This cold and flu season ease up with Vicks and Braun!

This winter has taken a toll on us! And with Spring here well it ain’t getting any better is it? It’s warm one day and the next we get a winter storm and cold and flu season still lingers.

I was contacted to help bring awareness about treating cold & flu with products from Vicks and Braun and it came in handy!  My twins caught their first real cold at 10 months. Poor little ones with stuffed noses.  I got to use a nasal aspirator for the first time.  Thank goodness such a product exists but to help them breathe at night I loved the Starry Night Cool Mist Humidifier.  I didn’t use the scented pad that it comes with.  I didn’t like the list of ingredients like the mention of “other ingredients” listed on it at the end.  LOL! Um…hello? What are those other ingredients that my kids are supposed to be inhaling?  So I suggest you skip it.  The starry night light does create a nice comforting atmosphere that changes colour and the cool mist is a nice quiet hum.  I like that the Kaz water filter is included to remove impurities from the water.  I highly recommend this humidifier. Easy to clean as well.

My girls got their first fever as well.  So I was thankful for the Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer. It read that they had a low fever so I was fine letting the fever run it’s course.  It’s a very nice high quality thermometer but taking a babies temperature was not easy for us as they wiggled. I think I should have taken it when they were sleeping as you place it in the their ear.  Ear thermometers are the preferred way to take temperatures as it’s more hygienic and accurate. The pre warmed tip is a nice added feature along with the accuracy of reading the temperature.

Here are some facts and tips from Health Canada and Dr.David Greenberg:

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