My top picks from Yvolution this Holiday Season

Yvolution will have your adventurous kid reading for Spring with their fun scooters, gliders, balance bikes and more!  They will definitely love finding these items under the Christmas tree.  Yvolution encourages life through motion and this company will have you covered when it comes to getting active and having fun. Their products range in so many ways and so do the ages for these fun “toys”,  from infant to big kid there is no stopping when it comes to exploring their products.

My favourites from YVolution are:

yvolution-flyer-embThe Flyer– Easy to assemble, this has to be the coolest scooter we’ve had the opportunity to review.  Take off and go! It is truly kid-powered in  design that propels forward for an insanely fun ride with a safety break on the handle.  My son was the most popular kid on the playground when he brought it to school and all his friends got to try it too and loved it while inquiring parents wanted to know where we got it.  It folds up easily too!  It’s a great scooter to get kids active as you have to pedal this style of scooter rather than pushing off with your foot. Check out the Flyer Video.
You can buy it at Toys R Us, regular price is $200, it’s for 7yrs and up.

yvolution-yglider-embThe Y Glider– It’s the perfect first scooter for the littles!  We’re big fans of their Lean to Steer method.  It allows younger children to comfortably enjoy scooting at their developmental stage with the help of the two front wheels and offer balance and stability all around with all 3 wheels.  Priced at $80, you can find this scooter at Toys R Us.


The Neon Street Roller–  OK- this is pretty cool!  Imagine turning your runners into roller skates?!  Coming in two colours, you can choose blue or hot pink and zip around town roller skate style. It actually has a special LED lighting that activated when you start rolling and batteries are required.  It is intended for kids 6+yrs and up and the best part is they are only $50! All you nee to do is put them on, adjust and go.  Fun right? Well, I want one lucky email subscriber of Everything Mom and Baby to win a pair of Neon Street Rollers.  You have to reside in Canada so please read the terms & conditions.  Happy Holidays and shop the line at

YVolution Neon Street Rollers Giveaway


  1. ivy pluchinsky | 22nd Nov 16

    I really like the Y Flyer!

  2. Amy Heffernan | 22nd Nov 16

    The YKarts are NEAT!!! Thanks!

  3. melissa marie | 22nd Nov 16

    The Y Glider is amazing. So many great toys! 🙂

  4. Silvia D | 22nd Nov 16

    the step grandkids would go crazy finding a Y Rocker under the tree! Love it!

  5. MaryG | 22nd Nov 16

    The Y Karts are so cool! My son would go nuts over those.

  6. Judy Cowan | 22nd Nov 16

    I love the Y Flyer! But I think my I know someone who would have a blast with the Neon Street Rollers!

  7. caroline m. | 22nd Nov 16

    Wow, their products are way cool. The Y kart especially!

  8. Rhonda W G. | 22nd Nov 16

    The Y Gliders 3in1 are an awesome ride for the beginners…

  9. Jonnie | 22nd Nov 16

    I love the Y Fliker Carver. It looks like tons of fun!

  10. caryn s | 22nd Nov 16

    I think the Y Fliker would be fun for the kids!

  11. Lynda Cook | 22nd Nov 16

    These are so awesome, the Y Rocker Pink is super cool as well!!

  12. Heidi C. | 22nd Nov 16

    My girls would like the Y Rocker in Pink.

  13. Gillian Morgan | 22nd Nov 16

    I like the Y Rocker Pink.

  14. kathy downey | 22nd Nov 16

    I know someone who would love the the Neon Street Rollers!

  15. Julie F | 22nd Nov 16

    I like the Y Flyer

  16. jan | 22nd Nov 16

    One of the Y Flyers would be well liked here

  17. Caryn Coates | 22nd Nov 16

    The Y Rockers are soooo cool!

  18. Krista M | 22nd Nov 16

    The Y Rocker is so awesome, how much fun is that??!!! Wow my kids would have such a blast on those!

