You’re all in one Mothers Day Giftguide #IPRgiftlounge

Whether you or your mom likes to be active, snuggle on the couch for a weekend marathon of tv shows and movies or love the latest in beauty I have some great gift idea’s that I discovered two weeks ago at the IPR Gift Lounge.

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For the Active mom:
Schwinn Canada presented us with fabulous gift idea’s for mom and I for one, want a Schwinn bike.  I love the classic vintage look of their chosen bikes that they displayed.  You can find the Signature Style at select independent bike shops. Prices range from $360-$660.
I love the Dutch-style steel frame and fork and the convenient leg clearance for a relaxed riding position for an easy roll through town.  I would get a basket and go to the Farmers Markets.


Ta Lii Towels:
These are not your regular towels, these are Ta Lii’s .  I love mine.  I sweat so much when working out and one little pat sucks everything up!  You can get them monogrammed, you can get various sizes and get some for the whole family.  These are perfect for the beach too!  One flip and snap and sand is flown off.  Prices range from $13-$30 and is very reasonably priced.  They are compact, they dry super fast, like 70% faster than your terry towel and they are thinner!  They are super absorbent even though they are thin-they hold 5x more water than your regular towel.
Made in Canada, Tillie Shop makes really good headbands!  So good that they actually stay on my big head.  I was impressed and they are super comfy to wear, whether I am hitting the yoga studio to puttering around cleaning our flat or out on the lake. 
Your Tillie can be a scarf, headband, tube top, beanie, scrunchie, hood and so much more!  It wicks away moisture, dries fast and perfect for all your active activities.  Oh and bad hair days! Ha! 
For the Cozy Mom:
Get her shomi!  Treat mom by setting it up for her so she can catch up on her favourite shows plus she’ll have the kids shows for when you drop off the kids off(wink, wink) for those weekend sleep overs.  Shomi is a great gift outside the norm.  Or better yet, a mom and son/daughter night with a big bowl of treats and popcorn and watching something together.  Great traditions can start with Shomi!
PlayingHouse_ShomiBiotime Footwear:
From cozy slippers, to shearling boots to amazing water shoes Biotime has something for every style even therapeutic.  I love my slippers{have a look!} that I got from the IPR gift lounge.  I can even wear them out. Amazing quality and comfort!  

Take mom to the movies! I know I mentioned shomi above but there’s a new movie coming out for Mothers Day(psst, I have a giveaway coming this week with them) and the movie is called Mother’s Day.  


For the Health and Beauty Mom:
L’oréal Canada has some amazing new nude lipsticks!  I love mine and I never thought I could wear such soft nudes but it looks really good.  I haven’t stopped using them.  The Colour Riche Collection is gorgeous as are the colours.  I love my JLo! Collection Exclusive by Colour Riche® introduces a permanent offer to the L’Oréal Paris portfolio. Six signature nude shades by our six dazzling spokeswomen. Custom-made to match various skin tones and hair colour.
And if you don’t have time for a root touch up, Loreal’s Root Touch -Up is a great temporary fix!  3, 2, 1 roots gone! No more greys, no more compromise. Instantly washes off with shampoo. Provides 40 applications.


Jamieson vitamin’s B12 spray has been the talk of mom bloggers at the IPR gift lounge.  It’s truly a great product as my husband has taken mine.  But from Sleep to energy Jamieson has some cool new vitamins to help us, moms!  Healthy Sleep by Jamieson slowly releases melatonin to aid in sleep. It’s formulated with 5 mg of time-released melatonin, Healthy SLEEP has been proven to promote relaxation and relieve stress. Under-eye circles aren’t the only side effect of poor sleep. A lack of proper sleep can negatively affect your physical and mental health, including your heart health, weight control, immunity, mood and memory.
The B12 Energy Spray is really remarkable and we all good a little boost.  I’ll be honest, I never thought vitamins would be a gift to suggest but sleep and energy are something most of us could use and it’s natural.  New Jamieson Vitamin B12 Energy Spray is a great way to get 500 mcg of Vitamin B12 in one second! This convenient format helps in the production of red blood cells and metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins for enhanced energy production. It’s an excellent alternative for those who have difficulty or prefer not to swallow capsules or tablets.7860_VS_Energy_EN_large

For stunning one of a kind gift, to crafts and accessories to handcrafted soaps, I love shopping Etsy.
If you haven’t heard of LouLou Lollipop you are about to!  They make the prettiest, funky and particle necklaces for mom and adorable accessories for baby.  All items are handmade in Vancouver. No lead, no PVC’s, no phthalates and it’s all food grade silicon.
I love hand crafted soap. REAL SOAP.  Not the “beauty bar” because technically it’s not soap, hence being called a “beauty bar”.  Did you know that? 
Anyways, I have been loving Beurre D’Amon soap, based in Montreal, QC.  I have three of their soaps, Activated Charcoal is amazing and pictured below! Organic colloidal oats to soothe inflamed and sensitive skin as this is facial soap.  Activated Charcoal known to pull toxins, dirt and debris. Great for superficial cleansing and deep cleansing of congested and clogged pores.


