Visiting Fern Resort? Here are some of our favourite things about Fern Resort

We recently visited Fern Resort, it was wonderful!  For four nights I didn’t have to cook or clean.  I got to relax! A short drive that’s about 90 minutes from the GTA is just outside Orillia. This is where you will find this 100+-year-old all year family resort.   I have a few favourite things to say but I’ll first start with driving there.  I loved the entrance.  The Weeping Willow Tree’s are beautiful and magical as you approach the front entrance where you see staff walking about, smiling and welcoming you.  It was magic to me as I was looking forward to doing nothing but eat, play and just chill.
IMG_0187We check in and are shown to the Fireside Inn.  Our room was huge!  The kids had a great space to run around in and play.  It had a good size counter and fridge.  The suites do not have a kitchenette as Fern Resort is an All Inclusive Resort.  Our room definitely had a 60’s vibe going as our room can also be used as a conference room.  I do believe that most of the other suites are renovated and more up to date.
Getting a cot was not a problem nor not an extra charge as one of the kids wanted their own bed as there was certainly room.  Putting the kids to bed wasn’t too difficult as there is no separate room.  So when we dimmed the lights, I pulled the blinds and followed our bed time routine at home, they were so tuckered out from the activity(more on that later!) and me, my son and husband played cards and games that we brought.  Right next to our room, however, is a library where you can grab books and even more games.  Our room was clean, comfortable and we had a great sleep.  We were only ever in there to change for dinner and to sleep.  There is so much to do!  I have to give a big shout out to house keeping.  I got a grease stain on my beloved linen tunic from carrying breakfast back to our room.   The hash browns were worth it 😉 However, how can I treat the stain?!?!?! I got in touch with the manager at the Heritage Room and she called house keeping to ask how I could get the grease stain out.  Well, house keeping kindly offered to clean it for me!  That is going above and beyond and my beloved, most favourite summer tunic was saved.  I truly appreciate that level of customer service.


Now let’s talk about the activities.  One of the things that is at the top of my lists as a favourite is the activities for kids that is included with your stay.  Not just one hour of a kids club but a whole day.  Listen, as you probably know if you follow me is that I’m a stay at home mom.  I love my kids and their company but I haven’t relaxed in about 8+ years since when I first became a mother.  So the idea of dropping my kids off to play and learn new things and create their own memories and experiences and making new friends is pretty awesome.  Even for my own peace of mind so I can also recharge.  We wake up and have the kids buffet breakfast which was pretty good and I preferred it to the set menu. Kids brekkie ends at 9:30(optional) but if you want to drop the kids off, camp/play starts at
9:30 am so the adults can have a meal alone together. So from 9-11:50 am the kids are off in a safe environment having a great time.  My husband and I relaxed after breakfast and went to the pool.  It was magical!  This was my view as I hopped in the heated pool to cool off.  There is also another pool on the other side that is much cooler and just simply refreshing.  Diagonally to the right, is the perfect wading pool for little ones.  My twins loved it!



Around mid afternoon you can partake in Aqua-Aerobics which I did!  The staff put together a fun pool party with games and challenges, the facility is lovely and there’s so much to do!  The kids jumped on trampolines, learned new sports, went fishing, went hiking, played games, crafts and so much more.  What are the Summer Facilities? Have a look {here} Swipe through to see the Play Village.  The went on a horse ride, the Honey Bee took them for a ride around the property, it’s amazing!  There is staff to care for your kids in the best possible way.  I was thoroughly impressed.

In the evening my husband had some father/son time and went Mary Lou’s for ping pong and an Illusionist Show.  My son loved that!  There’s always night time entertainment.  So as I mentioned earlier, the morning Kids Camp. We pick them up at 11:50 am and had some more fun by the pool with them as we fed them a BBQ lunch which was great.  I liked the BBQ food the most as you can choose from fresh sandwiches to pizza and burgers/hot dogs. They have a great salad bar so there’s something for everyone.  At 1 pm Kids Camp starts again and you don’t pick them up until 4:30 pm! Have dinner for 5 and drop the kids off at 6 pm so the adults can have a “romantic” dinner.  Pick the kids up at 8 pm and go enjoy the night time fun. Like I said before.  I am always with my kids so having time to myself, having one on one time with my husband was amazing!  When I was taking one of my twins back to Kids Camp in the sweetest most possible way she looked up at me and said “Mama, mama. I, I, I…am having so much fun!”  Mission accomplished Fern Resort, you have a new fan!  My son made new friends, Charlie always makes new friends and it was sweet having them knock on our door to see if Charlie was free and off they went to play and explore.  My son also had a blast tubing,  that cost us $15 for about 10 minutes depending who was driving 😉  The staff that cared for the kids were amazing.  They love what they do and you can see it.  There’s also a little beach and tonnes of water activities.  Even parasailing!

