Give a gift that truly matters this holiday season: UnPause with SickKids


It’s easy to take our good fortune for granted, especially during the holiday season. Many of us are consumed with finding the perfect present for our loved ones or searching for exciting family vacations and it’s important for us to enjoy and appreciate these moments. But, there are many families that are fighting personal and scary battles this holiday season. This holiday season SickKids is bringing light to some of these families and featuring real patient stories in their campaigns.


There is one thing that is true about a child diagnosed with an illness – their entire family’s life comes to a temporary halt, and everything but the child’s health care is effectively put on pause. There is also one thing that is true about every story – people want to know how it ends.


This year, SickKids is featuring videos of patients whose life stories have been put “on pause”, and are inviting donors to help “unpause” their video story by making a donation online. Each video’s donation goal is tied to the individual patient’s story. For example you may recognize Kael, for Kael’s video, it took 440 donors to unpause his story for the public, which represents the number of days he spent at SickKids. Video stories will only be fully revealed once the declared number of donors has been reached. This means every dollar counts and no donation is too small! 


To date two of the six children’s stories are unpaused but Charlize, Finlay, Gabriel, Finlay and Taylum are still waiting for our support! This holiday season, I am urging you all to take a moment and give a gift that truly matters. Please DONATE HERE to help unpause these videos and affect the lives of SickKids patients.  Following your donation we are not only closer to unpausing the video but you will also be able to see how the child is doing today.

Charlize’s Video:

Just as I am sharing with you please donate and share with your friends. Together we can help unpause these children’s stories and give a gift that truly matters this holiday season!

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