Teething Babies, no sleep for you or baby..here are some tips

We’ve all been down this road and what I can say?  Pour yourself a stiff one.
Some very helpful homeopathic teething products that do work are:

Boiron– Camilia
Hylands– Teething gel (contains no benzocaine) A homeopathic combination for the temporary relief of symptoms of simple restlessness and wakeful irritability due to cutting teeth.
Homeocan-Teething (great to use if fever is accompanied with teething)
Please read the link to see what I do with the Hylands Teething Gel and our favorite teether:

For those who need more and don’t want to bother with natural remedies well Tempra for infants always work.  It tastes awful so it can be tricky to administer to baby, but a bib on him/her first.  Personally, I prefer Advil for infants and so does Charlie(good for fever as well)

I’ve made soothing teething banana fingers as well.
Dip each banana finger into the yogurt, then drop it into a small dish of wheat germ, turning it over and over until thoroughly coated.
Place the coated banana fingers on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
Freeze until firm, then serve – a wonderful finger food to provide relief for sore gums!
Thank you Home Made Baby Food!  For more teething recipes click here.

In the morning it might be helpful to give baby some camomile tea so this will help knock them out after being up for most of the night and soothe them as well.

In Europe some parents have Amber teething necklaces for their babies, it’s European folklore for Amber’s healing purposes as it is calming and analgesic, of course many babies find relief with cold objects and gentle pressure place on the gums.  For more info on Amber teething necklaces please visit my shop to get your own! Everything Mom & Baby Shop.
(He’s wearing mine in the photo, the baby version is much smaller)

Teething Bon Bon from Dress Me Up Organic.

Certified organic cotton and naturally antibacterial wool make our Organic Teething Bonbons® the gentle and safe solution for baby’s teething pain.

1. Dip the ends in water.
2. Leave the centre stuffing dry.
3. Toss in the freezer ‘till needed.

A cold wet cloth sitting in the freezer helps too.
Good luck, it’s a path we all have to cross so just hold your baby and comfort baby in baby’s time of pain and all baby wants is your healing touch.
Go to the health store and get the medicines I mentioned.  I hope this helps and have a nap when baby is napping after a long night.


  1. Anonymous | 18th Jan 12

    Love this! Thank you, the banana fingers sound great.

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