It’s time for Egg Bites with Hamilton Beach Canada

Who knew what a delight it would be to have such a handy little kitchen gadget from Hamilton Beach Canada making egg bites? Talk about the perfect little way to make a snack, to enjoy a healthy quick breakfast to even a nice dinner with a green salad and glass of wine.   I’m talking about the new Egg Bites Maker($39) from Hamilton Beach.

It’s a snap to make.  I even make a batch the night before so it’s ready to pour first thing in the morning & the possibilities are endless in what you can put in them.  Talk about perfect for those following any diet from keto to calories as it makes great egg white bites too but I like them with onion, spinach, bacon and cheese and I wish I had butter to make hollandaise as a little drizzle would be amazing!   My daughter however likes it when I break the whole egg and it cooks ever so perfectly with a little runny yolk in the middle.


TIP: If making a “frittata” type egg bite, I recommend filling it halfway as you’ll have to cook twice if you fill it to the rim.  Check out the directions {here}.

  • MAKES PERFECT EGG BITES — COMPARE TO COFFEE SHOP EGG BITES. Skip the expense of egg bites from the coffee shop or grocery store and make your own in the comfort of your home. Your family will love the taste and you can use your own fresh ingredients.
  • CREATE ENDLESS FLAVOR OPTIONS AND FRESH, PRESERVATIVE-FREE INGREDIENTS: You can make an unlimited variety of egg bites using your own fresh ingredients and imagination, or start with the included recipes.
  • ENJOY CONSISTENT RESULTS EVERY TIME. Don’t bother with the oven or taking the time to sous vide — the Egg Bite Maker and Poached Egg Maker is the consistent, guess-free way to cook egg bites and poached eggs perfectly every time in under 10 minutes.
  • EGG COOKER WITH NONSTICK EGG BITE/POACHING TRAY. Eggs won’t stick and after cooking, the nonstick tray and lid go on the top shelf of the dishwasher for easy cleanup.
  • POWER AND COOKING LIGHTS. This egg maker and poacher has lights that indicate when power is on and eggs are ready.

Somethin’ yummy is cookin’.  You can watch the steam and when the light turns off, it’s ready!


Imagine making them a little creamier like the ones at a certain coffee shop? Hamilton Beach has a great recipe that I need to try because adding cream cheese would be soooooo good!  There truly is no need to buy frozen egg bites at the store.  These will be done in a matter of minutes and you’re in control of using quality ingredients for your egg bites. 

The Hamilton Beach Egg Bites Maker comes with everything you need to either poach eggs or make egg bites, including a measure for the water. It works simply by cooking the egg mixture in the covered egg tray with water that turns into steam in the base. When you’re done cooking, simply put the lid, water measuring cup and egg tray directly in the dishwasher (avoid SANI setting) and wipe down the interior of the water reservoir with a damp cloth.


With the versatile nature of the egg bite, the flavour possibilities are almost endless. What variations would you make?! Let me know by leaving a comment below or taking a photo and tagging @hamiltonbeachCA on Facebook or @hamiltonbeachCA on Instagram with your new Egg Bite maker.

So where can you buy an Egg Bite Maker?  For the turquoise one like mine, get it at Walmart and for a fun sunshine yellow get it at London Drugs or Home Hardware.

Disclosure: This sponsored post was written in collaboration with Hamilton Beach Canada.  All opinions are always my own.


  1. Pam Wattenbarger | 14th Aug 20

    Those little egg bites look so tasty. We have those for breakfast often and the egg bites maker looks like it would be a big help in making them.

    • Mama Ash | 14th Aug 20

      You’ll love it! I hope you get one as they are so easy to make.

  2. melissa chapman | 14th Aug 20

    My son loves a big breakfast before he works at camp so these bites would be perfect. I do not have that gadget but I might just get one.

  3. Sarah Bailey | 14th Aug 20

    These sound like some great egg bites to kick off the day with! I could definitely see me making some for myself and the other half.

  4. Jennifer Van Haitsma | 15th Aug 20

    This looks awesome! I love making them in muffin tins but that takes so long. I will have to check this out.

  5. heather | 15th Aug 20

    This looks like a great appliance. We love egg bites and it looks like it’s easy to cook them with this machine.

  6. sara lafountain | 15th Aug 20

    This little egg bites machine is just brilliant! I love how easy it is for the kids to make a healthy breakfast before school.

  7. Jenn @ EngineerMommy | 15th Aug 20

    These egg bites sound so delicious. I used to make something like this in a muffin pan but this looks like a useful gadget.

  8. Mary | 15th Aug 20

    I love making these in little muffin tins, but this looks really cool and will definitely get ready faster, I’ll check it out.

  9. Nancy at Whispered Inspirations | 15th Aug 20

    Oooh, I love Hamilton Beach, these look absolutely amazing. YUM!

  10. Chef Dennis | 16th Aug 20

    Wow! I am gonna need that Egg Bites maker right now! Those Egg bites look so perfectly delicious.

  11. Catalina | 16th Aug 20

    What a great idea for our weekly family brunch! I need to make these egg bites!

  12. Lynndee | 16th Aug 20

    Oh, wow! What a cute little gadget. I want one. I’m going to add that to my Christmas wish list. 🙂

  13. Terri A Steffes | 16th Aug 20

    What a darling gadget. I would like to get one of these for my niece who just left for college.

  14. Shirley | 25th Nov 20

    I haven’t made egg bites yet They look so handy and delicious

  15. Judy Cowan | 26th Nov 20

    I looked at this the other day and thought about picking one up as a Christmas present….might have to go back and get one.

  16. nicolthepickle (Nicole Graham) | 28th Nov 20

    I love your plate stand. It’s just the perfect colour. And what an easy breakfast this is.

  17. Jeannie Lam | 29th Nov 20

    This is such a cute little gadget! My brother loves the eggbites at Starbucks and maybe if this is under his tree this year, he can make his own at home!

  18. Sandra Dufoe | 3rd Dec 20

    Looks like a great little appliance will have to look into it my husband loves his eggs in the morning.

  19. Debbie Beattie | 4th Dec 20

    I would love this because it would make breakfast easier

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