The ultimate coffee maker: Grind Control from Breville Canada


I’ve gone through my share of coffee makers over the years and when it comes to consistency for a nice hot cup of coffee the Grind Control from Breville Canada is my new favourite.  It did take a little of a learning curve for me from playing around with different grinding levels as this coffee machine’s unique feature is it has a built-in coffee grinder as well as finding the right level of how strong a brew I like.  I would suggest starting the grind at level 3, make sure your fresh coffee beans are in as I have forgotten a few times to refill in my morning fog, lol.  I love how I can customize cups of coffee for my husband and me, to guests who may not like strong coffee like I do.  

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Have I had any issues grinding coffee?
The Grind Control comes with a little brush and it’s easy to clean out. I would say I have to brush it out and clean it once a week.  If you don’t you’ll find it won’t grind properly.  I’ve had this machine for about 3 months now and recently had to Descale it as the machine told me one Sunday morning.  A very cool feature that it can tell you this.  I’ve experienced everything with this coffee maker from adjusting the grind size for lighter and darker roasts, to trouble shooting when it didn’t grind properly.  I love this machine through and through as I get a nice tasty hot cup from fresh coffee beans. 

Can I program my coffee?
Yes!  Oh, how I love this convenience.  But make sure your grinder is clean so I do this every Sunday and have not had any issues with fresh coffee in my carafe.  Only once did I end up with hot water and that was because I didn’t clean the grinder or the spout where the beans go to the coffee basket.

Do I need to use whole coffee beans or always make a 8 cups?
Fresh is always best.  I also like how everything is pretty much done with a touch of a button.  The coffee chute swings open and reminds you every morning to clean it before making a fresh cup.  You have the option to use ground coffee, not just whole coffee beans.  Avoid coffee with a “Best Before” date or “Use by” date as you never know when it was roasted.  Peak flavour is 5-20 days after roast.  With freshly ground beans,they add more taste and body.
You can make a full pot, you can make 4 cups or even one cup!  When I am on the run to media event I can even place my coffee tumbler and get one cup fresh hot coffee.  Another great feature.  I find I get hotter coffee because it preheats and infuses and don’t worry after a couple of hours it turns off by itself.

Anything I don’t like?
I do wish I could use the coffee grinder separately for my French Press.  You have to keep it clean or it won’t grind properly.  But you can also get the Dose Control for your coffee grinding back up. 

If you are a coffee lover or know someone who is this would make an excellent gift!   Check out the video below and I can’t wait to tell you about the SousChef Plus 12 Food Processor.  Oh, my goodness…it’s the BEST!


  1. andi | 28th Oct 15

    OMG can you send one of those over to NYC, please? it’s cool and it’s rainy here…coffee is always very much appreciated on days like this 😀

    • Erica | 28th Oct 15

      It’s so rainy here in Toronto too! I just bought some organic cane sugar with vanilla beans infused. It took my coffee to a whole other level. 🙂

  2. Brianna | 28th Oct 15

    Mmmm coffee. I love a good cup of Java.

  3. Diana Villa | 28th Oct 15

    I really need that coffee maker since I’m a coffee lover, thanks for the great review! 😀

    • Erica | 28th Oct 15

      Thanks so much!

  4. Michelle T | 28th Oct 15

    Pretty neat coffee maker. But I prefer my Keurig machine. To me it’s the best. Thanks for the recommendation I will pass this info along to my mom who likes these types of coffee machines.

  5. Lisa Rios | 30th Oct 15

    I have to admit I am a crazy lover of Coffee & this is awesome that Grind Control could get you the fresh coffee you need right away. Breville Canada looks like a new brand for me, but would love to check in to get this coffee maker for my home.

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