International Krav Maga Toronto: A kids program overview


I have a special guest post by my sons krav maga instructor Christopher Gagné from the International Krav Maga Federation Toronto.  Chris offers this special self-defense program in the heart of midtown, Toronto, ON.  Classes offered are for adults as well and there is also a  kick-ass women’s self-defense class that I think all women should learn. 
If you’re new to krav maga and are looking for classes to put your children, I highly recommend IKMF Toronto.  Here is my first post on what is Krav Maga and here is another post to discover more about this unique discipline. 


We chose this modality because it’s affordable, close to home and it brings awareness to one’s surroundings and the movements of krav maga are completely realistic in self-defense.  If you’d like to learn more contact Christopher at IKMF Toronto.  I hope you’ll check it out.

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