Everyone that we spoke to and I mean everyone had been going there for generations!  Clearly, Fern Resort is doing something right.  A lot of American’s there too as we spoke with a few of the guests as I wanted to know what was bringing them back.  Adults that went there as kids are now going with their kids.  The friends they made as kids are still going there now as adults and they meet up every year!  The longest I heard was that a family was going there for the past 56 years!

Here’s what it was that these guests liked:
– Atmosphere
– Staff
– Family Friendly
– Kids Camp
– All inclusive
– Tradition
– Memories
– Activities and Entertainment

Now let’s talk about the food at the Heritage Dining Room.  I definitely had a few of meals I enjoyed.  For sure the breakfast buffet and BBQ at lunch.  Dinner time was nice too.
Because it’s a resort style meal planning, you can expect things to take a little longer.  You can’t expect to eat your main when they are serving your app and salad. It all comes out in a series of the courses.  You get a lovely 4-course meal so enjoy it, it’s all included.  I did find though that when I ordered everything all at once, it came out quicker. The Prime Rib dinner was AMAZING! I also like the Fish and Chips. Below, I’ll share with you the menu so you get an idea.  Their famous honey rolls were a huge hit as well and they also offer a fab wine list.   

The Korean Prime Rib Sliders were amazing!  


After a day pool side, I wanted some fish and chips made fresh to order.

IMG_0303Mmmm, roasted veal strip loin.
IMG_0295So, here’s a peek at what the menu looked one day as it changes daily.  You can see, it’s a nice menu

Here are some more pics of the grounds:

Did someone say archery and tire swings?!
IMG_0359A batting cage?!
IMG_03565 hole golf course( there’s also rock climbing, basket ball, hockey and tennis courts, bocci ball and life size outdoor checkers and chess!)

IMG_0362Or simply enjoy a nature trail and listen the sounds of nature.

As I’m writing this review, I am so missing Fern Resort and I hope they invite us again. If you’re thinking about Fern Resort, I hope my review helped in your decision to go. It is a great place to go with the family, it is worth every penny especially since you have amazing child care.  You could also hire a baby sitter for the night and it only costs $8/hr for a min of 3 hrs.  We did it and the twins adored Katie as they played and we could run into town to grab a few things.   I also liked that we could charge things to the room.  From Fern gear to our cocktails by the pool to tipping house keeping and staff once we signed off.  It’s laid back, it’s fun and yes, I recommend you head over to Fern Resort this summer.  Let me know what you think and I hope you’ll share my post.  I hope you’re having a great summer and thanks so much for reading my review on Fern Resort.  Follow Fern Resort on Facebook, their Tweets and Instagram.  A big thanks to Fern Resort for hosting us.


Disclosure: This post was in collaboration with Fern Resort. In exchange, I received perks such as a comped stay(excluding alcohol and extracurricular activities) to conduct my review. All opinions are always my own.


  1. Sapana V | 1st Aug 17

    Such an amazing place it is. Nothing is best than this place for a short vacation.

  2. Little Miss Kate | 4th Aug 17

    Wow, great photos. Looks like a beautiful place to take the kids. I think next year we will be looking for a vacation like this as my kids are all getting old enough to take part in activities together.
    And the food looks fantastic too.

  3. Gingermommy | 4th Aug 17

    Looks like a fun place for families to hang out

  4. Debbie Davidov | 22nd Aug 17

    Looks like a great place to go!!

  5. Ada Miller | 22nd Aug 17

    Looks like a beautiful place to vacation at.

  6. kathy downey | 22nd Aug 17

    Beautiful and the fod looks amazing !

  7. Alison Braidwood | 22nd Aug 17

    Interesting. I’ve heard of Fern Resort but didn’t have a clear idea of where it was, or what kind of place it was. I like that this is reachable for most Ontarians.

  8. kristen visser | 22nd Aug 17

    oh my gosh that entrance and those beautiful trees! inviting is right WOW! looks so serene and I love how suited it is to family and small kids. My daughters would not be able to leave that ball pit. And the food …. yummers! looks like my kind of place

  9. Florence Cochrane | 22nd Aug 17

    Looks like a wonderful spot for a family. My grandchildren would enjoy the honey rolls.

  10. Debbie White Beattie | 22nd Aug 17

    This place looks like it not only has beautiful grounds but it looks like it has lots of fun activities and great food. I will say that the rooms look like they could use an update but the other stuff is what is really important.

    • Mama Ash | 25th Aug 17

      I agree with the room. I think other suites are more up to date though.

  11. Tara | 22nd Aug 17


  12. Wanda Tracey | 22nd Aug 17

    Fern Resort looks beautiful.I love you pictures of the great food and the fun activities that you enjoyed.It’s nice to know where it is.I spent some time in Orillia a few summers ago.

  13. Janet M | 24th Aug 17

    The oictures show such an amazing resort. Thanks for the info.

  14. Jenny B | 25th Aug 17

    It sounds and looks like such a lovely place. The Weeping Willow Tree’s at the entrance does look so magical.

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