Tips to make your children’s nights easier with GoodNites®

What tools do you think would help your little one with nighttime wetting? That’s the topic for today with the folks from GoodNites®.  With back to school in full swing, stresses can trigger nighttime wetting and can be quite common in school-aged children from 5-8 yrs of age.

Michelle Kambolis, Child and Family therapist offers theses tips:

What causes nighttime wetting?
1. The brain and bladder don’t send the signals needed to wake up and go pee.

2. The bladder is not mature enough to hold urine over night.

3. The bladders over produces urine in the evening during sleep.

How common is nighttime wetting?
1. Up to 15% of 5 yr olds and 8% of 8-year-olds experience nighttime wetting.  Nighttime wetting occurs more often in boys than girls and there’s a 77% chance that a child that wets the bed if their parents did as a child.  While children generally achieve some level of nighttime dryness by about four years of age, accidents can happen even into puberty.

What tools can help children cope with nighttime wetting?
1. Be SUPPORTIVE.  Find ways to talk about night time wetting to eliminate the ‘secrecy’.

2. FLUID MONITORING.  Help children focus on hydrating the day and quenching thirst at night.

3. ROUTINE DEVELOPMENT.  Encourage regular bathroom visits to minimise holding urine.

4. MAXIMIZE COMFORT OVERNIGHT.  Use absorbent products designed to help children sleep easy and stay dry, such as GoodNites® TRU-FIT Underwear, GoodNites® Bed mats or GoodNites® Bedtime Pants.

Can you train your child to stop nighttime wetting?
Nighttime dryness is a subconscious skill that cannot be “taught” or “practised”.  What happens when a child is asleep simply isn’t within their control.  Attempting to train your child out of it will only increase unnecessary stress and may even leave them feeling as though they’ve failed.  Dry nights will come with time and patience.

Should parents wake up and their child to use the washroom at night?
Constantly waking your child in the night to take them to the bathroom not only interrupts your child’s sleep, and your sleep too! Try using absorbent products from GoodNites® to help your child stay dry through the night without fear or embarrassment.

How can I manage my child’s back to school stress, which has triggered nighttime wetting in the past?
The back-to-school season can be stressful for everyone, especially the young children who are predisposed to nighttime wetting.  Let children know that nighttime wetting doesn’t have to get in the way of their social life, and that they can still have fun at sleepovers with discreet protection from GoodNites®.

When should parents begin to worry about their child’s bedtime wetting?
While there are some medical conditions that can contribute to nighttime wetting, most children who wet the bed do not have any sort of medical problem.  If a child’s nighttime wetting occurs after the age of 7, consult with your family doctor to ensure there is no medical-related factors.

Thank you to GoodNites for providing these useful tips.  I hope it helps you and your little one(s) too. 

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  1. DARLENE W | 7th Oct 16

    The little ones feel so much better when they have not wet the bed

  2. kathy downey | 14th Oct 16

    Thanks those are great tips no one wants a wet night.

  3. Lynda Cook | 19th Oct 16

    All great tips and this is why pull-ups are so awesome! I feel sorry for the young ones that wet the bed they can’t help it and some of them get yelled at poor kids!!

  4. Victoria Ess | 28th Oct 16

    Great tips!

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