The new way to eGift. Heritage Education Funds launches a Canadian first! #HeritageeGifting


Heritage Education Funds has created something really cool and convenient when it comes to gifting this year! This is the gift that won’t be tossed to the side or forgotten about.   A first in Canada you can contribute electronically and give the gift of education through “eGifting”.   As an exclusive to Heritage subscribers, collecting monetary gifts through crowdfunding has been launched for your child’s RESP and it just got better and easier.  I think this is superb as with most gifts from family that are sent our way, there’s always a little money.  While my son is excellent at saving money, I let him buy one thing and the rest gets tucked away into his RESP account.  We have family in Canada, the USA and in Europe so I see this as something convenient, easy and smart.  Friends and family are so busy so this is a great alternative to sending a cheque in the mail.   I love the idea of crowdfunding for education and I can create a profile, create the cause and send the link to friends and family.

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So, how do you eGift for a loved one?

Heritage eGifting Program has an online fundraising campaign that you can link to family and friends who would want to contribute funds towards your child’s education savings plan.  It can be for other things as well such as health & medical, non-profit, animal rescues and personal causes.  The Heritage eGifting program is powered by FundRazr I would never have thought of this for RESPs, but it’s quite brilliant.  We have enough toys and this is another idea for the perfect non-toy gift solution.


Heritage Education Funds president and CEO Jason Maguire, “We’re the first organization in Canada that is bringing this level of service to the financial services industry and everyone who uses it will see the great value in investing into those solutions and in making a difference in a child’s life.

How much do you think you need to save for your children(s) education? Heritage Education Funds has a great area on their site where you can prepare using their RESP calculator.  The RESP calculator will also suggest how much you need to set aside each month or year to reach your goal, and how much you will be saving by contributing to an RESP instead of borrowing.  If I put $220 a month aside I will save  $46, 835.  Did I mention I also have twins to save for as well?


I just learned that setting up with Heritage Education Funds will save us money compared to getting  a student loan. Pop over to Heritage Education Funds to learn more.  Seeing the cost is a bit jarring and I think I’ll be setting my account very shortly.

I’d love to hear from you.  Have you thought about the cost of your child’s education? Would you create a crowdfunding profile?

Although this is a sponsored post all opinions are my own and is not influenced in any way.  Crowdfunding for your child’s education is a brilliant idea.

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  1. Lori Jackson | 10th Dec 15

    No twins here, one is enough…bless you! Great read with a great cause!

    • Erica | 11th Dec 15

      Hahaha! Thanks!

  2. kristen visser | 10th Dec 15

    This is what I have asked for my girls for Christmas! They have more than enough and what is important is their future education

    • Erica | 11th Dec 15

      That’s brilliant Kristen!

  3. Glogirl | 10th Dec 15

    I never knew you could egift. What a great idea for others to contribute to your child’s education fund!

    • Erica | 11th Dec 15

      Thanks for commenting 🙂 I’m thrilled that now you know!

  4. Caroline M. | 11th Dec 15

    What a great concept. I’ve never heard of this being available through any other resp before.

    • Erica | 11th Dec 15

      This is a first in Canada! Cool, right?

  5. Jeannie | 11th Dec 15

    I love this! I didn’t know you could do this!

    • Erica | 11th Dec 15

      So easy to do too. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard | 11th Dec 15

    I think this is a great idea

  7. Judy Cowan | 11th Dec 15

    This is a great idea!

  8. Elena | 11th Dec 15

    This is a neat idea. It’s going to be so expensive for university by the time my kids are old enough.

  9. Tricia Cooper | 11th Dec 15

    I’m just learning about eGifting. Too bad it wasn’t around when my daughter was young!

  10. Suzie M | 11th Dec 15

    This is a great idea, education is so important & we all have too much ” stuff”

  11. Nicky | 11th Dec 15

    hadn’t heard of egifting before – it is a good idea!

  12. Rosanne Robinson | 12th Dec 15

    I’d never heard of e-Gifting before now, it’s a very interesting concept, thanks very much for the information!

  13. loucheryl | 12th Dec 15

    My husband and I have started RESP’s for both of our boys. 🙂

  14. loriag | 13th Dec 15

    I have never heard of eGifting. Very cool.

  15. Tasha Pritchett | 13th Dec 15

    Never heard of this but thank you for teaching me something new.

  16. Suzanne G | 15th Dec 15

    I had never heard of egifting but it would be great idea for our grandchildren as they already have enough toys etc.

  17. Karla Sceviour | 15th Dec 15

    What a great idea!

  18. Nicole B | 18th Dec 15

    This is what my family does since it is so expensive to send gifts so they contribute instead. The kids will appreciate when they are older!

  19. Cheryl | 18th Dec 15

    What a great idea

  20. Krista M | 20th Dec 15

    Oh my goodness, I LOVE this idea. I do know about Heritage Funds but was not aware of the e-gifting! Everyone has already done all their shopping for my kids this year, but is something grand to tell them for next year. Cl0thes & toys only last a short while. A child’s education lasts a lifetime.

  21. Jackie M | 21st Dec 15

    This is a fab idea! I’m always stuck at what to gift for friend’s children and this seems excellent!

  22. Heidi c. | 22nd Dec 15

    I am going to encourage family members to do this for my four kids. Great idea!

  23. nicolthepickle | 26th Dec 15

    Super smart idea.

  24. Tara Gauthier | 27th Dec 15

    I have heard of doing this for gifts, it’s a great idea!

  25. Tammy Dalley | 30th Dec 15

    This is such a great idea!! Ill keep this in mind for next christmas

  26. Carol M | 30th Dec 15

    A great idea!

  27. Carole Dube | 31st Dec 15

    That is awesome! I didn’t know you can Egift!

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