The Healthy Shopper Picks for 2014

This Springs top picks are fabulous!  The Healthy Shopper Picks for Spring 2014 include organic barbeque sauce; organic olive, sunflower and coconut oils; healthy natural and organic buttery spreads, sticks and nut butters; as well as rich and creamy organic cream cheese and yogurt. 
BBQ season is right around the corner….or so I hope and Simply Natural BBQ sauces is calling my name as I day dream about marinating chicken wings and beef brisket.  It is hard to find a quality organic BBQ sauce and thanks to Simply Naturals I can get my BBQ fired up with a quick tasty sauce that I feel good about feeding my family.  It comes in 3 different flavours: Tangy, Honey and Smokey.
I don’t do Peanut Butter often. Mostly because most of it is GMO but it has come back into my life thanks to a company called Earth Balance.  I have 4 delicious peanut butters that YOU MUST TRY!
The coconut/peanut butter blend is divine and peanut butter with flax is perfect!
All of their nut butters are sweetened with agave nectar(which is low in GI and a better alternative to Corn Syrup), they are Non-GMO certified.  Peanut butter cookies, here I come!
Another great pick from the Healthy Shopper are these organic oils by Maison Orphée
Using only the highest in quality seeds and fruit I love frying homemade chicken fingers for my son using their coconut oil.  Have you tried oil pulling yet? Now that I have these fine organic oils I just may give it a go!

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