Zaya Oils- Inspirational oils from head to toe

I love oils for the skin.  Zaya makes beautiful products that are handcrafted in Toronto, ON.  I find them a better treatment than cream for anti-ageing and more nourishing than most gel based serums made by the big cosmetics brands.  I’ve been using various types of oils and for pushing 40 my skin looks a lot younger than some of my 20 something clients. 

Who and What are Zaya Oils?
Zaya Oils are based in natural organic, wild harvested vegetable and essential based oils. Their oils are perfectly blended with a balance that you and your skin will love.  There are no synthetic ingredients what so ever which is a big one for me.  I love the clean, easy application of the therapeutic oils of Zaya.  The packaging is unique and my twins love playing with the boxes(made of recycled paper) that they come in. A perfect gift for Mothers Day!

The Blends

Belly Oil–  Whether you have a beautiful bud growing in your belly to losing the weight you skin stretches and changes.  Keep skin healthy with the Zaya Belly Oil.  Infused with the essential oils of Vanilla and Petitgrain in the base of Apricot and Rice bran oil.  Rich in Vit A & C and essential fatty acids your belly will love the TLC.  I find that oils for the face and body are best applied and absorbed when the skin is still a little damp.

Eye Oil–  Fine oils to nourish, hydrate and treat the eye area this is one of my favourites!  It’s a duo as you can use it at night time to remove eye makeup and treat the eyes in the morning.  Rosewood is fabulous for sensitive skin and pomegranate rejuvenates mature skin.  The base is wheat germ, macadamia nut oil and jojoba.  Loaded with vitamins to treat the windows of the soul. 

Face Oil – When I was working as a facialist in an aromatherapy clinic I used to work in we had a blend of the Sweet Almond Oil and Rosewood.  I used this on clients that had couperose, sensitive, irritated skin.  It works on bringing redness down, strengthened the blood vessels to prevent further dames and broken capillaries.   Zaya Face oil is infused with Rosewood and Geranium(perfect harmony!) This is in a base of Evening Primrose(amazing nourishment and anti-ageing for EFA’s!), Grapeseed Oil for vitamins A, B, C and E and light and effective Sesame Seed Oil.  You could use this a gentle cleanser as well.  Damp your hands with water, pump 2 pumps and remove with a warm face cloth.  It has made my skin balanced, happy and less red.

Hair Oil–  Your inner hippy will love this hair oil!  Patchouli, Lavender and Ylang Ylang.  This hair oil effectively treats a dry, itchy scalp.  Sometimes hormones take it out on us postpartum and our hair can suffer terribly.  This brings back health, shine and balance.  No more dry scalp for me!

Nail Oil–  A great treatment for all ages even nail biters!  This gives your nails an instant manicure after a simple file. Lemon oil to bring back vitality to the nail bed and Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot, Avocado, Wheat and Rice Bran oils nourish dry cuticles and damaged nail beds.  A must-have for healthy, strong nails.  I love this product!  Check out this post for tips!  This has helped my nails stay healthy and get stronger.

Body Oil–  Say hello to Summer with healthy nourished skin from head to toe.  I find healthy skin so attractive on a person.  You can have a great outfit but when your skin looks dry and unhealthy it ruins it. It’s like one doesn’t care about themselves.   Or maybe it’s just the esthetician in me?  Moisturize your skin with the Body Oil.  I hate lotion for the body.  You have to work it in and takes too much time!  With Grapefruit( a gentle natural AHA your skin will be so smooth over time)and  Rosemary to invigorate your mind and skin (great for toning!), this will be all you need to reach for after the shower.  I feel sexy when my skin is nicely hydrated with Zaya Oils.  My skin glows and I glow from the inside.

Where to Buy?
Shop online at Zaya Oils.  Get free shipping on orders over $75 across Canada and the USA.
Let’s have a giveaway!  With Mothers Day around the corner, you can enter to win this for yourself or gift it to your Mom!  Zaya Oils is going to give a gift bundle consisting of the Face Oil, Eye Oil and Nail Oil.  Valued at over $175.   This giveaway is open to USA and Canada. Good Luck!  Please read terms & conditions and enjoy learning more about this fantastic line.  I highly recommend you give Zaya Oils a try!

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  1. Amy Heffernan | 22nd Apr 15

    I like how they are 100% organic!!!!

  2. Courtney | 22nd Apr 15

    I’d love to try the hair oil.I love that it’s natural and a Canadian company!

  3. Anne Taylor | 22nd Apr 15

    I would love the Hair Oil
    YLANG-YLANG, PATCHOULI & LAVENDER! These products sound wonderful! I love that this contains no artificial preservatives, petroleum derived substances, artificial fragrances or harmful synthetic skin irritants, is vegan and not tested on animals!

