TomTomSpark~ Your GPS fitness watch review

TomTomSpark your ultimate fitness watch or is it?  It packs a lot of punch with a built in GPS, heart rate monitor, music and 3G of space which is a lot of songs, like 500. It tracks your steps, sleep and I like the sleek design.  It’s a little big but for someone like me, coming in at 5’10” I like it.  It also comes with bluetooth headphones.  It tracks any workout from running, freestyle, to swimming and much more and it’s a stopwatch.   At $199, it’s also quite affordable for all its features.  I gave it a try to see how it worked along with my Fitness Blender workouts and Jillian Michaels Hot Body Healthy Mommy routine because I’ve always wondered.   “How many calories am I actually burning?”.  I loved that I could see as you can see in the image below.  It was really cool.  I also like the wrist band as it’s customizable so you can easily adjust for your comfort level.  I should get back into BeachBody and see how much I burn there too as I’ve always wondered when attempting the 21 Day fix.

TomTomSparkSet up is relatively easy. Download the software, get the app and log in.  It took me a little while to play around with it and to figure it out.  I found watching the YouTube video’s extremely helpful.  When in doubt- You tube, lol.  Your watch connects to your computer and phone so you can never lose track of your fitness.





Anything I don’t like about it?
I kinda wish it had a swipe screen as I find the 4 way button a little annoying.  I’ll be honest.  Sometimes I struggle with it to get it to swipe. It does have a back light too which is activated by placing your hand over it.  I tried the two finger tap which I read somewhere that is how you activate it but placing your hand over,palm down seems to do the trick.

Finishing words….
I love that it has goal settings, something that I need.  I love the extra push I get.  Here’s a little video from TomTom so you can see it in action and the Goal features.  As a mom on the go and as a mom getting back into exercise I think it’s a simple enough and a great activity watch.  It would be awesome to receive to as a gift(hint, hint, Mother’s Day).  This is my first fitness watch so I can’t compare it to others like its competitors but overall for the value, I think you’ll like it and like I said above, if you like music when you work out it can hold 500 songs.  Leave your phone at home, get your runners on and go chill out with a good run or walk and come back home refreshed.

 Do you have a fitness watch? Is this something you think you’d like? What features do you like?

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  1. Cheryl | 4th May 16

    Sounds like a wonderful fitness product

    • Erica | 4th May 16

      I really like it. I use to mostly for my home fitness programs. Which I need to ahem…get back into 😉

  2. Victoria Ess | 5th May 16

    I bought a fitness watch for my partner and don’t have one myself. I’d love to have one for running!

  3. Kat Est | 6th May 16

    Oh, I’d LOVE a TomTomSpark! I often wonder how far I walk each day, and was curious how much of a workout I get from everyday activities (like mowing the lawn). This would be great to actually track that! Thanks for the review!

    • Erica | 6th May 16

      That would be great to track!!

  4. Florence C | 6th May 16

    I don’t have a fitness watch. I love to have it to count calories and count my steps.

  5. Karla Sceviour | 6th May 16

    I do not have a fitness watch,,but something I`d like to have!!

  6. kathy downey | 6th May 16

    I don’t have a fitness watch it would be perfect for counting calories

  7. Terri Baker | 6th May 16

    I love this! I think I need to get one.

  8. Baiely Dexter | 6th May 16

    Great gift idea for Dad, thanks for the review!

  9. Jay Nelson | 6th May 16

    I would love to give my daughter a TomTom.

  10. donna dufresne | 7th May 16

    Sounds just what I need to keep me going and not give up

  11. Julie F | 7th May 16

    This looks so neat, I could really use this myself!

  12. Suzanne G | 7th May 16

    I don’t have a fitness watch. I would love to have one but I just don’t find them very attractive and will keep looking for something more pleasing to my eye.

  13. Cheryl | 7th May 16

    Sounds amazing! I love anything to help me with my fitness goals

  14. Silvia D | 7th May 16

    thank you for the review. It is something I could really use!

  15. jan | 7th May 16

    the music is a bonus!

  16. Monique L.S. | 7th May 16

    I do not have a fitness watch. I like that the font is so large.

  17. Laurie Bolduc-Cadieux | 8th May 16

    This is something I am going to set a goal on purchasing. It would help motivate me to see and track my success and progress and help me monitor things more accurately. Thanks for sharing

  18. Rebby | 8th May 16

    This is really great! I’m getting back to fitness after this winter and I could totally use a Tomtom!

  19. heidi c. | 9th May 16

    I have been eyeing this for awhile. Thanks for the comprehensive review.

  20. Jody D | 9th May 16

    Amazing amount of info on your wrist- and music to boot!

  21. nicolthepickle | 9th May 16

    I have a basic one, but I do so appreciate that this one tells you your heart rate.

  22. Diana Powell | 10th May 16

    Thanks for this review, this has helped me make up my mind on a fitness watch.

  23. Angela Mitchell | 11th May 16

    I have the Moto 360 sports watch and I love it.

  24. Judy Cowan | 11th May 16

    I have a basic one but will take a closer look at this as I am thinking of upgrading, the fact that it has the music feature is a bonus.

  25. Andrea L | 12th May 16

    This would be so helpful in getting me back into shape. Love the features!

  26. Cindy B. | 12th May 16

    I think this would give me the motivation I need to keep active all day long.

  27. Rebecca Aubertin | 12th May 16

    Looks like an interesting product. Very informative review 🙂

  28. Cathleen @ A Taste Of Madness | 12th May 16

    I would love to try this watch!

  29. Wanda Tracey | 12th May 16

    I would love to have a Tom Tom to see how far I walk each day!
    and I think it would be nice to see how it would track my walks
    and other activities I participate in.

  30. Krista M | 14th May 16

    Right now when my mom & I go for walks we use a pedometer app on my phone. First of all it’s not very accurate, & I don’t want to bring my phone as it’s too bulky to carry. The Tom Tom Spark to me is freedom, just put it on & forget about it. And it has way more exciting features like heart rate monitor & GPS!

  31. Allie f | 14th May 16

    Thanks for this review. I always like to keep abreast of the latest fitness tracking products

  32. Allie f | 14th May 16

    Thanks for this review. I always like to keep abreast of the latest fitness tracking products

  33. Joanne Frank | 14th May 16

    i sooo need this fitness watch . amazing

  34. Melinda Jana | 17th May 16

    looks like a really cool fitness watch. There are times when I would like to know my heart rate while participating in an activity

  35. Debbie S. | 18th May 16

    I would love one of these for each my husband and myself. It would help us keep track of our successes, and me if I get lost.

  36. Jodi Mitrovic | 19th May 16

    I don’t have a fitness watch but this week I have been researching and looking at purchasing one. I recently welcomed the arrival of our second bundle of joy and needing some help in the baby weight department. I like that it can hold 500 songs and agree that a swipe screen would have been more ideal. Thank you for a wonderful review. Definitely on my list now 🙂

  37. Carol M | 19th May 16

    I always wanted a fitness watch and this sounds like a great one.

  38. Jeannie Lam | 20th May 16

    This looks like a great fitness watch. Tomtom makes great products.

  39. Brenda Penton | 20th May 16

    I didn’t know Tom Tom made a heart rate monitor! I am in the market for one, I will have to check it out!

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