The Natural Food Kitchen by Jordan Bourke: Cookbook Review

naturalfoodchicken  Love to eat globally? Love to cook from scratch? Love natural and seasonal produce? Then The Natural Food Kitchen cookbook is for you!

I’ve enjoyed this cookbook immensely. I love challenging myself in the kitchen and trying new things especially since I got my new Sous Chef Plus 12 from Breville Canada.
Natural Food Kitchen is following Jordan Bourkes best seller The Guilt-Free Gourmet which is excellent as well.

This book is about healthy and approachable recipes with the emphasis on using wholefood.  It’s a great book for families looking for healthy, new recipes to the new foodie exploring the kitchen.
This book has amazing salads, fish and meat dishes and using spices and herbs it’s all very interesting and I think you’ll love it.  I’ll include my kids favorite recipe at the bottom but…. here are just some of the delicious recipes you might find intriguing in this book.

Here’s a sample of Small Bites great for kids:  Panfried chick pea fritters, Okonomiyaki(cabbage pancake!), Vietnamese crispy pancake(it’s made with coconut milk and rice flour).
Soups and Sandwiches sampling: Udon Noodle Soup(kids love slurping up the noodles), Smørrebrød(my kids love this!, open faced rye sandwiches), Falafel Wrap is great for on the go just whipping up the falafels.
Salads and Lighter Dishes sampling: Bang Bang Chicken salad is such a bang to the tastebuds.  It’s great for picnics and full of so much flavour.  Quinoa with mint, orange and beetroot is great for lunch and crab cakes with saffron mayonnaise is divine!
Meat  & Poultry sampling: Roasted Poussin(baby chickens) is full of North African flavours, Pulled Lamb Shoulder with orange and cinnamon pilaf, Beef Tacos with smoked paprika aioli is my favourite!  It’s such a great sharing dish.
Fish & Seafood sampling: Sea Bass with cauliflower puree and swiss chard, Monkfish Amok Curry, Halibut & Coconut Creamed Corn….
Vegetarian Plates sampling: Pumpkin and coconut laksa( I made this in the fall and it’s a must try, it’s the picture on the cover), Spinach Kofta Curry is such a comforting dish, I enjoyed it.  Pad Thai is a classic and this recipe is pretty bang on.  Pissaladiére is tasty too.  Slow cooked onions is what makes it so delicious.
Lastly Cakes and Desserts sampling: Fruits of the Forest Cake (made with coconut cream frosting is to die for), Chocolate and Pistachio Cake with Salted caramel, Almond, coconut and date cake with rose water and cardomom was a hit at a friends baby shower. It’s so moist and yummy.  Rhubarb Crumble is lovely and reminds me of Winnipeg Summers as a child as we grew it in our garden ad Winter Granita of blood orange & Persimmon is beautiful…So that’s just some of the favourite recipes we chose from this book.  There is so much more.  You should check it out by visiting Thomas Allen & Son.  I give this book a buy!

Here’s a recipe that is loved by the young and old.  Give it a try and make it tonight. 

                               Cod Fish Fingers with mushy peas & mayonnaise

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  1. kathy downey | 3rd May 16

    Thanks for the great review i love using spices and herbs,cant wait to try the recipe you posted.

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