Barbie Says: #YouCanBeAnything and she’s right!


Well, that time has come.  I am going to write about Barbie but this is a special campaign I am happy be a part of.  Barbie #YouCanBeAnything. I loved Barbie when I was a little girl.  My mom and I would go to Eatons, I would head up to the toy department and stare at all the new Barbies.  I loved Valentine Barbie, her red velvet dress with little red velvet hearts on white chiffon.  I can’t believe I still remember her but that dress!  I loved it and had to have it.  I loved textiles and design even as a child and dreamed of being a fashion designer.  I loved all the dresses that special collection dolls from Barbies.  I loved the detail and  I am excited to tell you about the #YouCanBeAnything campaign with Barbie and you’ll have a chance to win too!

Barbie_YouCanBeAnything_Landing-V2-R4_Quote_tcm895-117376The best thing about play is our imagination.   It grows our brain. From thinking to language skills to our social and emotional skills. We dream and imagine and Barbie has been there for many where they can play and imagine themselves as a Princess, a Doctor, a Veterinarian, even a Navy officer as Barbie was one in 1991.  If you like Barbie, take a trip down memory lane on their Instagram .


I know when I was a little girl I also wanted to be an archeologist, a marine geologist, a buyer, a model and a mom.  I still dream of fashion and I still dream of new careers as an adult. There are so many things I still want to do and since motherhood has taken over a love for cooking has evolved.  We’ll see 😉  I love that Barbie is taking a different initiative to encourage young girls to dream big and pursue their dreams.  Will pretend play become a reality?  With over 155 careers and counting, there isn’t a plastic ceiling Barbie hasn’t broken. From Mermaid to Movie Star, Pet Vet to Police Officer, Fashionista to Fairy Princess, there are countless choices for your little ones to let their imagination soar. There’s no such thing as too wild a dream, too big a hope or too fantastic a wish when it comes to Barbie.

But I’d love to hear from you.  #YouCanbeAnything!  Everything Mom and Baby is going give away a Barbie Careers Eye Doctor Doll and Playset and Two Fashionista Dolls (total value $49.99) 


How are you encouraging your children to be anything? Be sure to comment below!  I love how Barbie is putting these girls out in their chosen careers for this video. Have a watch it’s really sweet. 

#YouCanBeAnything {Barbie}


  1. Jenn | 1st Dec 15

    DD4 has loved Barbie since she was old enough to say their name! She loves dressing them, creating adventures and reenacting the films!! I love that Barbie inspires my DD to be whatever she wants!

  2. Nicky | 1st Dec 15

    by exposing him to lots of career options, without consideration for what gender typically does that job. pointing things out as we see instances of various jobs.

  3. Maureen Anderson | 1st Dec 15

    I love how confident the little girls were.

  4. Juliee Fitze | 1st Dec 15

    I always tell my granddaughters they can be anything they want.

  5. angela m | 1st Dec 15

    I loved when the little girl said that sally the dinosaur age right down to the day.

  6. Cheryl | 1st Dec 15

    I just keep reminding them that noting can hold them back from their dream and to aim for the top 🙂

  7. Elena | 1st Dec 15

    I encourage my kids to be who they want to be by not limiting their toys to gender specific.

  8. Judy Cowan | 1st Dec 15

    By telling them they can do anything they want and by supporting them when they are trying new things out.

  9. Viv Sluys | 1st Dec 15

    Aw, that was adorable. I loved the little coach; she looked tough. My favourite part was the vet asking if the lady’s cat could fly.

  10. Brenda Lacourciere | 2nd Dec 15

    I am letting her explore the world around her with no gender biases.

  11. Courtney | 2nd Dec 15

    I tell my sons to dream and to make it happen!

  12. Darrah Bailey | 2nd Dec 15

    I encourage my kids to be anything they want by not doing the “gender specific” toys and reading all about different jobs and things with them always

  13. Annmarie W. | 2nd Dec 15

    I saw this video a few weeks back & it just blew me away! Probably the best ad spot I have ever seen! I love when the veteranarian asks if the woman’s ever seen her pet fly! LOL!

  14. marie s | 2nd Dec 15

    that is the cutest video ever. I like how girls imagination can lead them to their true calling in a profession.

  15. SweetPanda | 2nd Dec 15

    Yes, I told my daughter that it’s always good to have dreams and don’t be afraid to try to pursue her dreams. Some might not work out but some might surprisingly work out. Without trying, you never know.

  16. Florence C | 2nd Dec 15

    Yes I have always encourage my own children and now my grandchildren to be whatever they want to be.

  17. Jeannie | 2nd Dec 15

    I encourage my kids to always be themselves. Explore, wonder and play to find out what they want to be. It’s okay to change your mind daily.

  18. Piroska | 2nd Dec 15

    I’ve always encouraged my children to go with their heart, and be whatever they want to be. And they have! Now, I will do the same with my little granddaughter.

  19. Pam | 2nd Dec 15

    I don’t direct or limit their imaginative play and let them take risks.

  20. Jennifer P. | 2nd Dec 15

    Haha, loved it, what a great video! I loved how the little girls incorporated real knowledge and imaginative play into their role playing. Still kids, but on the path to adulthood with no doubts about what they can do – completely confident in their mix of abilities.

  21. ivy pluchinsky | 2nd Dec 15

    my favorite part of the video is how confident the girl was

  22. Carole Dube | 2nd Dec 15

    By letting them express themselves and letting them make some decision so they could be confident.

  23. Darlene Schuller | 3rd Dec 15

    We encourage her to learn about different the different occupations available. We talk about there being no such thing as a ‘man’s’ job .. or a ‘woman’s job’…

  24. lori b | 4th Dec 15

    reminding them they can be whatever they want.

  25. Jonnie | 4th Dec 15

    We encourage our kids to pursue their interests and we put money into RESPs to try and make anything feel attainable for them.

  26. Amber Y | 4th Dec 15

    I encourage them to try everything at least once. It’s a great way for them to learn new skills and build confidence and both of those things will help them be whatever they want to be.

  27. Suzi | 5th Dec 15

    I let them try different activities and sports and support them.

  28. Jenny | 6th Dec 15

    My daughter loves playing with barbies

  29. Wendy hutton | 6th Dec 15

    I tell the kids the skies the limit you just have to reach for it and work hard to get there

  30. Shannon | 7th Dec 15

    Yes, our daughter is only 2 but we don’t limit her to certain types of toys/tv shows. The sky is the limit!

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