Aspen Clean
Two words. Hire them.  It makes  a great gift.  She can go for a bike ride in her new Schwinn and come home to clean toxic free home.
Ok, if you don’t want to hire this fabulous cleaning team of individuals you can order their equally amazing products.  Great for a new mom, mom to be, someone who cares about their environment and using effective non-toxic products for the whole home.  I can’t say enough good things about Aspen Clean.

For the Mom who has everything….
Survival gifts from Unicef is a remarkable gift to give.  What better gift to than one that will help a family and save a life.  Enough said! It’s so easy to do online.


  1. Lynda Cook | 24th Apr 16

    Those Ta Lii Towels:sound awesome, and would make a great gift!!

  2. Andrea Amy | 24th Apr 16

    All really great ideas 🙂

  3. Erika E | 24th Apr 16

    Great gift ideas, I would love a Schwinn bike. The seats look so much more comfortable that the bike that I currently have.

  4. kathy downey | 24th Apr 16

    Thanks for the list of great ideas

  5. Joni W | 24th Apr 16

    Those are awersome ideas.

  6. jan | 24th Apr 16

    So many great items I might just get a couple for myself! 🙂

  7. Cheryl | 24th Apr 16

    Great ideas. Sometimes I struggle for gift ideas for my mil

  8. heather sibley | 24th Apr 16

    I love the new signature nudes lipsticks by L’Oreal. Such great colours.

  9. Silvia D | 25th Apr 16

    would love to recieve some of the gift ideas myself! thank you for the ideas!

  10. Robyn Bellefleur | 25th Apr 16

    The towels are a great idea for my mom.

  11. Judy Cowan | 25th Apr 16

    Love that Schwinn, I would love one! Need to start dropping some hints!

  12. nicky | 25th Apr 16

    lovely gift ideas – thanks!

  13. nicolthepickle | 26th Apr 16

    I love handmade soap. That would be something I would gift and love to get.

  14. Victoria Ess | 26th Apr 16

    The handmade soap is really cute!

  15. kathy downey | 26th Apr 16

    I just Love that Schwinn….going to send out some hints on this one and see how it goes

  16. Karla Sceviour | 26th Apr 16

    Great gift ideas!!

  17. Wanda Tracey | 27th Apr 16

    I love the Schwinn bike!! Wishing and hoping for one.

  18. Diana Powell | 27th Apr 16

    That soap looks awesome where can I buy it in Ontario ?

    • Erica | 27th Apr 16

      You’ll have to buy it online through the etsy shop. Link is in bold in the name of the company 🙂

  19. Krista M | 27th Apr 16

    My mom would really like the Biotime Footwear for the ultimate in comfort! And I can’t wait to find the Jamieson Vitamin B12 Energy Spray in a store near me soon. This is a product I’ve been wanting for a long time now.

  20. Cheryl | 27th Apr 16

    Great gift guide! Lots of wonderful ideas

  21. Angela Mitchell | 27th Apr 16

    Shomi would be the perfect gift for my mom. She is cancelling cable and is looking for alternatives. I’ve got Shomi and I love it.

  22. Debbie S. | 28th Apr 16

    Biotime footwear looks incredibly comfortable! I absolutely love Loulou Lollipops etsy page. I just went their and I will be going back, just shortly!

  23. Joni W | 28th Apr 16

    Awesome gift guide. Wonder what my mom would like?

  24. Suzie M | 28th Apr 16

    Thanks for all the great ideas I like the Ta Lii towels best

  25. Melinda Jana | 28th Apr 16

    the soaps are an excellent idea, I know what I’m getting for mom this Mother’s Day

  26. Viv Sluys | 30th Apr 16

    I like the Loulou lollipop jewelry for myself. My mom would love a Ta Lii Towel.

  27. Rosanne Robinson | 30th Apr 16

    The Biotime Footwear looks really comfortable.

  28. Jody D | 1st May 16

    That activated charcoal so is pretty dramatic! Would look spectacular on a granite counter top!

  29. Suzy Q | 1st May 16

    A new bike for mom is a great idea — better health and cheaper transportation. (and fun with the kids too!)

  30. Carol M | 1st May 16

    So many great gift ideas, thank you

  31. Nancy J Montgomery | 1st May 16

    I’d love to have the bicycle! Hint. Hint.

  32. Julie | 3rd May 16

    Great gift ideas! Those towels would look great at my house!

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