The SmartCool Bottle Tote from @PlaytexInfant #MomTrust

I think this has been one of my favourite products I’ve had the privilege to review as a part of the #MomTrust campaign with Playtex.
It’s the SmartCool Bottle Tote.  I use it for so many things-not just milk!  It comes with two gel ice packs that you can fit in the pockets of the tote keeping things cold for up to 14hrs.  It has 3 deep pockets and can fit 3 bottles and a little pacifier/nipple storage attachment as well.
It’s a handy little must have for Moms on the go and you’ll be glad to have this.  Trust me.  Something so simple can make having snacks & beverages stay cool when needed and you will use it over and over again!
Disclosure: I’m a Playtex MomTrust blogger.  All opinions are my own as always.

What are some of your favourite must haves when it comes to baby and feeding?


  1. Carolyn | 28th Oct 14

    For me – a must have is a baby carrier! When you have two little ones you need your hands free!

  2. Heather Hamilton | 28th Oct 14

    I could have used this many years ago!

  3. Everything Mom and Baby | 28th Oct 14

    A carrier in any circumstance is a must have!

  4. Terri Lynn Grothe | 29th Oct 14

    def a carrier as my baby did not sleep so a carrier helped me get chores done

  5. Heather @ Raising Memories Blog | 2nd Nov 14

    I agree with those who say a carrier was very helpful! 🙂

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