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The Weego Twin Carrier.  Sounds great, doesn’t it?  Being pregnant with twins and an avid babywearer what’s a mom like me to do? Well if you know me, I research every product out there to find the best so I can share it with you.  I was really excited when I came across Weego.
What I will say about the Weego is it has potential.  It truly has the potential to be a fabulous twin carrier but I was a little disappointed.  It’s great for short trips as you can’t breastfeed in it.  I would use it more for taking my son to school, a grocery store run etc.  Any longer it would get painful to wear.  This carrier I feel needs more structure to support carrying twins.

I found the support in the waist belt and shoulder lacking.  I think if it was made with a structured waist belt like in an SSC and padding in the shoulders like an SSC it just might be the best option out there for carrying your twins.  The waistband is similar to a mei tai and is thin in width and the same goes for the support of the shoulder straps. Take a look!

How the carrier works: Open the pouch.  Adjust the interior snaps for the size to accommodate a baby.  Unzip the main body where you place baby in then zip up and secure your infant.  Once the baby is placed properly in the carrier you zip up the outer shell of the carrier.  Cinch around the neckline for neck support. You can watch the Weego video online.


My girls were 7 pounds each when I first put them in the carrier and the last time I “wore” them they were 9 and 10 pounds. I used this carrier for almost two months.  It was somewhat easy to put them in the carrier alone (it’s better with a helper) but I was not getting the great “M” position I was hoping for a newborn carry.  I adjusted the snaps on the inside panel(pictured below) which is a cool feature to customize the right fit but it was a little snug for my baby girls.  


I really wish I loved this carrier.  It says on the site that you can wear up to 5 – 6 months.  I’ll let you decide on that 😉 I know there is no way I could wear them both in a front carry at that age and weight.
I do commend them for creating such a carrier and starting at a preemie weight of 3pounds. It’s also great as a twin carrier to have them side by side.  Those are the two things I like most about the Weego Twin.   But I found it uncomfortable to wear for the duration of the time.
Visit Weego.com and check out their Facebook page.
I’d like to hear from you.  What did you think of the review? Is there anything I missed that you would like to know more of?
Edit- Mar.22/18, my own photos for some reason can’t be uploaded when I switched from Blogger to WordPress.  The new photos are courtesy of Weego.  I am trying to find my old photos!  Sorry.


  1. matope | 24th Jun 13

    oh my goodness! so tiny! i did think they were dolls at first! it looks like a good idea but how wide is the seat? I’d worry about hip displacia (spelling?) if its too narrow… and where did you get those hats? they’re beautiful! 🙂

  2. Everything Mom and Baby | 24th Jun 13

    I was a little worried about the potential development of hip dysplasia but they were in the carrier for a max of half hour – 45 min a day or so. But I was assured by the company that they’d have the M position yet I couldn’t get it with the gals.

    You can see in the pic knee’s weren’t high enough and I’d adjust the snaps to find the right fit but I never got that nice “M” like I would in my JPMBB wrap or emeibaby.

    The hats are my new favourite find. I got them from a etsy shop from Latvia.

  3. Gwen Short | 19th Sep 13

    I just recently had twin boys (6 weeks) and purchased the weego twin as well (partially because of the promise of proper sitting in M position also). Our boys have been in the carrier four times and my main problem is that it is very warm and the twins get very hot very quickly. It’s the only time since they’ve been born that I’ve seen them sweat. Have you come across this as well? (For the record, I live in Ohio so it’s not like the climate is too warm.)
    Our boys are currently around 8 lb each and like you mentioned, the inner pouch has always been very snug horizontally, a tight fit making zipping them up with no help not easy, but completely possible.
    I too love those hats!!! They, and your girls are adorable!!!

  4. Tash | 9th Nov 17

    What would be your recommended twin newborn carrier ? All the points you raised as a red flag resonate with what I’d be against. I’m looking for something I don’t have to learn to tie ……

    • Mama Ash | 9th Jan 18

      Check out emeibaby. No infant insert required but you’d need to wear one at a time.
      Our TwinGo maybe when the babies are older as they need to be around 6 months old for back carry.

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