The Laundry Tarts!

 Are you ready for the most deliciously scented dessert inspired goody that won’t leave an inch of bulge around your waist, hips and thighs?  Oh, Innisfil, Ontario you are good….you a VERY good to this Torontonian.
 How about if I told you about a wonderful laundry detergent that is scented after those delicious desserts?

What the heck is Mama Ash talkin’ about?
Not only does your home smell like a bakery but it’s zero guilt and 100% addictive to use for all your laundry.  Any cloth diapering folks here?  Well, lets just say this is just as good for cloth diapers as any other soap you use….but BETTER.  Believe me I’ve used every powdered detergent under the sun for my sons cloth diapers and laundry that these come in my top list of must haves for eco, chemical free cleaning.

Live out in the country and have a septic tank?  No problem, it’s safe.  Hard water or Soft water?  The Laundry Tarts is good with all of the above and all types of washing machines.

After all I am a blogging mom so I get to try lots of goodies and this makes my top list, when I get my Seal of Approval badge made, this is so getting one.  Even though I got this to review, I am giving my honest opinion.  If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t endorse it.

 I’ve been using this detergent for a month now and it cleans, softens and does such a great job.  I’ve used them for cloth diapers as well and they are white, clean and well….just friggin great!
It comes in one Unscented version called Plain Jane and five other scents such as Key Lime Pie, Vanilla Dulce, Black Forest Cake, Cinnamon Buns and newest scent Oatmeal Almond.

It is lightly scented, so if you are sensitive to scents it is truly gentle and your clothes will smell clean and neutral.
You don’t need those added chemicals and preservatives to have a better wash.  A little goes a long way with these detergents.

 So who are The Laundry Tarts?
Jessy Cooke NHP, CNC, CHN, RNPA, CI, CH
Michelle Waithe BASC, RHN, PTS
Along with friend and business partner Jessy, The Laundry Tarts was developed on the philosophy that a healthy lifestyle requires a positive, optimistic mindset, a nutritionally dense whole food diet, exercise, and a toxin free environment. Along with creating their own natural laundry detergent this passion has evolved into an Eco and Holistic Health Coaching endeavor as a way to pass on loving guidance and their combined wealth of knowledge to others so that they may also start living the best life ever. The beautiful friendship that has evolved between Michelle and Jessica is undeniable and evident in the passion they bring to everything that they do as a team.

What’s in their soap and what does all that bad stuff mean that they don’t use?

The Good Stuff:

Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda), Sodium Carbonate (Soda Wash), Sodium Percarbonate (Powdered hydrogen peroxide) Sea salt, Saponified coconut/canola oil, rosemary extract, phthalate free essential and fragrance oils.
The Bad Stuff:
You will not find Chlorine: Chlorine is very irritating to the skin. It dries out the skin’s natural oils and can cause rashes, hives, soreness and irritation to the eyes, lungs and mucus membranes.
You will not find Phosphates: Excess phosphorus into rivers, lakes and fresh water can offset the delicate balance of biology and produce an excess of algae and bacteria, making water inhabitable for aquatic life, unsuitable for swimming or ingesting.  
You will not find Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulphate (SLS/SLES): Unfortunately SLS/SLES, is a skin irritant and is absorbed into the skin very easily. Like many other commercial ingredients, it is also a xenoestrogen, making it’s way to the bloodstream and causing hormonal imbalances in the body.
You will not find Parabens: Parabens are the most well known of xenoestrogens, possibly because it is so commonly used in deodorants, body creams, sun lotions, hair dye, makeups.
You will not find Phthalates: Phthalates can be irritating to asthma sufferers, cause headaches, migraines, dizziness and are being linked to disrupting hormone levels, feminizing males in the womb and blocking natural hormone receptors in females. 
You will not find EDTA: EDTA is more harmful to the environment and can as a hormone disrupting agent according to large study groups. 
You will not find Animal Products: we focus on only using cruelty-free, 100 % vegan ingredients. We do not use beef or animal tallow nor products containing bees wax, gelatin or dairy

Where to buy?  Buy online! As addictive as cloth diapering is so is buying the best detergents, but this is great for the whole family.

