Elf on the Shelf and Treasure X: Inspire creativity this holiday season

Oh, the good ‘ol Elf on the Shelf!  It’s a fun way to get creative during the countdown to Christmas and truth be told you can do whatever you’d like it when it comes to being creative so check out more below. You can find all the classics and new items from the cult-favourite line will be available for this holiday season including my personal favourite, Claus Couture.  I am going to have to up my Elfton game this year and surprise the kids with new outfits for our beloved Elf.  Yes, my son named his Elfton but we were gifted one for the twins this year so I wonder what name it will have.

Something this year that I will be doing is upping my game.  Elf on the Shelf has so many unique ideas to celebrate your Elf and I am so excited that the twins have their own. Some of the idea’s take only 5 minutes and that is something I can easily do and hopefully not forget because you have to move your Elf every night.

What is Elf on the Shelf?
IF you don’t already know, it’s about your family adopting this beloved family tradition that has captured the hearts of children everywhere, and embrace the magic of having a Scout Elf who reports to Santa each night during the holidays. We’ll be giving one away at the end of the post as well!  Hurrah! Merry Christmas!
Once December.1 rolls around you can be sure I’ll be sharing some of the things our elves are up to.  Just to give you an idea, I love this for travel blogger friends and can’t wait to share it with them.   It even has a cute little print out book.  Gah, I can’t wait! HAHAHAHA.

If you’d like to win one, I’d love for you tell me which idea you love the most and or are planning to do with your Elf.  You can visit and post your comment below to be entered to win one.  


Another fun toy that inspires creativity is Treasure X.   Have you heard of Treasure X?   X marks the spot for a hunt like no other! Search for REAL gold dipped treasure through 10 levels of adventure! Treasure Hunters is the ultimate surprise! Reveal collectibles with a multi-layered reveal process, cool figures, and the chance to find a REAL treasure! Rip, Fizz and Chip away to reveal the layers and discover the secrets hidden within! Will you be the hero that finds the REAL gold or will you end up with the booby prize?   You can me little girl digging it. Literally 😉   They are the right size to put in a stocking and all of my kids really enjoyed it.  This will also keep them busy for a little while. 

Where to buy?
Find Elf on the Shelf ($42.95) at Indigo, Canadian Tire, Toys R Us, Michaels and Walmart 
Treasure X
($14.99) at Toys R Us and Walmart
Enter to win your very own Elf on the Shelf!
Canadian Only, 18+ yrs to enter. Excluding Quebec.
Giveaway ends, Nov. 26, 2018
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Elf on the Shelf


  1. wendy hutton | 19th Nov 18

    I would make a cookie for santa

  2. Sarah | 19th Nov 18

    I would do the colour pages or the making cookies for Santa.

  3. joy | 19th Nov 18

    reindeer chocolate milk! – all super cute ideas!

  4. Jenny Major | 19th Nov 18

    I would do the colour pages

  5. Jonnie | 19th Nov 18

    The Mini Marshmallow Snowmen is a cute idea!

  6. ivy pluchinsky | 19th Nov 18

    I would do the reindeer chocolate milk

  7. Lynda Cook | 19th Nov 18

    My granddaughter would like the colouring pages!!

  8. margo b | 19th Nov 18

    really love all the ideas, making cookies for Santa would be great

  9. Marlene J | 19th Nov 18

    Elf Pets® Balloon Parade

  10. Athena | 19th Nov 18

    I think he’d make the The Mini Marshmallow Snowmen

  11. Betty S | 20th Nov 18

    We would do several but for sure the Make a Cookie for Santa

  12. kathy downey | 20th Nov 18

    Make a Cookie for Santa and The Mini Marshmallow Snowmen are really cute

  13. Robyn Bellefleur | 20th Nov 18

    I would love to do the reindeer chocolate milk.

  14. Janet Meisner | 20th Nov 18

    I like the idea of the festive photo frames as they a would be fun to make.

  15. Calvin | 20th Nov 18

    Mini Marshmallow Men is a creative and cute idea

  16. Jennifer Wilson | 21st Nov 18

    I would do the Scout Elf Landing Net!

  17. Linda G | 21st Nov 18

    The Elf is arriving at our house very soon, so fun to have him around.

  18. andrea amy | 22nd Nov 18

    We would make a cookie for santa

  19. Linda | 22nd Nov 18

    We would enjoy making the fun treat cups at home.

  20. Heather Howard | 23rd Nov 18

    Mini marshmallow snowmen…or maybe even a mini marshmallow house!

  21. Jennifer P. | 23rd Nov 18

    I think I would do the Festive Faux Lights craft – so cute!

  22. Stephanie | 23rd Nov 18

    I think we’d do the snowball fight!

  23. Christine F | 23rd Nov 18

    the north pole disappearing act! how cute!

  24. Michelle Policelli | 24th Nov 18

    Make a Cookie for Santa!!

  25. Darci Paice | 24th Nov 18

    Outfit maker with coloring sheets!!

  26. Debbie S. | 24th Nov 18

    Definitely the Santa coloring pages for my granddaughter.

  27. Amy Heffernan | 26th Nov 18

    The Scout Elf Landing Net!

  28. Vanessa | 26th Nov 18

    We would make cookies for santa

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