  19. Marla | 22nd Nov 16

    Love the y flyer

  20. Sunshine G | 22nd Nov 16

    The Y Rockers are pretty neat.

  21. Darlene Schuller | 23rd Nov 16

    I like the Y Flyer Red. Really sweet products, great gifts!

  22. Maritess | 23rd Nov 16

    I love the Y Flyer scooter for my daughter and for sure she would enjoy it.

  23. nicky | 23rd Nov 16

    I love the balance bikes and the Y Flyer!

  24. Wendy Hutton | 23rd Nov 16

    I would like a Y- Cart for my niece she would love this

  25. dave | 23rd Nov 16

    I love the Y Fliker Carver

  26. loriag | 23rd Nov 16

    I love the Neon Street Roller from Yvolution.

  27. kathy downey | 23rd Nov 16

    Mu kids would love the The Y Karts,it’s pretty cool

  28. Florence Cochrane | 24th Nov 16

    I grandson would love the Y Fliker LIFT Red and my granddaughter those Neon Street Roller.

  29. Victoria Ess | 24th Nov 16

    I love the Street Rollers!

  30. Nicole B | 24th Nov 16

    I love the y flyer!

  31. Suzi | 24th Nov 16

    I like the Y Gliders!

  32. Rosanne Robinson | 24th Nov 16

    The Neon Street Roller love the colours, they’re really cool.

  33. Joni W | 24th Nov 16

    i LOVE THE Y Flyers. it’s so awesome

  34. Jennifer P. | 24th Nov 16

    I love the Y Glider for my 4 year old, and the Y Flickers and Y Flyer for my oldest.

  35. Tammy Dalley | 24th Nov 16

    The Y flyers are awesome!

  36. Barb W | 25th Nov 16

    I like the Y Karts!

  37. missbobloblaw | 25th Nov 16

    I’m loving the Y Glider!

  38. Jeannie | 25th Nov 16

    I think the Y glider is pretty darn cool!

  39. Nicole Jubleew | 25th Nov 16

    I love the Y carts. Very cool.

  40. Juliee Fitze | 25th Nov 16

    My grandson really likes the neon street rollers.

  41. Bailey Dexter | 25th Nov 16

    Wow, another great item is the Kart Rocker! I know the grandkids would any of these!

  42. Maryanne | 25th Nov 16

    My son would love the Y flyer

  43. Julie bolduc | 26th Nov 16

    I like the Y Karts so cool

  44. Cloe St-Amour | 26th Nov 16

    I love the Y kart!

  45. Amy C | 27th Nov 16

    I like the Y Glider Deluxe in Pink and the Y Fliker LIFT in Red.

  46. Susan Furlano | 27th Nov 16

    Neon Street Roller They just Soooooo Cool !

  47. crystal porter | 27th Nov 16

    The Y carts look so fun! My nephew would love it!

  48. Cheryl | 27th Nov 16

    I like the y glider

  49. Robyn Bellefleur | 27th Nov 16

    I really like the The Neon Street Roller. Very cool.

  50. Sarah De Diego | 28th Nov 16

    My two 7-year-olds would love the balance bike ->

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  51. em | 28th Nov 16

    i adore the Y Glider 3in1

  52. Bernice | 28th Nov 16

    my daughter would love the Y Fliker C1 Red , looks like she would have tons of fun

  53. Erin W | 30th Nov 16

    I love the black Y Rocker, my daughter would have so much fun with it!

  54. lori butler | 1st Dec 16

    for sure the y rocker

  55. Cheryl MacPhail | 2nd Dec 16

    I like the Y Glider 🙂

  56. Amy T | 3rd Dec 16

    I think all of the toys are great, I remember seeing the balance bikes on the little couple and thinking they were cool! I also thought the y glider was neat… they have neat stuff for all of my kids 🙂

  57. Pat Drouillard | 4th Dec 16

    The Neon Street Roller

  58. Linda | 5th Dec 16

    I like the Balance Bike. Just the thing for my toddler.

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