Weleda, a Moment with Your Baby {Giveaway}

I was recently invited to  Weleda workshop called “A Moment with Your Baby”, and indeed a moment it was. Meeting the fab women from Weleda and their Doula.  She showed us how to massage and we spoke about the benefits of Weleda and infant massage.

A Moment with Your Baby is referring to a quiet time with your precious love where mom or dad takes a timeout with baby and to soothe baby by gentle massage.

I’ve been massaging Master Charles since he was a new born, my clients were right when they said to me “What a lucky baby to have you as a mom because of your hands”…huge compliment for me and I know Master Charles appreciates because at 2 1/2 years he still gets a massage and now ASKS for it. He flips onto his tummy and says to me “Massage my back mommy” so naturally I do and then he says “Feels good mommy”.  My life before baby was Aromatherapist and Esthetician in case your wondering what clients I have that would say that 😉

So when Weleda invited me I said “Yes!” right away.  

I love Weleda products, it was the first line I used on Charlie and the scent takes me back to his newborn days.  The power of smell is something else as it triggers emotions and feelings buried deep in the back of your olfactory system.

Why I chose Weleda?

When Calendula comes to mind I think of liquid gold..well next to breast milk. 
Calendula Baby Care is made with pure plant oils and extracts, natural ingredients that don’t clog pores so baby’s skin can breathe. Read a review I did last year, click here
Another fabulous product for massage from Weleda is their Tummy Oil, read more here….

Benefits of Baby Massage
Massage isn’t it just for babies, once you smell the sweet, gentle aroma  of Weleda’s Calendula Baby Care it will soothe your senses after a long day of nursing and changing diapers and hopefully sleeping when baby is.
Hugs and loving hands go a long way, we all know the power if touch.  Be in a good mood and calm mind when you are about to massage baby too.
Baby massage contains a myriad of health benefits, improves circulation, boosts the immune system and can ease colic and indigestion.  Who doesn’t love a gentle touch from a loved one?
From Weleda and Everything Mom and Baby 
 I was given a Weleda Baby Care Travel Kit and Baby Massage DVD.
I am going to give it to one lucky follower of Everything Mom and Baby.
Are you expecting? I have a Pregnancy Massage Oil to giveaway!

To Enter:
answer both for bonus points or just one or the other 🙂
*Tell me how do you and baby unwind?  
* Check out my tips over at Weleda and share your favorite tip. 
* Know some one expecting? Tell a friend about this giveaway
Please leave an email address or Twitter name so I can contact you if you win.
Open worldwide, ends April.25, 2011

Master C at the Event


  1. Mars | 18th Apr 11

    To unwind, Ruby and I like to sit in a rocking chair and listen to music, lights low and read some stories..

  2. Mars | 18th Apr 11

    My favourite tip from the Weleda site was the one about the teething gel on the angel brush! What a great idea, I will use that for my next one due in November:)

  3. Librarianess | 18th Apr 11

    All my son and I need to rewind is a dimly lit room, a rocking chair, and some nursing time. Breastfeeding is more than just food, even for a 13 month old! 🙂

  4. Librarianess | 18th Apr 11

    My favourite tip is the one you gave about the teething gel and teether — I never thought about the dual purpose (soothing gums and cleaning teeth) before!


  5. Autumn | 18th Apr 11

    I breastfeed my daughter, and we snuggle up to take naps. This is the best way that we unwind, although we have tried massage (which is awesome) and going outside to the swingset.

    aecopley at gmail dot com

  6. Tara | 18th Apr 11

    to unwind, i read my little guy a story. he loves dr. seuss!
    taraz9 at excite dot com

  7. Tara | 18th Apr 11

    My fave tip you gave, is the teething gel & teether… I hadn’t thought of that before!
    taraz9 at excite dot com

  8. Ashley | 18th Apr 11

    We unwind by reading books in bed. My son just eats the pages, but I love that time with him!


  9. Heidi | 18th Apr 11

    Giggles help us unwind!

  10. Heidi | 18th Apr 11

    i like the stinky diaper tip on weleda!

  11. Lindsay | 19th Apr 11

    I love your teething tot tip!!


  12. Lindsay | 19th Apr 11

    I like to read to my kids at night after a bath. Then I nurse the baby in the almost dark of his room and put him to bed and then snuggle up to my 3 yr old. 🙂


  13. meredith c | 19th Apr 11

    We unwind by reading books, rocking him, and going on walks around the neighborhood.

  14. meredith c | 19th Apr 11

    My favorite tip was eating quinoa to increase my milk supply, my son was 2mnth premature so while he was in nicu I relied on pumping to give him his milk. He is now out but my milk supply is going down.. a nurse told me to drink one beer every other day cuz the yeast will increase my milk supply. I dnt like beer or the idea of drinking alcohol while he relies on me for food so thanks 4 the tip, ill def try this one!!

  15. Erika - MommyBurgh | 19th Apr 11

    How do we unwind?

    Usually I pop in a fun family friendly video, pour her some juice, make myself some tea, and we veg out!
    Or we lay in bed, me with magazines and her with pop-up books, enjoying the big blankets and quiet time!


  16. Olivia L | 19th Apr 11

    We unwind by reading a book or nursing, both for bedtime!
    olivia.lasting at gmail dot com

  17. Olivia L | 19th Apr 11

    I like your tip on using calendula tooth gel on a cold teething ring. My girl is teething something fierce right now.
    olivia.lasting at gmail dot com

  18. Mommybug | 20th Apr 11

    The most soothing thing for both my girls was nursing and the comfort of bonding. I look forward to nursing our little one due this summer, i know it will bring much needed stress relief:)


  19. Jenn A. | 20th Apr 11

    Unwinding for us starts with giving my son a bath, then a massage before getting him into his pj’s. We end it all off with a story (Goodnight Moon) in the glider in his room. The perfect way to end a day and start a wonderful path to dreamland!

  20. J. Reid | 20th Apr 11

    My favorite tip was…I put my Weleda Children’s Tooth Gel on the Born Free Silicone Teething Ring and Gum Brush. While Charlie is chewing on it, he is brushing his own teeth and helping me out!

    Great idea! Will def be trying this one out!!

  21. J. Reid | 20th Apr 11

    To unwind my little ones and I read story books before bed, or any time for that matter! nothing calms them down then getting all snuggly and reading their favorite stories!

  22. J. Reid | 20th Apr 11

    I forgot my email… on my last post so I will redo it.. sorry!!

    To unwind my little ones and I read story books before bed, or any time for that matter! nothing calms them down then getting all snuggly and reading their favorite stories!


  23. virginia b. | 25th Apr 11

    to unwind my little guys, we usually all cuddle up in bed and sing lullabies as a family:)

    i like your tip about adding calendula to wipes. i make my own wipe ‘solution’ and use washcloths, so I’ll be sure to add some to it next time…thanks!


  24. Kimberly | 25th Apr 11

    I’m currently pregnant, so baby and I unwind together when my husband gives me a massage.
    kirbycolby at gmail dot com

  25. Kimberly | 25th Apr 11

    I like your tip to use Weleda’s Baby Calendula Oil on a diaper wipe. It sounds like it would be extra soothing on irritated skin. Thanks for sharing!
    kirbycolby at gmail dot com

  26. nightowl | 26th Apr 11

    We uwind by listening to soothing music.
    winit6 at hotmail dot com

  27. nightowl | 26th Apr 11

    I like the tip for eczema/dry skin:
    Smooth lotion on your baby’s skin while it is still slightly damp from the bath.

    winit6 at hotmail dot com

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