The Cincher by Amia~ enhance your curves

Post partum support is highly support.  I still remember when my mom presented me with a girdle/high waisted underwear for me to wear after my son was born.  She said “You have to support your abdomen after baby”.  Well what did I do when I had the twins.  Let me tell you about the The Cincher by Amia.  I love this.  It slims the waist and you can wear your any bra and knickers you’d like with it.  And believe it or not.  It’s COMFORTABLE.  I wore it in the Summer with no issues and it sure sucks everything in and supports.  You easily get an 1-4 inches taken in when you wear The Cincher and it provides maximum control.

“All of the targeted mid-section support you need with PowerLatex and FlexiBoning– designed with flexibility for any clothing style.”

There are those little hooks and clasps but it gets quicker and easier to put on the more you use it.  I love the silhouette I can achieve when I wear my cincher and improve my posture.
The Cincher comes is sizes XS – 2XL.  You can buy online at it’s an excellent shop paying close attention to what a woman wants when it comes to slimming,supporting and enhancing.


  1. Ashley S | 29th Oct 14

    I used something very similar post-pregnancy. Very helpful!

  2. Turning the Clock Back | 29th Oct 14

    I could seriously use this! 40 something with two kids doesnt always look sexy in a little black dress!

  3. Scott | 29th Oct 14

    I’m going to have to file this under “Things Men Should Not Know About”.

  4. Julie Cohn | 29th Oct 14

    I need this and like the fact that it stays put!

  5. Everything Mom and Baby | 29th Oct 14

    Ha! Well Scott-this blog may not be for you,lol!

  6. Melissa Pezza | 29th Oct 14

    I could definitely use this. I’ve got three little ones. I love them to pieces, but I don’t love what pregnancy did to my body!

  7. Jeannette | 29th Oct 14

    Now this is what I need! WOW! That really bring out your curves doesn’t it?

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