  4. lynn clayton | 22nd Apr 15

  5. Tannis W | 22nd Apr 15

    I like that they use natural ingredients and manufacture the products in Canada. I’d like to try the eye oil for the fine lines around my eyes.

  6. Bailey Dexter | 23rd Apr 15

    I would love to try the hair oil as it nurtures dry or dull hair restoring its natural shine. What is great about the company is that it is Canadian!

  7. melissa fowers | 23rd Apr 15

    I love that they are organic

  8. Gillian Morgan | 23rd Apr 15

    I like the Nail (and Hand) Oil. I like that the oils are all natural.

  9. Brandee H | 23rd Apr 15

    I would love to try the hair oil. My hair is very dry. It needs some care! I love that they are a Canandian company.

  10. jan | 23rd Apr 15

    I love their ingredients and would like to try the Eye Oil

  11. lori b | 24th Apr 15

    i love how they are organic 100%

  12. Juliee Fitze | 24th Apr 15

    I would like to try their eye oil and just love their packaging really fresh and exciting.

  13. Hilary | 24th Apr 15

    What a great mother’s day gift idea!

  14. LILLIAN BROWN | 24th Apr 15

    like how they are 100% organic

  15. Toby | 24th Apr 15

    Love the Macadamia nut oil and the fact it’s made right her in Canada!

  16. Robyn Bellefleur | 24th Apr 15

    I love organic products such as these!

  17. Erika E | 25th Apr 15

    I’d like to try the Rosewood Eye Oil. I like that their manufacturing is cruelty free and not harmful for the environment.

  18. Wanda Tracey | 25th Apr 15

    I like that Zaya Oils use all natural ingredients in their awesome products and they are manufactured in Canada!They are made 100% organic.That speaks to me of purity and that’s so important to my skin and what it absorbs.Thank you or the most amazing and generous giveaway! 🙂

  19. amy rouse | 25th Apr 15

    Face Oil
    Geranium & Rosewood sounds great!

    This oil blend was specially created to delicately moisturize the skin without leaving the greasy feeling on your face.

  20. Jenn | 25th Apr 15

    I’d love to try the Eye Oil! It sounds great. I love that all these products have a mix of different oils.

  21. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard | 25th Apr 15

    I like that they are organic and I like

  22. Silvia D | 26th Apr 15

    I like that it is 100% organic, natural and has wild-harvested ingredients, and that it is a Canadian company. Would love to try the Eye Oil.

  23. Holly OGorman | 26th Apr 15

    I like that they are a Canadian company.

  24. Soozle | 27th Apr 15

    The eye oil sounds neat and I like that it is organic

  25. Belinda McNabb | 27th Apr 15

    I like that they are a canadian company and would love to try the hand and nail oil

  26. nicolthepickle | 27th Apr 15

    I’m interested in the hair oil and I like that they have a lavender scent. It’s so feminine.

  27. Danielle | 27th Apr 15

    I am very interested in essential oils so I love that those are the ingredients. I would love to use the face and eye oils.

  28. Brenda Penton | 27th Apr 15

    I love the facial and nail oils. My favourite thing about this line is the gorgeous packaging!

  29. MaryG. | 27th Apr 15

    I’d love to try out the Belly oil. The packaging is stunning…illustrations are beautiful! Love that this is a Canadian company too!

  30. Melinda | 27th Apr 15

    I like the Rosewood eye oil as it restores the skin around the eyes.

  31. Rebby | 28th Apr 15

    The Alluring One sounds amazing and I love that the products are organic!

  32. Alison Braidwood | 29th Apr 15

    All of the oils on their page look fab, but I’d really like to try the Geranium and Rosewood face oil.

  33. Kelley Moore | 30th Apr 15

    100% organic!

  34. Marla P | 1st May 15

    I would love to try the hsir oil. I love that its organic

  35. Jennifer L. | 2nd May 15

    I love that they’re organic. I’d love to try the Organic Nail and Hand Oil.

  36. Suzanne G | 2nd May 15

    I would love to try the face oil and the body oil plus my cuticles and hands were ravaged over winter so I could definitely use the nail and hand oil. What I love about these products is they are Canadian made and organic.

  37. Victoria Ess | 2nd May 15

    I like that they are 100% organic and I would love the nail oil.

  38. Doris H | 2nd May 15

    I love that it is a Canadian company. Would love to try the hair oil.

  39. Yuen C | 2nd May 15

    I like that they are organic!

  40. lucy | 3rd May 15

    I like that they are organic and manufactured in canada. I’d love the hair oil

  41. tiesha | 1st Jul 18

    Love that this is a Canadian Company. I will need to check it out.

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