Vans X Nintendo Kids- The perfect shoe for your gamer

If you’re a Nintendo fan you’re going to love the new collection from Vans.  The Vans X Nintendo Kids is the shoe to show off your love for Princess Peach, Yoshi, Chukka Low, Super Mario, the Legend of Zelda heck even the old school Nintendo control and more.  Prices start at $42 my fashionista’s.


Vans and Nintendo come together to celebrate the early days of video games with a truly unique collaboration featuring one-of-a-kind graphic prints. Showcasing 8-bit artwork of Nintendo’s iconic characters and the custom”Game Over” on the sole is brilliant!
Game-Over-Nintendo-X-Vans-Everything-Mom-and-BabyFrom playing at the park, to the first day of school, my son chose to climb with his Vans.  Slip-Ons are great for younger kids as it requires no assistance, something I wish I knew when my son first started JK, but now I know 😉



Vans throwback-styled, head-to-toe look, the Vans x Nintendo collaboration extends into apparel and accessory items for men and women so get matching shoes and twin it with the kids.  The co-branded tees are super cool, backpacks, bags, socks and hats are offered in prints that tie back to the classic footwear.  So go find your nearest Vans store or shop online and treat yourself or your little gamer to the cool look of Nintendo X Games.    
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  1. paula schuck | 2nd Sep 16

    My kids are gamer girls. Their sizes are small women’s sizes now though. Do they have youth sizes or something bigger? LOVE THESE.

  2. Victoria Ess | 19th Oct 16

    These shoes look so fun!

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