Look what the Tarts have digged up! Charlies diapers are soakin’ in the Tarts!


  1. Jessy Cooke | 10th Sep 10

    I love what you’ve done!! You truly…rock!!

  2. Samantha | 10th Sep 10

    following back from

  3. danielle | 11th Sep 10

    ohhhhhhh i’ll try a plain jane one please (kids have sesitive skin)!!!

    thanks MamaAsh!

  4. Libby | 11th Sep 10

    oatmeal almond!

    libby dot bloom dot hunt at gmail dot com

  5. -Samantha- | 11th Sep 10

    I’d love to try Vanilla Dulce! Sammied at

  6. stephanie | 11th Sep 10

    Mmmm m I’d like to try Vanilla! Slouttet(at)

  7. Tami | 11th Sep 10

    Key lime pie please.

  8. Kristina | 11th Sep 10

    Vanilla Dulce!!!

  9. Lisa | 11th Sep 10

    mmm….Vanilla Dulce please!!! 🙂

  10. Yukio Diner | 11th Sep 10

    We would love to get in with the free sample of “Plain Jane”. Thanks!

    yukio at_bubblefriends___dot___com

  11. mama_k | 11th Sep 10

    whoo hoo! i NEVER win on these things! we’d love oatmeal almond please!

    kristopherous at gmail dot com

  12. Bigmumma26 | 11th Sep 10

    Key lime pie. Wow rng doesn’t have these selections

  13. Pixie | 11th Sep 10

    hmmmI I what do you think oatmeal almond or vanilla dulce???? I can’t decide! Yikes! Either would be fine maybe a surprise out of those two would be best LOL!

  14. sarita baby | 11th Sep 10

    Oohhh the cinnamon bun one. Mmmmmmm sounds yummy!

  15. Tara | 11th Sep 10

    Vanilla Dulce please!
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  17. mmk | 11th Sep 10

    yummmy…vanilla dolce please!!

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  18. Annie1 | 11th Sep 10

    Vanilla Dulce!

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  19. Pam Koop | 11th Sep 10

    Vanilla would be wonderful:) Thanks!

  20. Julie & Jenny | 11th Sep 10

    So nice of you!!! 🙂

  21. Julie & Jenny | 11th Sep 10

    Duh didn’t add in a flavour – Key Lime Pie if possible…and either this e-mail or

  22. Melanie P. | 11th Sep 10

    I love samples!!

  23. Melanie P | 11th Sep 10

    Oops, forgot desert! Key Lime Pie would be great!! 🙂

  24. Danielle Neer | 11th Sep 10

    I’d love Black Forest Cake!
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  25. C | 12th Sep 10

    Oatmeal almond sounds deeeeeeeeeelish! 🙂

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  26. kaileyb | 12th Sep 10

    cinnamon buns

  27. Rebecca J. | 12th Sep 10

    Brownies, yum!!

  28. sweetone624 | 12th Sep 10

    Cinnamon Buns

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  29. Michelle | 12th Sep 10

    Cinnamon Buns sounds great!

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  30. Photo MOM | 12th Sep 10

    OH MY I love this, I always buy the eco friendly product but I must must must get my hands on some of this! kids have such sensitive skin!

  31. lilac_the_bunny | 12th Sep 10

    I’d love to try the Cinnamon Buns!

  32. Steph | 12th Sep 10

    I think I might be too late, but if you still have a plain jane sample left I’d love to try it for my sensitive skinned little guy!
    prostar15 at

  33. Tara | 23rd Sep 10

    got my sample in the mail today… smells FABULOUS!! but I got the Cinnamon buns instead of Vanilla Dulce… oh well, might have to order a sample of the Vanilla just to find out… Thanks! 🙂

  34. kiwimum | 29th Nov 10

    Definitely Want to Try!! I have High Hopes!!!
    Chantelle 🙂
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