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If you follow me along on instagram you’ll know that I love to cook and for the past 6 months I’ve been putting this beauty of a home appliance to test and it has not failed me.  When it comes to appliances I like to use it for a while as a month or two even three can sometimes not be enough.  There have been so many times I have to go back to a post and update it after a 2 week- one month of using and I wanted to give this beauty the post it deserves.  In a nutshell-  I love my Breville Sous Chef Plus 12($499.99).  In the past 6 months, I can’t say anything negative about it.  

Have you ever owned a food processor?  Every kitchen needs this appliance because it makes life in the kitchen much easier and it doesn’t take up much counter space at all.  Bear with me, the kitchen lighting is terrible, but I come out with gourmet quality slices, doughs, baby food,  breadcrumbs, slaws, homemade peanut butter, shredding you name it.  I can even grind my own meat.  It comes with a storage box and second mini processing bowl(2.5.cup) and S-blade.  The mini processing bowl is perfect for making dips and dressing.  The pic below is 5 min magic sauce from Pinch of Yum. So gooood. 

The Breville Sous Chef Plus 12
Preparing food has truly never been easier.  It comes with three feed chute options.  I’ve put beets through this, potatoes through this to small chunks of cheeses.  It grates cheese.  My knuckles are forever happy.  It also has 24 settings for slicing from being able to slice paper thin(0.3mm) to think cute (8.0mm). I recently used this feature making a Root Vegetable Gruyere gratin.  It said in the recipe to slice using a mandolin so vegetables cook evenly and I was like I got something better.  My Breville Sous Chef Plus 12 which I used from start to finish with that gratin recipe.  Make it. It’s delicious.
slicedbeetswithSousChefPlus12Safety first
Don’t worry. It won’t start if you put it together wrong.   The safety interlock prevents the motor from operating unless the bowl and lid are locked incorrectly also the safety braking system stops instantly if the lid is opened unexpectantly.  I really like that as it also has an overload feature to protect the motor.  It will go on stand by and flash if you overload it.  If you happen to overload, unplug and let it cool for 30min.

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It has a 12 cup capacity for dry ingredients and a 8 cup capacity for liquids such as soups.  3 buttons and easy to use and easy to clean.  It’s made of a die cast case, BPA free bowls, stainless steel blades and 1000 wattage. Hello!

The Blades
It comes with a Fine Coarse/Large Shredded, a dough blade, S blade, adjustable slicer and Spindle.   

OATFlourSousChefPlus12PastryDoughSousChefPlus12SliceSousChefPlus12ShredSousChefPlus12PUREESousChefPlus12                                                               (it’s the 5 mins magic green sauce pictured above)

So my friends, if you are in the market for a new food processor I will promise you that you will love the Sous Chef Plus 12. It has made my life in the kitchen much easier and quicker so I can spend more time with my kids rather than kneading and slicing and grating which when you’re tired can seem like forever and deter you from wanting to cook.  I can now make more things from scratch which is the main key for me.  It has never failed me and I don’t think it will.  If it does you’ll hear my cries on social media just when you saw my cheer when “she” arrived.
This also makes the best gift for the foodie or home chef in your life.  Even if it’s you, go on and treat yourself this Holiday!

Although the Sous Chef Plus 12 was sent to me review all opinions as always are my own and are never influenced in any way.  Big thanks to Breville Canada.  I love working with you!  You have brought out the chef in me and my love for cooking.


  1. kathy downey | 6th May 16

    Thanks for the great review sounds like a wonderful product.

  2. Cal | 26th Sep 19

    “The safety interlock prevents the motor from operating unless the bowl and lid are locked incorrectly” – oh really !
    I think you meant to type “are locked correctly”.

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