for my cups of tea throughout the day.  I am so glad it comes with a removable stainless steel diffuser. I always place a finger on the lid stays on whilst pouring, although it has a neat suction cup-like lid,  the handle doesn’t get hot when pouring and I love the ergonomic design in the pot and cup. The matte design on the outside is simply beautiful and I love the shiny ceramic on the inside.  I get about 3-4 cups of tea from my lovely Nina Set and it’s perfect enough to share or enjoy a warm pot throughout the day.  You can’t microwave it nor can you place it on the burner.   It’s made of porcelain and stainless steel. 


I recently had the honour to be interviewed with Viva Scandinavia on their blog! Head over to their blog to see our Tea Talk.  We spoke about what I am into, how I indulge in the perfect come of tea and a few other things.

I am thrilled to have partnered up with Viva Scandinavia as they are a beautiful company that offers top quality teaware and teas for you to enjoy.  Another very awesome product from Viva Scandinavia is the RECHARGE.  I don’t know if you caught my Instastories talking about it last week but it is one on the best tea on the go thermoses that I’ve ever used.  More on that on another post! 

In the meantime, I’d love to gift one lucky friend of my blog a Nina Tea set of their very own and matching cups.  Valued at just over $100.   The giveaway is open to Canada as they have recently launched here and sorry Quebec, you’re excluded because of your gaming laws. Head to the raffle below and good luck!  Please note: Colour variety will be based on what’s in stock, Viva Scandinavia will do its best to send the tea set colour of your choice but please note, they may send what’s available. Giveaway ends May.30/2020 12 am CST.

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Viva Scandinavia Giveaway


  1. wendy hutton | 18th May 20

    I like the black Nina set, would go great in my kitchen

  2. Elaine | 18th May 20

    I like the Cream set and the milk and sugar set

  3. Tannis W | 18th May 20

    I like the cream tea set and the Nicola large tea mugs.

  4. Monique Shuell | 18th May 20

    I like the Nina in Peppermint, and also like the Ella tea cups.

  5. Sunshine H | 19th May 20

    I love the peppermint colour, and I really like the Bjorn teapots.

  6. Jonnie | 19th May 20

    I love the charcoal colour and also the Minima To Go Mug

  7. Betty Spry | 19th May 20

    I really like the Nina set in Charcoal. vrey stylish

  8. Heather Swanson | 20th May 20

    I love the Isabella teapot in white.

  9. jeannine glen | 20th May 20

    i like the charcoal color and the nicola large tea cups

  10. Deb P | 20th May 20

    I usually go for cream or white, but, in this style, I find the charcoal to be my favorite colour.

  11. Melanie borhi | 20th May 20

    Id say classic black , love these tea accessories

  12. ducky | 20th May 20

    Charcoal is such a dramatic colour so tha would be my pick.

  13. meghanV | 20th May 20

    i love the peppermint colour! and the minima balance double walled tea mug!

  14. Calvin | 20th May 20

    Charcoal or cream would be nice, I like the Anna cup as well.

  15. Cheryl Germain | 20th May 20

    I like the Nina tea set in peppermint and I also like the Ella tea cups in Hazy Blue and the MINIMA ™ EVA INFUSER MUG in glass finish.

  16. leana | 20th May 20

    I love the Peppermint color and the Alexander line is also amazing!

  17. Ali K | 20th May 20

    Charcoal looks classy! From Nina, I like the pot and mugs best. From other collections, the classic teapots are cute.

  18. Kathy downey | 20th May 20

    My favourite colour is the Peppermint!

  19. Joni | 20th May 20

    I like the Peppermint colour. I also like the Infusion Tea Strainer

  20. Theresa C. | 20th May 20

    Love the Peppermint! It would be a lovely housewarming gift for my daughter 🙂

  21. Catherine Robichaud | 20th May 20

    I love the Nina Set in both the Charcoal and the Peppermint. I also really like Pure Tea Set Large.

  22. LILLIAN BROWN | 20th May 20

    I like the Nina tea set in peppermint and I like the Alexander line also

  23. Alanna | 20th May 20

    I love the peppermint colour and the Infusion Strainer.

  24. Jenn | 20th May 20

    I really like the Nina set in Cream! I also love the Infusion tea egg in stone rose.

  25. Marlene v | 20th May 20

    I love the Peppermint colour! I also love the ANYTIME™ ANDY CUP in Ocean colour.

  26. Linda | 20th May 20

    I like the peppermint colour for the Nina set. I also like the Minima Balance Tea Mug.

  27. Amy M | 20th May 20

    I like the Nina tea set in Cream. Another item I like is the NICOLA MILK AND SUGAR SET in WHITE.

  28. Aaron | 20th May 20

    The peppermint is beautiful! What a great, art deco-ish centerpiece!

  29. Ed | 21st May 20

    My wife would like the Cream set and the milk and sugar set

  30. Naomi Deren | 21st May 20

    I would choose the peppermint color. Love this set!

  31. Allison Germain | 21st May 20

    My favourite colour from the Nina Set is Charcoal and I also like the Nina Tea Mugs and the PURE™ BAMBOO TRAY in LARGE size

  32. nicky | 22nd May 20

    I love the Cream colour, and I also like the Infusion Tea Egg!

  33. Joy D | 22nd May 20

    Powder brown caught my eye.

  34. Silvia D | 22nd May 20

    I like the
    powder brown

  35. Shirley O | 22nd May 20

    The cream color is my favorite. I also like the 2-Tier Etagere Cake Stand.

  36. Juliee Fitze | 23rd May 20

    I really like the Peppermint set and like the kettle.

  37. Rebecca | 25th May 20

    I like the cream colour. I also like the Nicola collection especially the teapot.

  38. Suzie B | 25th May 20

    I like the Nina set in peppermint! 🙂 The Infusion collapsible tea strainer also caught my eye

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